14 Responses to “Message from Sir David Jason”

  1. Emma powell says:

    Would like David to wish my husband a 40th birthday as he a massive fan he knows every word to every episode of only fools and horses Would make his day if we can have birthday messge please… husband name is Michael

  2. Jayne says:

    It’s my boyfriends 46th birthday 30th June, I’d love to be able to have a personalised video message of Sir David Jason. He’s such a big fan of the series, we’ve seen the musical 3 times, I’ve managed to get a personalised video of Sue Holderness but this would top it off for him

  3. Mark says:

    Hi unfortunately my dad passed away the 25th of April due to cancer and to say he was a fan would be an understatement!! Would love a msg to Sidney Hingerty (my dad) from you, I think just about everyone who knew him would laugh with tears at this thank you❤

  4. Simon says:

    Hi it’s my dad birthday on the 20th September his going to be 50th he is a massive fan of David jason and a bigger Del Boy fan he watch only fools and horses show every day it Would much appreciate if this could happen his name Simon Russell thank u

  5. Elise says:

    Hey my dad is the biggest fan he can quote pretty much nearly all of only fools and horses and is reading your books and I would love to get a video message from you for his birthday his name is Micheal a message from you would make his whole year

  6. Adam James says:

    Hi it’s my brother’s birthday on the 4th Feb he is a massive fan of David jason he has a big collection of the only fools and horses show. I think I got most of the items on the website this would crown it of for him and me. Would much appreciate if this could happen.

  7. Kelly says:

    My husbands 40th birthday 10th December. Hes a massive fan of Sir David Jason. Was wondering if you could do a video birthday message please it would mean the world to him. Hes an amazing husband & father.

  8. Michelle tarling says:

    I’m writing this message as my brother is a big fan of only fools and horses and as has just been diagnosed stage 4 terminal cancer he would be over the moon to get a message or speak to Rodney and delboy as this would be his dream and has we don’t no how long he has left we want to furfill his bucket list and one of his bucket list was to meet delboy and Rodney we are also doing a fund raise raffle if there’s anything u can donate much appreciated michelle Tarling

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