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  1. Jessica prothero says:

    I may just be a simple girl but ofah and rock and chips have been my life for so so so long i would give anything to watch more rock and chips i think jim sulivan should continue rock and chips after all if john can write rock and chips so can jim its in the family. Personally i would be thrilled if more episodes were to air i would love to see the episode where freddie robdall gets blown up (plonker) and when joan dies and john himself said that the last episode of rock and should end with del and 3 year old rodney walking into the sunset after loosing his mother, and his father walking out on the boys. It would be such a touching ending for the whole nation. Rock and chips must continue no programm should be left on a complete blank and although john is no longer with us his son jim shoud take over the prequel to ofah. Rock and chips. Anything can happen if you believe and together rock and chips will continue.

  2. shane says:

    I was brought up on Only Fools and Horses as a child and I loved it!! and I still watch it till this day, I also have the complete collection aswell as the lost episodes which I picked up from the convention in 2010. I have seen every episode of Rock & Chips which includes Five Gold Rings and The Frog & the Pussycat and I thought they were great. It was nice to see where the Trotters came from and I hope that more episodes will be done to bring in marlene and to tie up the loose ends for example: allbie Littlewood crossing the railway line, reg leaving the trotter family and del’s mum dying etc… so please BBC commission more episodes. Thats if they can find anyone with the calibre of the sadly departed great late Sir John Sullivan to write the scripts in the way he did!! luvvly jubbly, cushty.

  3. Garfield says:

    Rock and Chips is fab!
    OFAH is fab!
    So sorry about John Sullivan.
    Say hi to Uncle Albert and Grandad for me.
    Sir David Jason is an amazing actor.
    He should write more Rock and Chips in respect for his dear friend John Sullivan.

    And everything will be-
    Lovely Jubbely and Cushty.

  4. donna12258 says:

    I loved it!! Have watched OFAH many times and the new show didn’t disappoint (unlike Upstairs Downstairs – which really DID disappoint!!) I really hope that more and more are made – and if they were shown on a Sunday night it would be even better as Sunday night TV is boring with nothing interesting on. I would love to watch something as good as Rock and Chips on a Sunday night……would cheer my Sunday night up (which is grim thinking about work!!). Well done Mr Sullivan – superb! Keep it going for another few series!

  5. Kali says:

    I have the entire box collection OFAH and I am a really BIG fan. Going back to where it all began is an excellent idea, I have just watched the 2nd instalment of Rock and Chips I loved it the acting was great, all the characters where very interesting to see them in their younger day’s.
    I really would love to see more of Rock and Chips, and not in another year!!!
    I think a series would be even better to watch.

  6. admin says:

    Rock and Chips
    New Episode on Wednesday 29th December 2010

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  7. matt says:

    i like the film but i think it lacks accuracy as Del clearly states he was 13 when Rodney was born but in the prequel they are all sat in the pub drinking and smoking

  8. Natasha says:

    Brought up on OFAH, have the complete DVD collection and the other day watched Rock and Chips on DVD. Loved it, the prequel swept me away. The acting was brilliant, expecially Nicholas Lyndhurst and Kellie Bright! I am really looking forward to seeing the rest of the prequel!!

  9. Bob in Seattle says:

    Ex pat living in Seattle. I just love OFAH and sorta live for it. It really is the best series ever made on TV…………….I was a little worried as there have been some horrendous remakes, sequels, prequels the lot in the past. I have just had the DVD delivered and both my wife and I got settled in for out Saturday night viewing. And the verdict is. 11 out 10 from the two of us……It was a wonderful thing to be able to put the jigsaw together with the first pieces., Jumbo Mills an-all……………..
    The last scene gave me goose bumps and you know what there was still so much to show. Knowing Mr. Sullivan’s style, this was just the start of it. Could this be the start of another beautiful thing! I haven’t stopped watching the OFAH DVD’s since last night. They just never fail me and my humor button.

  10. Bob in Seattle says:

    Ex pat living in Seattle. I just love OFAH and sorta live for it. It really is the best series ever made on TV…………….I was a little worried as there have been some horrendous remakes, sequels, prequels the lot in the past. I have just had the DVD delivered and both my wife and I got settled in for out Saturday night viewing. And the verdict is. 11 out 10 from the two of us……It was a wonderful thing to be able to put the jigsaw together with the first pieces., Jumbo Mills an-all……………..
    The last scene gave me goose bumps and you know what there was still so much to show. Knowing Mr. Sullivan’s style, this was just the start of it. Could this be the start of another beautiful thing! I haven’t stopped watching the OFAH DVD’s since last night. They just never fail me and my humor button.

  11. matt says:

    is it ok if i do a rock n chips review

  12. Mick says:

    Oh. Noticed this column too late and posted what I thought in the John Sullivan interview comments.

    Still, I can now add an observation: John Sullivan’s prequel made him show what Joan actually looked like, which I think is a pity because it was better leaving her to the imagination. Bit like with Captain Mainwaring’s wife.

    My mental image of Joan was of a well-meaning but lowbrow woman who thought herself more attractive than she actually was. I had a picture of cheap clothes, bling and dyed hair with roots the normal colour. These little clues pop up whenever Del speaks of her in the series proper.

  13. Big D says:

    Quality Never thought would be so good ive been watching ofah for years and im 21 now it still appealed to me set back then the cast are spot on couldnt get more alike than the originals enjoyed every minuite of it it jas to be made into a series really good

  14. Claire M says:


    Don’t usually like spin-offs – look at ‘Ashes To Ashes’!!

    Didn’t live through ‘60s so no idea if detail was correct or not. Loved the soundtrack – mum & I were singing ‘I Want To Walk You Home’ for days. I never thought we’d end up having the same favourite song (she’s 62, I’m 26) .

    There’s not much on TV to keep me glued for 1hr let alone 1½, but this did. I think it’s the best thing since ‘Life On Mars’.

  15. mark taha says:

    I also hope they do a series.Hard to see what a beauty with spirit like Joan would see in Reg-I suppose they’d married for the usual reason?Also thought Rodney was born in 1962,Del 13 years older,and Robdal had done National Service-still, the dates have often been inconsistent.
    Surely rationing abolished long before 1960. Slater a prefect-fits.Although I expected to see Bendover Benson turn up in the school scenes! Can see why Del revered his mother-they obviously loved each other.

  16. MARK TAHA says:

    I also hope it becomes a series.Roy Slater a prefect-he would be! Alby Littlewood-wasn’t he killed by a train when Del was with -she was played by Diane Langton?
    Hard to see what JOan-a real beauty with a great personality-could see in Reg.I assume they’d got arred for the usual reason. I can understand why Del revered her memory-they obviously loved each other. I was half-expecting Reg to hit her and get clobbered by Del.
    I thouht Freddie had done National Service rather than serving in thw war and that Del was q1

  17. Shaun says:

    Bring on the series! Big business for the Beeb surely?!?!? Only drawback would be that Green Green Grass would remain ‘shelved’ for even longer :(

  18. Philip says:

    Been a fan of Only Fools and Horses all my life. And thats no joke. I’m 28!!!
    It’s like a member of my family this show. My Dad watches it religiously and I own the entire series collection on DVD.
    So when I heard of Rock and Chips coming out, I felt like me brother was having a baby!
    Happily the baby was fine and just like his old man!!!

