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  1. George says:

    I Love this Episode it is just a fantastic episode written by john sullivan and do you know were i can by the black blow up dolls from,can someone tell me where i get buy them from.

  2. Chris says:

    Rodneys evening college is also nowhere near the yuppy bar that Del goes into.

    In the episode, it’s across the road. But in reality the college is on the other side of Bristol.

    The yuppy bar, and the one eleven club are both in the drinking/party area of Bristol. But neither are actually bars.

    The one-eleven club is a restaurant. They just changed the signs, outside decor a bit

    And the yuppy bar is an office. They just hung a bar sign, on the outside wall. Many office blocks in that area are housed in old georgian buildings you see

  3. Chris says:

    All of the outside locations are shot in Bristol City Centre.

    As a fan, I’m lucky enough to walk past many famous locations, every day.

    “The One-Eleven” club is right by my office.

    The yuppy winebar, where Del famously falls over, is actually right down the road from The One-Eleven Club.

    And the “down by the riverside club” is right by my flat!

    • Rich says:

      That’s excellent. I’ve dreamed for years now of visiting all the ‘Fools’ locations and still hope to do so one day when I get chance.
      They filmed a lot of ‘a touch of frost’ episodes right on my doorstep but that’s not quite the same!

    • Griff says:

      I live about 40 minutes from Bristol but have several family members in the City.

      I love going for a drink at The Old Duke which as you’ll know, is about a 10 second walk from scenes filmed for Yuppy Love.

      Bristol is a marvelous city.

  4. Roy Slater says:

    I find the idea of Del holding onto his Mums clothes after so many years a bit Jimmy Savile? And why all the references to freemasons? Filmed in Bristol where a lot of bbc satanic filth like to indulge in depraved acts against children. Ever noticed how Del and rodders got the right steaming ‘ump with Trig about the Jimmy Savile comment during the seance in Mikes pub? In the public eyes at the time Savile was seen as a good bloke but they seemed to know something that we all didn’t. Shame on them for keeping schtum.

    • M says:

      Ridiculous comments all round.

      Firstly, what has Del Boy keeping hold of his own mother’s clothes got anything to do with Jimmy Savile? That is the most moronic comment ever. Many people keep hold of their loved ones items and clothing. It’s their way of mourning and remembering.

      What’s all this about satanic filth performed by BBC members? What? Only Bristol was it? How about the whole of London? Should they have never filmed OFAH at all then?

      Finally, Del and Rodney getting the steaming ‘ump coz Trig made a witty, but unnecessary and probably inappropriate guess as to who Elsie Partridge was referring to was always going to offend them. Savile was seen as a bit of a clown/creep but in an acceptable way back in the 70’s and 80’s and they would not want their late mother mixed up with someone else – never mind a bloke!

  5. Griff says:

    In the script for this episode uploaded to the site, Dirty Barry is described as mid-30’s.

    Not a chance!!! Try mid 50’s at the youngest!!

  6. Griff says:

    Can anyone confirm if the venue where Rodney and Cassandra go on a dinner date is the same place where Rodney, Mickey and Jevon were at in ‘Yuppy Love’ in the night club? Looks the same set to me.

    If this is where I think it is, this is a hotel on the outskirts of Bristol city centre?

    • Rich says:

      Found this on FindThatLocation.com :

      ARNOS MANOR HOTEL(formerly Parkside Hotel), Bath Road, Brislington. This was the location of the One Eleven Club in ‘Chain Gang’ for the scene where Del and Rodney meet Arnie in the car park. The inside of the hotel was also the disco in ‘Yuppy Love’ and ‘Rodney Come Home’, plus the restaurant in ‘Danger UXD’.

  7. Griff says:

    ‘In Danger UXD, In the pub when denzil runs in to find del about the dolls being dangerous, when denzil leaves they are saying it is tragic then look carefully at mikes eyes, he is looking at boycie for his cue to laugh.’

    I’d say that Mike was supposed to perform this action because in the grand scheme of things, the Trotter’s could be blown up! So, he nervously glances over at Boycie to see if he, like Mike, saw the funny side. Great acting Kenneth!

  8. Fatima says:


  9. Jo says:

    The script doesn’t think it exists.

  10. admin says:

    Takashi Kawahara – the Chinese takeaway owner in this episode – also played the role of Shinya in the classic 80s drama Tenko.

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