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  1. David Nolder says:

    I always thought that a good final episode would involve Del and Rodney using the money that Uncle Albert left them, and using it to try and raise the gold that Freddy the Frog had buried at sea.What do you all think?

  2. Tony Sadler says:

    I have a vague idea for a final ‘Only Fools’ where the brewery are proposing the sale of The Nags Head and none other than Roy Slater is the highest bidder but he just wants to knock it down and build apartments so it is up to Del, Rodney, Boycie etc to come up with ways to raise enough cash to gazump Slater and save the pub. After numerous, sometimes comical money making ideas fail and their efforts appear to be in vain a last minute buyer steps in & saves the day, the mystery benefector turning out to be Jumbo Mills! Does anyone think this would make a fitting send off?

    • Alan Q Byrne says:

      Absolutely brilliant !! that would be a great ending to the show only fools needs to come back you should send this idea to john sullivan he’d work on it. i reckon with something like that would be brilliant.
      best wishes
      Alan dublin ireland

    • Zane says:

      I agree with Alan
      That would make a great little plot

      Hope John Sullivan is watching you Tony!

  3. michele says:

    could plz plz someone tell me where i can get the theme tune, on cd? im an avid fan of only fools & have been since it started i have all the episodes on dvd, but im not being morbid but i would really like it played at my funeral!, what better way to go i say!!
    someone plz help thx

    • Tony Sadler says:

      There’s an ‘Only Fools’ cd available on BBC records titled ‘Only Fools And Horses – The Album’ which contains some of the music used on the show plus the opening and closing theme songs. The catalogue number is WMSF6068-2

  4. Alf Jenkins says:

    It’s probably too late for more Fools And Horses but please continue the Rock And Chips saga, its Brill !!!!

  5. darren says:

    please please make more only fools.you will make a lot of peopl happy

  6. mary says:

    Has anyone else noticed that in the episode From Prussia With Love, that Del boy says to Marlene and Boycey, when they arrive to pick up their SON that Del Boy has promised them (I KNOW I PROMISED YOU A ‘GIRL ‘BUT IT AIN’T. Look again!

  7. DEBBIE says:

    I cannot believe how good this was, every detail that was referred to in the series through the years, was included as part of the story, so you felt as if you were going back in time and seeing it all happen 1st hand. if only we could do that in real life with our own family stories, although it did feel like my family story because it’s been part of our lives for so long.
    Nicholas Lyndhurst was brilliant playing a serious gangster type is so different for him, but you forgot it was Rodney.
    The music and costumes added brilliantly to the atmosphere.
    most of these spin off type shows are so dissapointing because your left feeling as if you’ve just watched a cheap second rate version, where they have run out of any more good ideas, but not this one, brilliant I have watched it several times

  8. Dougie & Brendan says:

    YEP – from the 2 biggest OFAH fans in cumbria – we LOVED rock & chips so please please please lets have some more of it. Theres more tales to be told in the history of the trotters, cant wait. Dougie & Brendan :-)

  9. Malc says:

    I was never too keen on the extended Only Fools episodes towards the end of the run and they didn’t have the humour which made the earlier programmes unmissable. One wondered whether John Sullivan could do better with this different drama format to fill in some gaps in the story.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Rock & Chips last night and it must surely be the first of a series. Pitched just right without a studio audience or canned laughter. The cast were superb particularly Nicholas Lyndhurst and Kellie Bright in the lead roles.

    Yes the jokes were, as some critics said ‘hackneyed,’ but that was precisely why it was an endearing trip down memory lane for those of us who are the same age as Del.

    Some of the criticisms from Fleet Street’s finest were completely over the top and unwarranted. I did wonder whether they had been watching the same programme.

    JS is on a winner and perhaps in the next episode we could find out exactly what Uncle Albert did following his discharge after the 1939 – 1945 conflict with Germany. Congrats.

  10. Hugh McCann says:

    Had faith in John Sullivan pulling this off and he did with some first class drama and lots of laughs. Enjoyed the show being based around Del Boys mum who was often referred to in Only fools and this puts a face to the name.

    Loved the young Del Boy and the seeds growing in his young market trader head. Trigger, Denzil and Boycie were fantastic.

    This show has a future and reminds me of the early episodes of Only fools when it left you wanting a lot more and to know how these characters move and shake in the sixties and seventies.

  11. DIANE SHEARN says:

    I (the Del Boy age) sat down to watch Rock & Chips last night, with the younger set…children /grandachildren.
    All had trepadation. Could you possibly replicate the success of Only Fools & Horses !
    Hearty congratulations !
    It was wonderful…par excellence!
    I cannot fault the detail of that iconic period. We all knew chaps like that, women like that & as for the cinema manager..crikey…we had one of those in our local flicks.
    The music..I could remember each boyfriend I jived with to the best music of all time.
    Thank you so much, for restoring my faith in the Beeb, &…don’t let it stop there, with a play like this, you have alot more joy to spread.
    Kind regards
    Di Shearn

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