    Rock and Chips was superb. My only hope now is that they do a new series showing the boys growing up..

    Lovely Jubbly innit…

  19. Graeme says:

    Hi everybody, anyone interested in getting the BBC to commission a Rock and Chips series please visit my Rock and Chips facebook group and join and if you want leave a comment. Thanks, Graeme.

  20. terry says:


  21. inny says:

    Just a fantastic story!! Thoroughly enjoyed it!!! The references to OFAH were just subtle touches which brought countless smiles and laughs. Definately hope this gets turned into a series. Cheers John Sullivan, your a legend!!!!

    • Trig says:

      Most comments on here are spot on
      It has to go to a series.
      As inny says “The references to OFAH were just subtle touches which brought countless smiles and laughs.”
      It wasn’t only fools and horses, but it wasnt meant to be, it was an addition to its depth though.

    • Paul says:

      ofah.net, I’m sure you could send these comments to the BBC, who in turn would offer John enough money to make further episodes. An entire series wouldnt be necessary, but a 3-parter.

  22. Dave says:

    As a kid I was a big only fools fan. I havent seen it now for about 5 years. However, i heard about this and decided to watch it. I was very suprised, it was excellent. It was only fools meets a period piece. I think they should make another 90 minute drama which continues the story in to the death of Joan Trotter. And if that is a success then they should consider making a sitcom series out of it. Well done, had me glued to the tv for the full 90 minutes.

    • Tony says:

      I Agree With Daves post, it was Excellent! I Too would love to see another 90 min episode Rodney growing up and the Death of Joan. Loved the soundtrack, The 60s was captured brilliant, I grew up with Only fools so it was like a seeing how family members used to be, Loved it loved it! all the characters were spot on! James Buckley as del was excellent, Nicholas as freddie was great, and Kellie bright was great as Joan, very beautiful too! Denzil , grandad, slater brill, if there is another show Just need a few more triggerisms! I was quite nostalgicafter watching the show, Especially loved the when they first went into the flat, all the stuff that lies ahead for the trotters! I was abit doubtful it wasnt going to have the canned laughter, but i dont think it would of worked with it, John Sullivan did a great Job! I Hope theres more to come.

  23. Paul says:

    What a great episode. Fascinating for any fan to see how events happened originally.

    Hopefully there will be a call for a mini-series because there is plenty of story left in Del yet!

  24. [Blocked by CFC] cam says:

    come on john give us rock and chips 2 then 3 so i want to see fredy the frog sit on the detanater and bay the way good job as fredy nick well done :):)=)

  25. ross says:

    you must have a serius, we have to see the early times when del and rodney have to cope with there mums death?

    john please give us more, must say the soundtrack was 1st class

  26. cian says:

    it wasnt really that good to b honest

    it shoud have been more like a sitcom

  27. the voice says:

    I saw Rock & Chips and was very unimpressed was really looking forward to seeing it after being a fan of Only Fools and Horses. But i thought that the script was just awful! And the scenery costumes and make were no better just another in a long line of new BBC shows that look very low budget. I found the whole thing to be no better than a college drama production!!

  28. Jess says:

    I though it was Fantastic, i love every part of it and all the cast . Hpoing to see more rock n chips.

  29. julie says:

    i loved rock and chips its nice 2 c how it all started i hope they do make it into a series

  30. philip hemmings says:

    excellent,brilliant all our family which is very large enjoyed this greatly hope the sountrack will be available very similar to lipstick on your collar more more please

  31. Khan says:

    Fantastic. i loved ONFAH as a kid and now as a 40 yr old i still watch it whenever i get time as i have all the series on DVD.
    I hope they do a series now but only 1 or possibly 2 as it could drag on.It should finish at the passing of Joan.
    However if John Sullivan is reading this then please,please,please write a ABSOLUTE FINAL christmas special in which the boys finally become millionaire’s again as a follow on from the Frogs legacy.The story could be something like that the driscoll brothers are looking at a myth of some lost loot in the sea and are looking to retrieve it, Del hearing this plots to get the loot himself before the Driscoll brothers and gets help from Boycie in the country etc etc.After the sad passing of Uncle Albert,Mike it would be a fitting end to the best comedy ever to grace the TV screens ahead of Dad’s Army and Just Good Friends.

  32. Ray says:

    my whole family enjoyed Rock & Chips, that covers 7 households. I hope they have a series in mind. The casting was great Del and Boyce did a very good job in their rolls I thought. Does any body know if the girl named Cook is going to be Marlene if there is a series. I don’t know if Marlene had her maiden name mentioned in ofah.

  33. very much enjoyed rock n chips as im a proper ofah fan n that was a 42 carat perfomance from the cast n very well done to john sullivan n all the crew behind it all i really hope that u make a series from this as i was well escitied about this coming out ive recorded it so i can watch it over n over just like the originals which i never get tired of watching its all ‘luvvly jubbly”.. Joan what a sort love you huni xxx

  34. cheat-master30 says:

    I personally thought the episode was really good, although it got funnier as the episode went on and overall improved as it progressed. Del Boy was good, as were the rest of the family, but Trigger and Boycie… didn’t really stand out much for some reason. Freddie Robdal was a great character too.

    Do I wish this became a series? Yes, and I’m hoping we end up getting at least three or four seasons of this like the others shows related to Only Fools and Horses, since as a fan of the original, I need some decent TV to watch.

    Hope it gets past the shadow of it’s far more famous (and incredibly influential predecessor though), aka the original Only Fools and Horses series.

  35. Anthony says:

    It was better than I expected because lets face it, prequels normally disappoint! But this was very enjoyable. It makes me want to watch the entire series of Only Fools and Horses yet again which I plan to do very soon! PLEASE BBC, make a series of Rock and Chips!

  36. jordan says:

    Rock and chips was great prequel to Only Fools And Horses‎ if john sullivan had not of done one someone else would and that would of been wrong. As for Nicholas Lyndhurst he is the only one who could of played that part in the 1987 ep (Frog’s Legacy) they said he looked like him and then there is the picture you saw in the last only fools if its hadn’t of been nick playing him it would not of worked. If there is a series freddy won’t be in it for long he blows him self up “what a plonker”.

