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  1. Mcgintys goat says:

    I can’t believe some one else watches an episode a day!! Lol didn’t think anyone else was as on it as I…Convention needs to come to London

  2. Simon rolfe says:

    We went to the convention I was a little disappointed, but what really concerned me was the health and safety. The chairs were set out in a way so as to make a barrier. This enabled a queuing system. People could then sit while waiting. That’s fine, however there were approximately 600 seat, while I was there there was about 400 people within this area.
    The problem was there was no safe evacuation route. Intact along one side there were chairs blocking to stop people jumping in.
    This is clearly not enough to carrying a safe egress even with no fire there would clearly be casualties from the panic that would arise. I’m not sure who was and would be responsible, and yes a large part of the blame would be with the sport centre as owners of the building.
    Next time and when ever your in any doubt contact the local fire service, for help and advise.
    There is always a way around it, so everyone can return home, and sometimes YES things go wrong, so never think ” it will never happen to me”

  3. Mark M says:

    I’m gonna give the most honest review.

    I’m easily pleased when it comes to OFAH as I love it so much.
    But this was an utter shambles.

    4hours atleast for an autograph? My time is more valuable than this sorry.

    £5 to enter a hall with 4 stalls full of tat I can buy online.
    A reliant which are not exactly rare and hard to get a picture with.
    The only real nice touch was the mock set of the Trotters lounge. But cost a fiver to have a picture in it which is steep for considering I had to use my own camera as theirs was broken by 1130am.

    Absolute mockery, promised so much delivered so little.

    This may seem harsh but is very true the day lacked organisation which with a little planning could easily be remedied.

    Yours gutted,

  4. Heather says:

    Where are the photos and film of 2010 convention?

  5. Jane says:

    Went to 2010 convention with my husband, friend and her grand-daughter and we all had a great day. Queued for almost 5 hours and had to leave before we got to the front unfortunately but we will be there again next year. Can we suggest the Ricoh Arena in Coventry for a future venue – they have held conventions previously for Star Trek and Dr Who…

  6. Louise Hickson says:

    Very, Very disappointed. Queued for 2 hours and the queue had only moved slightly we left with no autographs and did not meet any of the stars. What a waste of time. Was supposed to have been a day out treat for my son he left in tears.!!!Paid fifteen pounds for the privelege of queueing for 2 hours.

    • Ben says:

      Well I went and loved it… I understand the queing was very frustrating,,, i qued for a total of 4 and a half hours and yes, it was tiring and frustrating but the actors were there all day right up till after pm, 3 hours after the scheduled end making sure that they met everyone who went,, what troopers!

      Im sorry to hear about you and your son left empty handed, it did howver say on the ticket that ques will be long etc, did you buy an express ticket?

  7. Jamie Lambert says:

    What can i say i went yesterday and had a blast i met everyone who was there . My only concern was we got there at 10.00 and i didn’t get to meet the stars until 4.30 so 6 and half hours queuing is not the best but i do understand that they talked to everyone and signed everything that we could carry so on the hole im happy p.s i did find out i could buy an express ticket witch would stop you going in the long queue so im defo going to do that next time xx

  8. Glenn says:

    Went today, been a OFAH fan since day one, saw that the convension was on and said that I need to go!

    To be honest was very disapointed with the whole thing! £5 to get in, not a problem, but when I got in it was really like a car boot sale,3-4 stands selling stuff.

    Massive queue for autographs which I was told that you need to purchase the picture for 2 free autographs. Heard someone saying that they had been in the queue for 2 hours and were not even half way through!

    I did enjoy the 2 actors on the set of the living room, but another £5 for that!

    Only the 3 wheeler, couple of pictures no other stuff from the show as promised.

    In all bit of a let down!

  9. michael magee says:

    im going next week and a friend is now unable to come so have an extra ticket if there sold out dont want it going to waste
    email me rain_man6666@hotmail.com

  10. Louise Jacobs says:

    Sooooo excited about the convention next weekend….I’ve watched an episode of OFH every day for the last 10 years….its just part of everyday life. Really cant wait….!!!

  11. Christopher Sturt says:

    Dear Sir,

    Do you still sell the bedside lamp – each time I have come to a convention you only had one for sale, this year I cannot make convention and wondered if you have any that I can buy on line.

    Many thanks

    Chris Sturt

  12. Abu says:

    are tickets still available to buy?

  13. Liam Cooper says:

    I love the show and i am going to the convention. Whoooooo

  14. lacey says:

    hi i am trying to find out to i need to buy an extra ticket if i bring my son along too he is only 1yr old??

  15. Mike@NH says:

    Bedford is to far to travel for me as I live in Glasgow.

    Could you maybe make it some where in the North of England, South West London or Glasgow? And during the school holidays would be good.

    When will the 2011 host city be announced??

  16. matt says:

    quote kev)i didnt get a chance to go last year and i live in the area so i though that it might of been good but from what you have said it didnt sound that good but i would love to meet some of the actors. i love ofah

  17. goldcrest says:

    Looking forward to the chance of going to appreciate this amazing program.

  18. kev says:

    Hi there i went with my family to the one in bristol and was very dissapointed there was not a lot to see,and when i asked about seeing the sites iwas told you have to go find them yourself surely there should of been a guide to show you round at set times,i love the show so much but this was a dissapointment why should i go to the next one give me a good reason.

  19. oliver clark says:

    I have heard that Alan Parry and his wife Pamela my be at this years convention

  20. EMILY' says:

    i am going!, dont care where it is i am going!
    i watch only fools and horses nearly all day everyday, even when at school. mate i LIVE for this programme, 19 hours a day, 7 days a week, I KNOW EVERY WORD OF BY HEART<3

  21. christian hartshorn says:

    get in carnt wait

  22. matt says:

    or near bristol and will the next convention be a long time away or will there be a couple this year

  23. matt says:

    comeback to bristol!! :)

  24. Shaun says:

    Any ideas whether a ‘unique’ guest will be present this year? We’ve now had Tony Angelino & Chancellor Murray (Angela Bruce).

    What about stars from Rock & Chips or Green Green Grass?

  25. kevin rogers says:

    hope 2 c del and rodney this year

  26. Neil Hobbs says:

    Hi Perry, Could u please have a convention in the south on England.

  27. inny says:

    Hi admin, check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMXyeNM3924 for an idea for the ofah trivia quizz.

  28. Steff Gates says:

    Please can you update the online ticket site to this years tickets, the link still shows last years tickets

  29. daniel wickenden says:

    come back to maidstone!!!!! or have the convention in london i.e peckham or deptford!!!

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