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  1. Griff says:

    Besides the fact that the writing is genius, the secondary characters are genius as well as the main ones, add the fact that the style of comedy evolved from a very funny casual style of comedy to drama comedy. That is just..sensational, because it worked.

    BUT, for me, the main reason why OFAH is loved is because the show actually means something to the fans. They watch the episodes over and over again. They queue for hours and hours, year on year to meet and greet some of the actors. These fan conventions set-up by what we call ‘super fans’ because they are lucky enough to have got hold of some priceless collectables and have worked extremely hard to make OFAH more alive than ever.

    You do not see the above with any other sitcom, and there are some extremely funny and respectable comedies out there.

    My short answer could have been summed up in two words.

    John Sullivan.

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