  37. craig says:

    i thought it was brilliant,explained the early trotter life well,hope they make more,as would love to see del boy bringing rodney up

  38. noah says:

    what great show I was cry with laughter bring on the series well done to every one behind it and many thanks to the BBC

  39. Marie says:

    Fantastic .. Loved It Loved It…I grow up on Dell boy & Rodney programmes and as a mother age 40.. Really enjoyed it .. Would love to see more of the follow ups..
    It made more sense … than the batman & robin, which I never enjoyed ..
    This one I will watch again on catch up this week. Thought this was a brilliant programme…. Well done everyone ..LETS SEE SOME MORE!!

  40. Mark Smith says:

    Yes this is only the begining because Feddie and joan are still alive so bring on the series

  41. daddyNumbers says:

    Awesome in every aspect … I wasn’t anticipating too much beforehand, but my goodness did it deliver!!

    Nick Lyndhurst was particularly brilliant amongst a fabulous cast and a formidable script

    Really deserves to be a series in its own right

  42. Lee & Lisa says:

    I was expecting to be disappointed but we both thought it was brilliant. so many clever little things that link to the previous episodes. A series would be a brilliant idea. Bring it on!

  43. jeff says:

    it was ace i would like to see more dont just leave it there and not do any more i would like to see roodney growing up and please more ofh

  44. Trev says:

    Thought it was brilliant. The links to OFAH was expertly done by John Sullivan as well as standing well on its own as a comedy drama. Would love to see it made into a series and see how their relationships develop.

  45. Katey says:

    I thought overall rock n chips was successful but it could have been slightly better. it did tie up some loose ends, and its obvious to see where Del got his dodgy french phrases from. i was a bit confused about the whole age thing tho. i thought del was ment to be 13 wen rodney was born? if del n his gang were 13 how were they drinking th put? and why would they have been told to leave school at 13 wen th leaving age was 16? in ‘fatal extraction’ rodney told cassandra he could remember wen del brought his o-levels home and got 8 A’s!!!….if del had to leave school wen rodney ahdnt evn been born yet how could this had happend?
    also i thought th thing wit mr raynor and joanie was completly un called for.
    other than that i loved it!!!
    maybe there should be a series. lets jus wait n see.

    • Del says:

      Note that Del was not drinking in pubs! – it was quite common back then for youngsters to drink – plus the leaving age was 14 but only just raised to 16 – which is why the gym teacher is telling them to leave (I think)…doesn’t explain Class of 62 though

  46. loved rock n chips, pleaseeee make a seires
    the one thing i will say though, in the episode thicker then water del boy mentions that his dad reg is ” a right jack the lad with the flashy shirts and gold cufflinks” but in rock n chips reg just comes across as a scruffy git

  47. Mohammed says:

    Suprisingly, like the mejority I quite enjoyed it, a very well done nostalgic comedy drama. Well done

  48. Sam says:

    Thought this was a brilliant programme.

    Really hope they decide to make more episodes

  49. jason says:

    What a fantastic story, i waited all week for this and it was well worth waiting for, well done to everyone involved, more please.

  50. kevin ticehurst says:

    it was absolutely brillant, please please make a series. There is so much to go on, it is untrue!

  51. PAUL BEDDOWS says:


  52. LEIGH says:

    Loved it,even my seven year old loved it.He loves fools and horses and i got him the whole series for his seventh birthday in December he thinks it is great he laughs his head off.So i let him stay up late on Sunday to watch,i know it was a bit late but he kept asking me when it was on,he really enjoyed it as we all did.It was the type of pogram that keep’s coming to mind through the day brilliant.Would love to see a series.The reserchers that did fools and Rock and chips have done a brilliant job with the caracters and the way they talk as i was born and brought up in the area you used to get caracters like all of them . Great great great my favourite of all time thankyou.

  53. wayne says:

    commission a series pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!

  54. wayne smith says:

    Yeah I enjoyed it too… Was nice to see more of the story line that went on in OFH in the early years of the Trotter family? I would have liked to have seen more comedy in this program… it was more like a serious drama than a comedy. But if they do a spin off and add comedy than sure I’ll follow the series but to be honest… I will never think that OFH will be beaten? Greetings Wayne

  55. Christine Fewtrell says:

    I loved watching Rock and Chips as i do OFAH.
    I missed the first 15 minutes but once I’d pieced it all together I was absolutely glued Nicholas Lyndhurst played Freddie The Frog very well and it explained alot of the stories you hear Del boy tell Rodney throughout OFAH.
    My friend and I were talking about it as soon as we saw one another yesterday it was brilliant, we thought it would be really good to see a series of this so we can see exactly what Joan said on her death bed because for a dying woman she said an awful lot according to Del boy.
    It had loads of inuendoes which was what made OFAH so good this would make a wonderful series please make more.

  56. nick and janice says:

    “well done everyone we loved it not bad at all more please theres little enough goody comdey being made today as it is something for us non pc old guard . well done john .

  57. Raquel says:

    They missed the one joke that would have saved this. Can’t believe when the baby was named as Rodney, that Trigger wasn’t in the picture to say, no Dave…….

  58. Mark Locke says:

    OK – I probably the only one who thought this was a bit of a let down – but not because it ended up a drama more than a comedy – but more on the fact – it just lost that magic for all the family to watch – was more aimed at the adult viewer – i.e the jokes were just sexual innuendos which came across just flat and just put u off a little – where as OFAH relies on clever related situations – and Del and Rodney kept viewers entertain and coming back for more. But on the plus side – i would definately watch a new series if they bring James Buckley as the main star and the other cronies around him – he was definately the star – give him some better material and this would suit him to a tee. i.e in the betweeners he can handle comedy as well as drama – so loads of potential there. Sorry Nicholas Lyndhurst u just felt out of place. so BBC – yeah commision a series – but lose the Heartbeat/Royal style format just a tad – less of the music blearing in the background – i know it the 60’s without it – keep the 60’s format – just add more constructive humour – which most sitcoms fail miserable – that why OFAH stands the test of time way past most recent sitcoms – i not saying to be like OFAH – but i think the programme could of been better – just came across as abit of a mockery and felt a wasted opportunity. I agree with someone else – also keep the show to 45-60 mins max – as i found myself getting bored about half way through.
    But i found myself wanting to see where it goes from here – Come on BBC give James Buckley a shot at making Del Boy a glorious return – add just a glimmer of that sort of humour – which i know he can do – and you have a serious Hit on your hands. you know it makes sense – just have some fun. the basis is there.

  59. Paul Leonard says:

    Great show, please make more. Glad that there was not too much emphasis on Del Boy, but each scene he was in was tastefully done. Great portrayal of the era.

  60. claire says:

    isn’t it about time john sullivan got knighted for services to comedy and light entertainment. rock and chips was fantastic, it had laughter and tears in equal amounts. i really hope there is more to come.

