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  1. Paul Helbrow says:

    Just a quick question regarding the actor who portrayed Ziggy Sawdust in ‘Sleepless in Peckham’. Does anyone know who played this very brief character – or as I suspect was a cameo role for Damian Lewis?

  2. gemma says:

    It would be great to see what 30 Year Old Damien and 17 Year Old Joan were up to these days. Perhaps Damien could be a market trader following Del’s footsteps and Joan could be an artist selling her art in the market like Vicky was in a Royal Flush as Rodney is an artist Joan could follow in Rodney’s footsteps.

  3. Chris Wright says:


    I just assumed it was an Aunty like a close friend Aunty. Loads of people I know call people Aunty and they aren’t blood relatives

  4. Roy Wood says:

    This is probably the biggest mistake in the history of “Only Fools & Horses”

    In “Sleepless In Peckham” Del Boy says “My Aunt Renee”
    but in “The Frogs Legacy” she is known and introduced as Triggers Aunt Renee.

    So, is it Triggers Aunt or Del’s Aunt?

    Massive error that I am sure every fan has noticed, if they have watched the episodes in the correct order.

  5. Roy Wood says:

    This is probably the biggest mistake in the history of “Only Fools & Horses”

    In “Sleepless In Peckham” Del Boy says “My Aunt Renee”
    but in “The Frogs Legacy” she is know as Triggers Aunt Renee.

    So, is it Triggers Aunt or Del’s Aunt?

    Massive error that I am sure every fan has spotted!

  6. Griff says:

    Take a moment to appreciate the relevance of recent sad events of David Bowie and his tribute band – Ziggy Sawdust. Especially Trig’s dance!

  7. Rob M says:

    I really dont see how any more episodes could be made.

    How can you when: Buster Merryfield (Albert) Roger Lloyd Pack (Trigger) Kenneth Mcdonald (Mike) and Roy Heather (Sid) have all sadly passed on?

    and also, Boycie and Marlene now live in the country (green green grass) not Peckham.

    and as if they are not huge obstacles to overcome as it is – John Sullivan himself, the scriptwriter died.

  8. Carol says:

    I don’t agree with Del Boys statement at the end when Rodney says other than looks was he like me in any way totally wrong because in Rock and chips he does not come across as all those things yes his a safe thief but he wasnt disloyal to his friends he was actually quite charming and i never got the impression he was that bad really just a mild con man he liked Joan i think poor scriptwriting here again like when Del says to Cassandra he might have known her dad and that description of Alan Parry being brown eye walked with a limp we see is not true odd really…….

  9. Gerry says:

    sleepless in peckham was very poor i think they ruined the show by bringing it back for those 3 xmas specials-the Freddy the Frog, i felt the show lost direction , at least there was a happy ending with Joan for Dad Rodney

  10. Rob M says:

    I wasn’t keen on those last 3 episodes that were made around 2001.

    don’t get me wrong, there were a few laughs, and it was slightly funny in places, but there seemed to be so much anger in the script, Del biting Rodneys head off just because he didn’t win the goldrush quiz show, everyone having a pop at Marlene just because she wanted breast enlargements, when it’s upto her what she wants, Del accusing his best mate of murdering his wife and burying her in the garden. Raquel not overstruck on letting ‘Gary’ stay over, when the old Racquel from the 1990’s was really loveable and friendly.

    maybe it’s just me, but I felt these last 3 episodes were so cold and icy with very little warmth, the characters were so distant with each other, there was no connection.

    • Griff says:

      I understand what you mean, but there’s been plenty of frosty moments in OFAH during it’s stronger years. Moments such as Raquel learning that Del was going to date a receptionist. Del ruining Rodney’s chance with Vicky. Rodney and Cassandra’s fall-outs.

      I don’t think everyone was having a pop at Marlene, just Raquel and Cassandra getting a bit jealous I think!

  11. JJ says:

    Hi everyone, This is really random, but what is del trying to smoke, about 12 mins in, just before he asks rodney about the creative writing. He almost sets fire to himslef, i just wondered what it was and why youd do that?

    • Rich says:

      I think it’s the last bit of a cigar that has been smoked previously.
      It’s trying to show how bad their money problems are that he’s having to rummage around for old left over bits of cigar to smoke.
      Because the left over cigar is so short, when he tries to light it the flame is directly under his nose, burning it in the process.

  12. Ashton says:

    All is quiet now and I think the series could come back with a 2 or 3 part finale and it could be like Rocky Balboa making up for Rocky V in this case for the underated 2000’s episodes heres how I’m not the writer but I think first of all Damian can be a dodgy dealer (like Del) and can be awkward (like Rodney) and maybe Reg can be the old man then we’re off first should be Dels Birthday then the second could be some sort of old school OFAH episode then the third Del and Rodneys legacy they find the Gold and Del pops the question and it could be his stag and wedding.

  13. Jimmy says:

    This latest episode is now a decade old and if Trigger’s reading this that means the episode is ten years old.Merry Christmas Everyone!!!. – Jimmy

  14. Ashton says:

    I really wish they had made Del boys 65th birthday could have been a proper ending instead of one (no offence) that was a mixture of different episodes crammed together which go nowhere in the end.

