5 Responses to “The Jolly Boys Outing 2016”

  1. Chris Carey says:

    Had a cracking time at the jolly boys outing 2016. Would definately be going to another. Can i go for free next time as you appear to be using my van in all the pictures on posters. Thank you

  2. Robert Peacock says:

    Any plans to do this next year? Sadly I missed it this year : (

  3. Cushty says:

    Everyone uses the facebook Only Fools closed group to comment on the show now – 40,000 + members. However I’d prefer it if more people commented on here as there’s some great content to refer to. But as the post before said the site needs updating before that can happen.

  4. Griff says:

    I am commenting on a completely different matter as there’s no other way to get this across.


    It’s like time travelling to the year 1999! There’s so much decent content on here and even though the show came to a close in 2003, there’s still loads of news and content. Doesn’t do it justice on this site!

    I know Zane works hard on other projects but guys – the site is full of spam, adverts and all over the place. Plus – we miss having a forum. I tried to get one set up but got shafted over by a company who I had paid to set one up – thus – have lost some faith.

    Appreciate website design costs money. Could a small investment in this area increase the £££ for the Only Fools shop among other things?

    The other thing is when submitting a comment, the page often freezes and duplicates your comment!

  5. John Ward says:

    I went to the only fools and horses expedition today to get my photo taken with mickey Pearce at dreamland Margate and so far can’t find it on the webpage

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