  61. twofish says:

    Brilliant……. more please

  62. Margaret Arnold says:

    I really loved this, and hope there’s more to come! it was so atmospheric and of the time. Didn’t want it to end.
    I loved the costumes and the hairstyles and the great soundtrack.
    The Denzil actor was brilliant- just like a younger Denzil. It was funny with the pervy boss at the cinema- that bit when he made her bend over to see the safe!
    You can definitely see where Rodney gets his ‘dippiness’ from! Instant-coffee death.That was so funny!
    I also liked the Nelson Mandella flat drawings/plans, and it was the same flats they used in the original series- and the same pub.

  63. Sleathy says:

    well what a treat!! I thought all the actors did really well – however did they manage to find people who looked and sounded like they would age into Denzil, Boycie and trigger to name but three. I really felt for Joan – I though the actress was the star of the show – but you genuinely got a feeling of the bitter struggle that Joan would have had in the sixties, being with Reg and all the dourness of the generation. she came across as a class above the rest of the Trotter clan. you could almost feel sympathy for her as she was captivated by flash Freddie. I wonder how they even managed to get an actor who looked like Rodney to play his Dad – rather neat I thought ( heavy sarcasm…) I thought Phil Daniels had a young Grandad off to a tea too.

    It was a magnificent episode – one I shall watch again later this evening. Poor Joanie having to work at the Ritz with that letchurous boss…. horrible!!!

    Yes please BBC – lots more PLEASE!!!!!!!

  64. johnboy says:

    i have always loved onlyfools, and i think rock and chips was great they should defintly make it in to a series no matter wat jon osullivan is one of the best writers none to comedy ,and the papers are coming up with stuff like it was rubbish ,it was classs , it should defintly go on to better things

  65. Jess says:

    As a 15 year old I have to admit I only watched it for James Buckley (he played the young delboy) from The Inbetweeners. However I found that it wasn’t all that bad.

  66. Phillip Judd says:

    I hope the bbc makes more, a series

  67. blamo says:

    Congrats to all involved …………….Top notch the same but different comes to mind

  68. Phillip Judd says:

    rock and chips was briliant, the actors and actresses were excellent. I am a big fan of only fools and horses, i have got the fools and horses series on dvds, i love it

  69. [Blocked by CFC] kevin freeman says:

    superb alot of the ofah mysterys explained it was everything i wanted it to be and more please john sullivan write a series with david jason involved in some aspect please please please

  70. MARK says:

    Thought it was well written and well acted – the part of Grandad being the exception.
    Got a different opinion on the role of Joan than you get from Only Fools.
    Nic Lydhurst was fantastic and so was the young Del.
    Hope they give John Sullivan another go at a new episode

  71. Paul says:

    I hear people say they didnt like this because, it was not Only Fools…….thats the point, its not – some of the characters had not developed at this point. For me this is a return to form for John Sullivan and he was very clever in his writing.

    Not sure how far this can go – maybe 1960-1970s?, but certainly there is enough quality for a series or two/three…..

    You cannot deny its a return to form, lovely jubbly!

  72. Jack says:

    Quality Stuff and its just begging to be made into a series. its impossible to do more episodes of only fools and horses but this is an excellent extension to this timeless classic

  73. arrow says:

    more please fantastic

  74. Bella says:

    The last scene with Freddie and Joan completely broke me. I’ve watched the Titanic without shedding a single tear but that really got to me.

    I always assumed Freddie didn’t feel a thing for Joanie but this really proved me wrong. I’d love to have Freddie see Rodney properly before he dies, even if it is just the once.

    I really hope there’s more to come.

  75. Andy says:

    It was great. It wasn’t anything like Only Fools and Horses but it shouldn’t have been. It needs to stand on it’s own and I really hope they make a series out of it. Kelly Bright and Nicholas Lyndhurst were both fantastic and the whole story was very believeable. A lot better than I thought it would be.

  76. lee smythe says:

    been a only fools fan i was worried i wouldn’t like rock and chips, but i enjoyed it all way through, liked the fact a few characters like jumbo mills and alfie littlewood who del had spoke about, was in the story, would like to see more but with david jason maybe in the end part, well done john sullivan

  77. stuart bailey says:

    its was brilliant. john sullivan is clever because all the way through fools and horses he was getting the plot if rock and chips into place, please make a series out of it as there is still so much to cover in the lives of the trotters freddies demise, joans death and th eearly days of rodney. the scope is endless, please bbc commision a series and john put in more gags so it will feel like the trotters

  78. Paul Smith says:

    Being a devoted OFAH fan since I was a young boy, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was also worried that I’d look at Nick Lyndhurst and just see Rodney!

    What can I say though, my fears were totally un-founded. It was done so well with much respect for the charaters and the back story. Those who say it should have been more comedy based; in my opinion are wrong – if John Sullivan had gone down that road, he’d have been accused of trying to immitate OFAH, which can never be done.

    Do we want a series? If we get one, will it spoil how special this one off feature was? I guess that remains to be seen.

    I know its been said many times in this post, but I must give massive respect to the balcony scene and its crossover with Del holding Damien and telling him about his Nan – really great stuff.

    Well done John and the cast, 10/10!

  79. adam says:

    I watched this last nite,And it was fantastic everything that was mentioned in the ofah series was on rock and chips.I so hope john makes more series of this and seeing joan on her death bed like dell says in the series and seeing freddie the frog sitting on the safe and killing him self.lol that be a good ending too rock and chips do you think? Great site by the way too looks load better,Such a huge fan of ofah cant get enough of it.

  80. Dan says:

    Absolutely superb, as to a comment from debbie(why didn’t uncle albert meet grandad) in Rock N Chips states that Ted has been thrown out. Albert states that in Tea For Three he never spoke to Ted after Albert married Ada.

    Top notch stuff, all the way along…. for those thinking it was not a comedy… what were you watching? when del says “sorry mum i just really want to beat him up” that is brilliant delivery.
    I don’t think they should do this as a series- but an annual episode would be highly welcomed!!!!!

  81. Rodney says:

    I thought it was utterly fantastic. I’ve seen every single episode of OFAH and I could see almost every future link-up (must’ve missed some!).

    The casting of Nicholas Lyndhurst, for those who don’t realise it, is that in the very final special of OFAH (Sleepless in Peckham), Rodney shows Cassandra a photo of that first Beano to Margate and he’s in it looking exactly as he did in Rock ‘n Chips. It would only make sense to cast him!

    Speaking of the Beano, it also somewhat explains a mysterious loophole in OFAH. In “The Frog’s Legacy”, Del Boy didn’t know who Freddie “The Frog” Robdal was despite being on that Beano himself. He never interacted with the very-out-of-place Freddie and concentrated on having a laugh with his friends. Why would a 14/15 year old boy be interested in someone like that? Anyway, in the final episode (Sleepless In Peckham), Del Boy tells Rodney that he knew all about him, presumably from Renee’s story during the Frog’s Legacy.

