4 Responses to “Christopher Ryan aka Tony Driscoll”

  1. Darren says:

    Chris wasn’t playing a thief in Mr Bean. He simply made the error of picking up the wrong trousers in the changing room!

  2. That Is Sooo Awesome & Really Interesting Too :)

  3. MegaMuncheeZ says:

    Lol love this man, was a big fan of The Young Ones and Bottom, never realised he was in so many things though :).

    He’s actually in “Dead Man Running” [the 2009 50 Cent film] too, he plays the cashier at the bookies. Don’t think they credited him though, for some odd reason…


  4. Steve Headland says:

    I have wrote some articles for you before,I hope you are keeping well. I have just noticed that Christopher Ryan AKA Tony Driscoll is booked to appear at a Milton Keynes Collectormania Covention on Friday 27th May to Monday 30th May. I have been before and you can get a photo and autograph,the cost is normally about £10.Its a shame both the driscoll brothers couldn’t have been there.They would make a great picture as Danny is twice as big as Tony. They don’t even mention he was in Only Fools and Horses,it just says star of The Young Ones and Bottom. When I have been before some actors pull out at the last minute so you don’t always know until you get there if they are going to turn up.

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