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  1. Calvin Saxby says:

    This was my second convention & I went with my brother & sister (all huge OFAH fans). We arrived a lot earlier this time as we spent the entire day queuing last time! It certainly was worth it as if you went to Collectormania or Memorabilia, to purchase 11 autographs would probably set you back between £110-150 and even then you would have to spend some time queuing. Some of the guests were very affable and very happy to chat whilst others just seemed to want to sign and get rid of you. But that’s the same anywhere. I cannot really see DJ or NL wanting to sit and sign for 6-8 hours like these guests did but at the previous convention, items signed by them were auctioned (my brother ‘won’ one of them). If you have never been, get there well before the doors open (there was already a long queue an hour before the doors opened) and go straight to the autographs queue. Be prepared for a long wait but financially it is worth it and to share just a few minutes with these stars makes it worth while. They speak to hundreds of people and some of them speak to you like you are the first person they have seen that day and your question(s) are the first time they have been asked them. Thoroughly recommended.

  2. Carl says:

    Clearly these conventions are very well thought of and well attended.
    But does Perry or anyone know why David Jason or Nick Lynhurst would not make a special appearance one year?? its the perfect opportunity to boost the publicity and therefore also make a very considerable charity beneficiary on the back of it.

    everybody knows that would be the icing on the cake?

    • TERESA says:

      I think that David Jason n Nick Lyndhurst do not need the exposure, they are already very successful and this is why they do not feel the need to attend

  3. DelBoyUK says:

    A very bland review of what was an excellent day and event. This article belittles the special day that was the OFAH Convention 2014!

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