    The omission of a laughter track and audience allowed it greater freedom to flow as there was a lot to cram in to 90 minutes (this was only a pilot, remember). The 60’s were a difficult and bleak time and that was portrayed exceptionally well. The dinginess of the house in Orchard Street, for example, expressed Joan’s misery exceptionally well. The transposition into the new, bright Sir Walter Raleigh house (later renamed, of course) gives this series some serious hope for the future (although we know the misery and depression that the flat actually causes!). It’s great to see the clutter of Del Boy’s “business” starting to fill the flat at the end. How long before the gaudy wallpaper and awful orange curtains (oh, and the bar) make an appearance?

    Character-wise, I can easily relate each of the characters to their “future” selves although as the series progresses (yes, there will be one – Saturday 30 Jan at 0115 on BBC One) they have some pretty big shoes to fill!

    No faults in this exceptional piece of work that does excellently to fill in the gaps of the characters and recycles some of the humour from the future (Slater getting made to walk the plank for instance).

    Perhaps the most magical moment of all for me was seeing Nicholas Lyndhurst standing on the balcony of that famous estate, looking across at where he spent so much time as Rodney Trotter. It was almost as if he was giving a nod for the new cast to take over.

    Well done to John Sullivan – a masterpiece of writing that doesn’t tread on the toes of Only Fools And Horses.

    Now we just have to wait to find out what Joan actually says on her deathbed…

  82. Rock & Chips – Well something defiantly smelt fishy…
    Last night saw 7 Million viewers tune into John Sullivan’s latest Only Fools & Horses spin off, “Rock & Chips”. Set in the 60s, when the young Derrick Trotter was a teenager and before the family had moved into the now famous Nelson Mandela Estate, It focused on Del-boys mother Joan and her developing relationship with local crook Freddie “The Frog” Robdul, safe cracker and trained frogman (Hence the nickname)

    Like a majority of people I was set up to expect “Only Fools PT II” and I imagine the BBC’s wise promotion strategy, which saw them air two classic episodes in the afternoon, did not help to dispel this expectation. But after the opening titles had come and gone it was apparent that this would not be the “laugh a second” production of which all Only Fools fans come to expect. Instead, I felt as if I was watching an episode of The Royal or Heartbeat with its period soundtrack and feel; I was half expecting a copper on a motorbike or Greengrass to come stumbling out of a garage, stray dog in tow.

    It was soon evident that Sullivan wanted to showcase this as a Drama but also felt increasing pressure to have some comedic influences – the term “sitting on the fence” came to mind. The decision to cast Nicholas Lyndhurst as Rodney’s suspected Father, Frederick Robdul seemed like an obvious choice, but I often found myself thinking that this was just Rodney with a tash and a bit more money and sense – Maybe this was what Sullivan wanted to portray but I was not overly convinced of this.

    The highlight of the show has to be given to James Buckley’s smart mouthed, quick-witted teenage Del-Boy and Phil Daniels, back on television playing Granddad Trotter. Buckley’s Del-Boy, unlike Lyndhurst’s Robdul, was very believable and you could see where the teenage Del would develop. Already with an eye for the fairer sex but yet to develop the gift of the gab that will come later in life (Or the French Lingo)

    It is safe to say I had high hopes for this, being a big fan of the original series, and it is hard to tell whether I did not enjoy “Rock & Chips” because it was not “Only Fools and Horses”, or because it did not live up to expectations or simply because it wasn’t very good!. At a running time of 90 minutes I felt my attention slowly drifting away to more interesting sights such as my big toenail and the off button, but I stuck it out to the end – mainly out of respect for John Sullivan.

    Rumours are circulating that if enough fans contact the BBC then Sullivan could be tempted into doing a series of “Rock & Chips” – In my opinion, let’s hope not.

  83. Danny says:

    It was Great! Bring on a Series.

  84. Griff says:

    Enjoyed thoroughly and believed the show received top ratings. Have been waiting the best part of a decade for the prequel and wasn’t disappointed. Well done John and the cast.

  85. Michael Tong says:

    last nights rock and chips was brill, it was great to see the characters from the past. i would strongly recommend a series and think it would be great to have a piece of only fools magic one more time

  86. Claire says:

    Well, where to start?!
    I am probably one of OFAH’s greatest fans, I have every DVD, every book, copies of all scripts, signed merchandise, collectables and I could probably list all episodes and give the dialogue a good go…!
    As a result, I was actually most concerned about “Rock and Chips.” Would the actors do such legendary characters justice? Would it come across as “needy” or just plain desperate? Would it get slated and interfere in some way with the fabulous reputation of OFAH? After watching it twice through (so far!) just in case I missed something the first time round, I am suitably ashamed of myself that I demonstrated so little faith in John Sullivan, Gareth Gwenlan and the BBC.

    Firstly, the plot was excellent. I never expected it to be a laugh-a-minute sitcom and it wasn’t. It delivered exactly what John Sullivan has always delivered; well-written drama, beautiful emotive acting and pure inspirational comedy laced with moments of heartbreaking tradegy.

    The many links to OFAH, both the obvious and the suble, were superb. Top of this list must come the obvious “Rodney-ism” “What a brahma”, swiftly followed by “I wonder what blood group he is” (link to “Thicker than water” Christmas episode 1983 where it is mentioned after blood tests that Del and Rodney have different blood groups, and probably different paternity, although it later turns out to be that Reg has tampered with the clinic results). The mention of Dr Becker was nice also as he was mentioned throught OFAH as the family Doctorr who had looked after Joan before her death. More obvious were the “walking the plank” game with Roy Slater (discussed in OFAH series 3 “May the force be with you”) and the inspired addition of The Jolly Boys Outing to Margate in June 1960, (as mentioned with THE photo in “Sleepless in Peckham”). I noted that care had been taken also to dress the characters as the OFAH characters were dressed in the photo supposedly taken on that day which leads to Rodney discovering the truth about his father some 43 years later….nice touch.