    • Rob says:

      Dito! All the more frustrating when you hear David Jason say they were definitely going to do another OFAH and the cast were all ready to make it! It was certainly 100 per cent going to happen, I was hoping we would hear that John Sullivans family had found the finished script and then they could go ahead and make it but unfortunetly it appears he had just outlined the idea and plan dels 65th birthday.

      You never know this time next year…… they might find it in John’s attic, I doubt it but never say never. I found it abit odd that he hadn’t wrote more Rock and chips also, I was sure that he must have wrote more scripts for this before his tragic death? But apparently not???

      • Ashton says:

        I agree Rob fingers crossed they find the script. I thought there was lots of Rock and Chips wrote too there’s still lots of storylines and bits to use Trigger hitting his head off the MIND YOUR HEAD sign, Boycie meeting Marlene and inheriting his business from Alberto,Grandad tricked into thinking he won the lottery, Joan’s last words on her deathbed Freddy and the gold bullion Rodney selling Gas conversion kits there are so many.

        • Jimmy says:

          It looks like you were both right about the special I just hope that Sir David gives the thumbs up and they can go ahead and make it.

    • Rob says:

      I wonder if this is the script for the new episode in March……..?

      Cant wait for new episode, wonder if its like an ending or trilogy of episodes very intrigued what the story will be and what will happen. Hope its early march when shown on tv.

      • Ashton says:

        I’m very optimistic about the new special I think since it’s from one of John’s many ideas and wrote by a new Sullivan family member that it could be really fresh, witty and funny with a great plot and there now could be two wheeler dealers in the family including Damien. Also word has it that James Buckley is a popular suggestion to play Damien I hope so he was traffic in Rock and Chips.

  15. George Darlow says:

    what was cassandra’s cravings? can someone tell me please

  16. George Darlow says:

    what was cassandra’s cravings?

  17. Jimmy says:

    I loved this episode was hillarious in all ways it had alot going on I think with Rodney finding out about his paternal dad Freddie and finds out he left instructions in his will to the exact location in the sea of the gold bullion to his paternal son and they find it and are millionaires again that would of made it the best episode.

  18. Deepthroat Ghoul says:

    Looking back, I sincerely believe that the 2000 trilogy was made for a good reason. Anyone who’s not a real OFAH fan just takes the lazy way out and says, “Oh they should have left it at them as millionaires”, but there’s a real deep meaning here, and the final scene with Del and Rodney at the graveyard has helped me see it.

    It’s about the love of two brothers and their family, it doesn’t matter how much money they’ve got as long as they’re both healthy and happy.

    The last scene in the graveyard proved that. The Trotters would easily give up 10 million quid to be a happy family and be all together.

    The reason why Only Fools and Horses is the best comedy is because it’s emotional. These are very true characters that make us laugh and cry. Bad comedies show no personality or love between the characters. This just goes to show you that Johnny Sullivan preferred to write OFAH as funny drama instead of cheap sitcom.

    • Bob says:

      You can be a fan and still be honest on the quality of this episode. The final scene was great but there was a lot of rubbish in this episode. I love OFAH but the final three episodes weren’t great.

      • Dan says:

        Yeah, i do agree with you, i’m a huge fan of the show but this episode was probably my least favorite, i didn’t like the story so much with Marlene and Boycie, and Del thinking Boycie had buried Marlene, and then the nastiness between Raquel and Marlene was totally out of character, i know they had money problems and all but Raquel was a bitch for the whole episode, the whole scene with Trigger and the blinking was just bad, the whole chop sticks story wasn’t funny, at least to me, it seemed as though trigger was maybe too dumb, all in all i didn’t like the final episode but that’s just me. I loved the 2nd episode with Gary, and the first one was alright, it had to have a downbeat opening because of the stock market crash, Albert’s funeral etc etc, but the final episode just felt like they’d stretched the series too far, although the ending was nice.

      • Rob says:

        Agree. The final scene in the graveyard was beautifully acted and poignant as was the birth very emotional up to usual Ofah standard, where comedy turns to drama. However the episode was very strange at times and lost direction I felt it was all over the place at times. This is why people prefer Time on our hands 1996 ending as it was the perfect balance of comedy and drama and felt right as a whole trilogy it was perfection.
        However Sleepless in Peckham had touching moments like I said a nice ending, I would happily watch it again however it wouldn’t be the first OFAH I would want to watch again.
        I just feel one more episode which more time and focus had gone into making it 100 per cent right would make for a better end to the entire series.

    • Griff says:

      I agree with everything you say here.

      OFAH was a comedy-drama. Emphasis on drama!

      Any comeback of a film or TV series is never the same, because TV moves on quickly and the audience taste moves on quickly. It’s natural.

  19. Aim* says:

    I love only fools, and i really wish they could make more episodes, but unfortuantly, they wouldnt be the same :'( you can have to much of a good thing. It would be funny to see what Joan would look like when shes older, and Damien could be either exactly likeDel Boy or the polar opposite.

  20. Tony says:

    It would be great to see Damien aged 22 and little Joan aged 7! Del would still be scraping by and Rodney would be a busy man bringing up his girl. Maybe Damien takes over his father’s business and Boycie and Marlene have come back to Peckham as The Green Green Grass has finished…

  21. Sarah says:

    I hope there are more episodes. I have the box set and whenever I watch the final episode I often wonder what all the characters could be up to now and what scrapes Del Boy and Rodney could be getting themselves into!

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