4 Responses to “What a Lovely Jubbly night out!”

  1. Griff says:

    Absolutely loved it – so much so, I am returning in July to watch it again.

    Nice sized theatre. Not too big. So even if you’re at the back, the views are still at least half-decent. We were in upper-circle and I could make out the faces of the actors quite well.

    A lovely homage to the show. I am not into musicals, however, this was the exception. I was dubious before the show when learning that there would be 20 original songs. However – I was not disappointed.

    Special mention to the actors playing Rodney and Trigg. Top effort.

    The characters almost make it their own. Their take on the characters they love.

  2. Darren Morse says:

    Cest magnifique. A must see for OFAH fans

  3. Darren says:

    Went to see it yesterday. Cest magnifique. A must see for all OFAH fans.

  4. Lisa Freestone says:

    I think the show looks very good

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