    For the pathos that John Sullivan creates so well in his writing, special mention MUST go to the very last scene, which had me in tears. Not only the oh so symbolic nod of the head from Joan holding the newborn Rodney to Freddie (indicating that he is indeed the father), but also the beautifully subtle way in which it reminds us of a great OFAH moment – Del holding newborn Damien at the window of the hospital and talking to him about his world and the grandmother he would never meet.
    Of course hardened OFAH fans will have noticed some minor continuity errors, which I am sure however were absolutely necessary for the running. For example in “Time on our Hands” when Del is remembering all the good memories he has of his mum in Nelson Mandela House, he remembers his mum calling him to get up for school and saying that it’s his own fault if he has a hangover but he can’t miss school today as he is taking his 11+. Obviously Rock and Chips showed that the family actually didn’t move into the flat until Del was much older. Also I thought the sermon which Del gave Albie on how he is too young to marry and shouldn’t get engaged was rather strange as I’m sure even at this tender age Del would have been well on his way to his notoriously long string of fiancee’s!
    I also thought more could have been made of the relationship between Del and Grandad, although I think the pride that the young Del showed when talking about his mum (such as when all his mates were wolf-whistling her) was very believable and very “Del”. I must admit that i was slightly surprised by the character of Joan. The acting by Kellie Bright was fantastic and there was real chemistry between her and the wonderful Lyndhurst. However, (and this may be just a personal thing as I think you do tend to build up a picture of a character you have never met in your head and that it often turns out to be incorrect) but I thought that Joan would be slightly more brassy, more rough and ready maybe? She has often been described by various characters in OFAH, such as by Boycie “sitting in the corner of a pub surrounded by fellas” and by Elsie Partridge, who famously invoked the reaction from Trigger that her description of Joan made her sound like Jimmy Saville! I had expected her to be slightly less vulnerable (such as when in the office with the loathsome Mr Rayner, cinema manager) and more like Reenie (?)
    However, these really are more personal opinion than critisism and on the whole I thought that this was a stunning piece of work and a credit to John Sullivan, the BBC and maybe most importantly to Only Fools and Horses.

    A final special mention must obviously go to Nicholas Lyndhurst who I personally could have watched for hours and who must surely be one of the most fantastic actors this country has ever produced (flicking between the menacing and threatening criminal, the charming and suave ladies man and the vulnerable and emotional lover, he was, as always, a joy to watch). And James Buckley did very well to step into the line of so much possible critisim and attempt to fill the huge shoes, not only of Del Boy, but of David Jason, and I for one thought he did a stirling job….a great actor who made the young Del truly believable, as Shaun Dingwall did also with Reg Trotter.
    Congratulations to John, to the cast, to the BBC, and to everyone else involved.
    Verdict – Disaster averted, the start of something wonderful.

  87. bracks says:

    am not gonna lie i didnt think it was bad but i thought it could have been much better, there is so much potential to do with del boy and the gang in the 60’s, so i can now see why the great john sullivan just mainly centred rock and chips around joan and freddie perhaps he’s saving del and the boys for a series ! lets hope so.

  88. Lauren Jayne says:

    Loved it :D
    want more !!!!! Wish it was a series i was just getting into it lol xxx

  89. kathy says:


  90. Teresa says:

    I thought it was really entertaining would love to see it become a series although you have to get used to the new faces you can see how all the stories would come together. Only fools and Horses was and still is the best comedy ever, I can really see this working though.

  91. Rodney says:

    I love fools and horses! Thanks for the great site

  92. tim says:

    what about the driscoll brothers

  93. ged says:

    well done mr sullivan , as good as ever .
    <<< MORE PLEASE.<<<

  94. jay subramani says:

    ROCK N CHIPZ was fab,hope they do bring out a series so the only fools and horses can carry on and hopefully somewhere in the future,bring back the legend david jason!!!

  95. Chris G says:

    It was GREAT! I’m 17 now and I prefered it to most of the programs on TV!! I loved Only fools and horses… LOVED IT, and still do! Now rock n chips has come out I have something to look forward too and it has the same humor as Only fools! Loved it! Definitely want to see more!!! I Would be pretty upset if they dont make the series, you just dont get quality like that anymore! Even my friends loved it!!!! MAKE MORE!!! please :P

  96. Ian B says:

    In my opinion – the mistake made was making Rock and Chips into a 90 minute drama. It would have been far better received as 30 minute comedy episodes. The original was a comedy not a drama with occasional comic moments as this was.

  97. Chez says:

    Absolutely ace!! You have to be a huge fan to get all the jokes, links etc. Brilliantly written. WELL DONE!

  98. scott franklin says:

    I thought the rocks and chips episode was fantastic and i think it would be a great idea for a series and it would be great if we could see david jason givin a part in what he has made the greatest comedy on british television.

  99. anthony goward says:

    Rock n chips was brilliant, – i hope the bbc will allow john sullivan 2 release a series, there are so many stories from the past that we can see develope including del and elbi fish stall, freddy the frog get killed, joan passing away, boycie and marlene and delboy and his dates lol it would be quality

  100. El Chup says:

    As a standalone I thought it was ok, but as a prequel to OFAH I found it a little dissapointing. The fact is that OFAH was a highly amusing sitcom and it didn’t sit well with me that this was more drama orientated. It just didn’t feel right, especially with all the old jokes about Freddie Robdal sitting on a detonator and so on.

    I very much liked all the nostalgic references (although that Sullivan could have indulged us with at least one throw away reference to Uncle Albert). But that is not enough to make this work. I felt that much of the recasting was poor, especially the kids, who rarely resembled their later versions. I appreciate that they shouldn’t be carbon copies, but there should at least be some hints of their later selves. My praise extends only to Nick Lyndhurt and Kellie Bright, with a special mention to the young lad who played Denzil (and not just because of his accent).

    I am happy to enjoy it as a one off standalone, but no series please. Let’s not ruin characters who have been long established and very much a part of the actors who orginally played them.

  101. Ed Davis says:

    Re: Rock and Chips…. this is a perfect example… I gave some thought to my review, but for example, the pregnancy test clinic scene just came back to me and I just started laughing out loud (much to the confusion of those around me). I need to watch it again! ;)

  102. Paul du Fer says:

    Loved it. This is what we need more of on the TV.
    Come on BBC, let’s have more of this please.

  103. Dave "Romford Postie" says:

    Just brilliant, great viewing filling in all the gaps and the storys from the series!! More Please John!!

  104. ben says:

    …to the open hearted fan this was a delight…warm and intriguing, managing to tie in sweetly with the orginal only fools whilst simultaneously entertaining in its own right.

    whoever slandered phil daniels’ performance as grandad needs his heas read because he exquisitely caught the essence of the riginal character. Some of the scenes with the young del-boy, trigger etc lacked cohesion and could have ben afforded less prominence becuase the essence of the story revolving arounf joan, freddy and del-boys dad were the centre piece. Lindhurst was exceptional as robdal and in spite of reviews which state otherwise there was genuine on-screen chemistry between him and joan, a woman being seduced by robdal’s wealth and sophistication more then good looks…all round the spin-off delighted without any sour taste.

  105. Roger says:

    Loved it, more please. If it had been on for 4 hours I would have sat and watched the lot, didn’t want it to finish. More of the same please.

  106. Ed Davis says:

    I confess to having some initial reservations about how it ‘Rock and Chips’. Worried that it would be in-jokes (I didn’t study OFAH, I just enjoyed it when it was on!), or worse, take something away from OFAH. Green Green Grass was more successful and a heap better than I expected, but it did initially give the impression that it was done as a way of generating work for the writer, and was very much a standalone sit com that rarely bothered to sit on its premise.

