One Response to “Only Fools And Horses Dates”

  1. Gaz says:

    Great stuff, but why is it that so many OFAH clips and episodes are being taken down from youtube?. There was a OFAH Facebook page where you could actually find uncut eps, yet they have been clamping down on them by taking the whole pages down, so I’ve heard. What’s the big deal with this show and why are they making it so difficult for anyone to watch these episodes particularly uncut versions?. If they’ve got a problem about copyright infringement just release the complete uncut set on DVD for the fans to watch as they were originally shown on BBC1, but of course they won’t.

    Speaking of uncut eps, but has anyone got any of the original broadcast showings of any of the episodes, in particular Christmas specials like Miami Twice and some of the other significantly cut down on tape?. Would love to trade a good quality VHS recording if anyone has one. I bet there must be someone who has an uncut original aired episode in their eBay job lot collection that they are trying to sell. I think that’s the only way you’re ever going to find original uncut versions.

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