5 Responses to “Video Nasty”

  1. Petruchio says:

    Yes the GOLD version looks odd. Very washed out, almost as if it a non-broadcast version. It makes it look like a cheap pilot! Does it look better on the DVD version?

  2. Rich says:

    Can anyone explain to me why the style of film has changed on the GOLD version of this episode? It used to have that “filmed in the studio” look but all of a sudden it looks like it was all filmed on location with that ‘jerky’ effect.

  3. Mike says:

    You are wrong Rex Robinson who plays the vicar in this episode was not the auctioneer in Healthy Competition that part was played by Glynn Sweet.

  4. Dave says:

    “Also Grandads door seems to of turned a strange green during the majority of the scenes.”

    That’s the wall colour as you can clearly see that the door is wide open as you can see the hinges.

  5. David says:

    In the pub scene at the beginning, Rodney mentions that his work might not be as good as ‘Cathy come home’

    Years back, Lennard Pearce starred in Cathy come home as a ratepayer. Lennard Pearce also played the part of Grandad in only fools and horses!

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