3 Responses to “Rodney Trotter for Mayor”

  1. Sladjan. says:

    This is a completely stupid idea. Theres only one person suited for the job and thats Major Quimby. Hes got the looks the charm plus fan base. Whats old rodney got a few GCE’S and one hell of a water bill

  2. Gretz from Serbia says:

    Lol at comment above. OFAH is hugely popular in Serbia. I remember first time I saw that show, 15 years ago on a telly (in colour). I think I watched every episode at least 5 times :). Btw. that poster does not make any sense to me, what were they implying? Rodney never wanted to have a part in any shady business…

  3. Simon Nash says:

    That would never happen, Del boy always said he was too immature to accept responsibility…

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