    Rock and Chips was a different beast altogether though. I expected to find dodgy in-jokes and lame ‘forward references’, and had concerns about Nicholas Lindhurst, having seen some lacklustre performances from him in recent time (and the idea of him fathering himself seemed a little contrived, notionally at least). Instead I saw what I personally felt was one of the performances of his life. The script was excellent – a real step forward, in that the intricacies that may have been responsible for the brilliant humour in OFAH seem to had been used to superb affect elsewhere, giving the characters a depth and added dimension that I didn’t really get from OFAH until some of the ‘later’ episodes, notably the one which Rock and Chips is almost exclusively the back-story for, ‘The Frogs Legacy’ (1987).

    Even of an intermediate level follower of OFAH, I spotted so many references that at one point thought that if John Sullivan had taken a really nerdy approach to OFAH, this 90 minute prequel could have almost written itself by virtue of a set of cross references, that is of course if you completely fail to notice the imagination required to tie it all together into something intelligible, enjoyable and it has to be said, accessible!

    Whether the direction or the writing take exclusive or mutual credit for the nothing less than craft-work evident in the details, such as the disgustingly hilarious Ernie Rayner, the quiet contrast in the characters which helps you realise how the characters we know became how they are, and the welcome, more subtle approach to humour. I can’t help but wonder what someone who has never seen OFAH (if they exist) would make of it if they had the chance to see Rock and Chips first? I think they would like it and it would stack up to making a whole lot of sense. For me though, I am glad I saw it the way round I did. That way I got to enjoy those ‘Ahh, I see’ and ‘Ahh, I remember that getting mentioned’ moments. I thought the ending was simply beautiful and warrants a specific mention.

    If you haven’t seen it, this is a worthwhile and entertaining way to spend 90 minutes. You will fall in love with the characters, most notably James Buckley as a young Dell boy, Kellie Bright as Joan Trotter (Dell’s Mum), and the despicable Shaun Dingwall who plays Dell’s useless, bullying father. I was ever so slightly disappointed at Phil Daniels – one of my favourite actors, who seemed to play his ‘Time Gentleman Please’ character, instead of drawing us in to the world of ‘Grandad’ – a character who was universally loved, and who was steeped in personally, which Daniels has proved time and again he can do.

    Overall this was really enjoyable, and perhaps more staggeringly, a huge but very pleasant surprise and gets my firm recommendation.

  107. ANGELA COX says:

    I loved it!!! I am a long time fan of Only Fools and thought the writing of Rock and Chips was brilliant. I loved how John Sullivan captured all the things Del boy used to tell stories about when he was younger. When I was watching it I rememembered many of these stories. eg: when the gang made Slater walk the plank, the jolly boys outing, when Reg never got out of bed! I really enjoyed it and will have to watch it again lol . Keep up the brilliant creativity John! well done!!

    Angela Cox (35), Leeds

  108. Jane Sheehan says:

    You can’t please everyone! I enjoyed it, perhaps not as much as the original episodes but it was still very entertaining. I hope there will be more.

  109. Stevie B says:

    He who dared definitely won!!! I thought this was a fantastic production and did Only Fools very proud!!!

    Rock and chips was so tasteful and a true delight to watch and it goes without saying that this is down to sensational writing and a talented cast, much like the original!!

    I feel rather privileged to have finally met the great Joanie Trotter and Albie Littlewood and Rock and Chips only confirmed for me the underlying story of OFAH without compromise of the original iconic series.

    I adore fools and horses and have so since I was 8 and it is without doubt that i rate this as the best show ever to have graced our TVs and having seen Rock and Chips, has only reminded me of it’s greatness!!!!

  110. david brice says:

    Rock and Chips rocked. The way it was pitched in the 60’s, and linked in with later story lines was brilliant.

    There were some great laughs, not all obvious, but a real fools fan would of understood the humour and one liners.

    I do hope that John Sullivan and the BBC realise they have a hit here. I would love to see this turned into a series.

  111. Tracey says:

    I thought it was absolutely brilliant and left me wanting more. It was great to put together the information from previous episodes and meet the characters you have never met before but had heard about. I was a bit worried this would have been a mistake but please please please convince the BBC to make more!!

  112. charlie says:

    im a big fan of only fool & horses and i really enjoyed rock & chips. hope they make more series as they can develop more story lines. a lot of the lesser known characters turn up later on in the series

  113. Perry says:

    Just to let everyone know that John Sullivan appreciates all your comments – and has told me he has lots more stories to tell of the early years of the Trotters. So if you want to see more join the rest of us and CALL THE BBC and tell them, perhaps they can then persuade John to do more.

  114. I thought it was brilliant. As soon as I saw the empty space where the painting used to be I remembered back to the episode with the posh antiques bird and knew we were in for a treat with all the references to previous characters and episodes. A great piece of writing by JS.

  115. debbie says:

    My husband and I are great fans of OFAH and amazingly I managed to get him to sit down and watch this with me – but only because he thought it was going to be a comdey. It must have been good because he watched the whole thing and was even disappointed when it ended. I thought it was fab and yes would have liked to see the story through to when the lovers did the coffin scam and the death of Joan and Del looking after Rodney. I would have liked to see a quick cameo from uncle albert perhaps granded meeting him somewhere.
    I thought the female characters were best but Del idolised him Mum and that wasn’t that apparent – also Joan was supposed to be a bit of a good time girl – but here apart from the affair of course, she came across as quite decent in the morals department. Nic L was OK but a bit too much like Goodnight Sweeathear character – Joan & Renee were best for me. Really enjoyable.

  116. admin says:

    Thanks to you all for such great reviews
    Many are very positive

    Dont forget to call the BBC if you want this as a series

  117. tim says:

    i like the actors that have been picked for the characters but imagined reg to be more on the heavy side a fat lazy slob disappointed there were no driscall brothers mentioned. i think that if any more episodes are made freddy the frog should be dropped from the show. like to see more of del and the other characters in the show.where was marlene

  118. Dave A says:

    Loved it! I thought the actress playing Joan was the perfect choice. Exactly as I always imagined. Nicholas Lyndhurst was great as always and I think the fact that James Buckley didn’t just do an impression of the Del we all know and love worked really well.

    I hope this turns into a series as I actually believe they have stumbled onto a winning formula. Forget the OFAH links and the idea of a comedy set in the 60’s about a gentlemen thief falling in love and pulling off crimes is something really different.

    I reckon freddy the frog could be a bit of a plonker himself. He does end up sitting on a detonator after all..!

  119. Jason H says:

    Really enjoyed the show. Whilst it was not as funny as OFAH I think it was not meant to be. More like the bittersweet moments in OFAH. Whilst it was interesting to see how Joan came to meet the frog I would have liked to have seen more of the younger versions of Del boy et al. I hope this does continue into a series and if it does I think more screen time for the younger versions is what is needed, after all it is those characters we all love and want to see develop. BTW what about Phil Daniels, an inspired chioce for Grandad. Brilliant.

