5 Responses to “Blue Plaque for John Sullivan”

  1. Bob Keating says:

    I would like to say that John Sullivan was the greatest comic writer I will ever have the privilege to follow and I just want to say a simple thank you to him for all the the laughs he gave and is still giving me.
    Bob Keating .

  2. Ryan says:

    John Sullivan created the best series television has seen. A incredible writer. And i must say 2 fantastic actors in David and Nick. Seeing them like that makes you instantly think they could easily slip into character as del boy and rodders.

    Bring them back this xmas for one last special in memory of John. A good old trotters knees up, dels wedding. John would love this im sure and us fans would love to see the series end with del marrying raquel. Be the perfect ending.

  3. Griff says:

    I love you, John Sullivan, :-(

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