    Overall I loved it. Hope to see more.

  120. JLM says:

    FASCINATING & BRILLIANT!!! I believe there should be a series made! As a massive OFAH fan, I was only ever interested in the history and it was like watching a really old nostalgic episode. Really convincing. I still would like to see Freddie Robdal parade the gold through the streets to the sea. And Del bring up Rodney in the flat. Defo get it on DVD!!

  121. Arthur Martin says:

    I turned it off after an hour. It was rubbish and most other people I’ve spoken to thought the same. I can’t believe what I’m reading on this site, but glad you all liked it so much. Please feel free to watch any future episodes – I won’t be.

  122. Royd Rivers says:

    Loved the show, was knocked out to hear Leadbelly and Sonny Terry. I have a 78 with those tracks on from the late 50’s.
    I would be very interested to know who instigated the use of them. Give them my sincere thanks, we must have something in common,

  123. sam clarke says:

    awesome!!!! please make into series!!!!!

  124. Alex Green says:

    I loveed it, loved every minute of it, the best thing I’ve seen on TV in years. Nick Lyndhurst was amazing as Freddy. You must do a series.

  125. Kelvin Hill says:

    Like many others I thought this was a brilliant hour and half entertainment, which is rare on TV IMO. I too loved the fact that this wasn’t trying to be a sitcom or a 60’s OFAH. A piece of drama with loads of familiar characters for the fans and great acting and of course- a handful of typical Sullivan one liners. I’m not sure if a series would be a good idea, after all I think OFAH went on for 1 too many as far as the high standard set by the previous but as a fan I would lap it up just the same.

    1 small negative, we realised the cinema manager was a perv the first time, was it necessary to repeat the point 3 times. Thats nitpicking mind, all in all, it was brilliant !

  126. John L says:

    @corben5270, I noteced Clayton as well, and one of Joan’s costumes was a nod to one of hers that one of the doll’s wore.

  127. alexgh1234 says:

    corben5270-yes i absolutely LOVED clayton being in rock and chips, i was pleased to see that.

    i thought rock and chips was brilliant, john sullivan can still write. the characters were excellent and actorrs were excellent. loved the fact they used the original tower block. well thought out.
    deffinatly think it can make it as a series

  128. stepdaughterofmozart says:

    I really liked it, especially the fact that it was not trying to be a sitcom. I have always loved OFAH and this piece just filled me with fondness for all the characters and general nostalgia. I hope they do make it into a comedy drama.

  129. corben5270 says:

    I love how John pays sush attention to detail. The black bloke – Clayton appeared for about 10 seconds in Danger UXD when Del and Albert are outside the flats with the dolls but there he was last night. It nice to have alot of loose end tied up.

  130. Nick Zanna says:

    Had my doubts but i have to admit but i really enjoyed it. I felt it worked very well. If the series gets a go ahead i think the cast will grow into the roles. I was looking on imbd and for a lot of them this was there first major tv work. Looking forward to the BBC giving the thumbs up !

  131. John L says:

    I enjoyed ‘Rock and Chips’ there were some continuity issues but not too many. I wasn’t too impressed with the young Trigger who’s timing was off. The other young versions were great although I’m sure in one episode Denzil claims to have moved to Peckham when he was 13. Keeping Del and the boys as minor players was a great ploy centring the story on Joan and Freddy worked well and Paul Putner’s Jelly Kelly was perfect. Emma Cooke’s Renee was great she seemed to capture something of a young Joan Sims as well which was nice. The writing was wonderful Sullivan has proved once and for all that he is the best writer in the UK (IMO much better than Poliakoff) .
    With prequels there is always a danger of huge errors (‘First of the Summer Wine’) or horrendous disappointment (‘The Old Life’ the once shown ‘Good Life’ prequel). But ‘Rock and Chips’ managed to be something else. Yes, we know the story but we have only heard it though Del and Albert’s eyes before to see it through Joan’s eye filled in the blanks.
    All in all it was the best nights TV for many years. I’d be quite happy to see a second film perhaps the death of Freddy. In one episode Rodney tells Cassandra about Del beating Reg after his O Levels and putting him in hospital ‘he was covered in bandages and I could hardly recognise him’ he tells her of when Joan took him to the hospital to see him. Was this Reg or a post plunger Freddy?

  132. Tom says:

    I think the issue with Rock and Chips last night was they tried to cram too much in, I love Only Fools and Inbetweeners so I foolishly thought this was going to be great with James Buckley as Del with the rest of the cast supporting him but he was not given a chance, I think the low point was time wasted on blisters and horny (Benny Hill esk) employers when more time could have been spent on items like the carpet laying or a bit more banter between Del and Joan. Yes there were good references to how Rodney got his CSE in art and bad French etc and I would watch it again but I think an injection of fresh writing would be the key to its furture and let John Sullivan bathe in his brilliance of his Only Fools past and pass on Rock and Chips as his legacy to others.

  133. admin says:

    @Shez -You’re right Only Fools and Horses is the best thing ever on TV – though i doubt if you’ve seen Rock & Chips yet, so its certainly worth giving it a chance

  134. gatch says:

    the programme was as good as it’s title.

  135. david says:

    bring on the series john sullivan was top notch rock and chips all the way !!!!!!

  136. Harry says:

    If i am honest i am very nevous about it, i am worried it wont live up to only fools, may be it should have been left alone not sure on the new del boy but i will give it ago with crossed fingers and toes lol. bring on sunday……?

  137. robert says:

    Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Bring on more…. Well done to John Sullivan.

  138. tony says:

    having been a loyal only fools and horses fan since late 80s
    noone wants change but what every fan has to relise is this aint an episode of only fools horses, its a love story also to tie up loose ends of the show and also to see how they all became the characters that we love. i myself are looking forward to this, because if its related to only fools then im in and sir John Sullivan has never me down yet. :)

  139. mikeybaby says:

    i just watched a little trailer snippit on bbc.com of dell and the gang in the nags head, it looks brilliant. cant wait too watch it.

    just checked the soundtrack too, which is awesome :D

  140. Quoling says:

    It was 1960 when Kids were allowed to leave school at 14 – which is the difference in age between Del and Rodney – Reg leaves Del when he is 16 and Rodney is two…let’s not forget Del used to go to the pub when he was still at school!

    As a program it was great – at first I wasn’t sure but I think it really worked and was a good drama which is what it was..anyone complaining about it not being OFAH and the characters not being correct, seem not to understand the point of the show.

    Would love to see a series but perhaps only one.

  141. shez says:

    fools and hores is best programme theres ever been on tv and this spin off`s makin a mockery of real fools these pretend lot dont look or speak nowt like any of real charecters dont no why john sullivan`s doin it

  142. Trig says:

    I’ve got my writing pad handy Del!
    I’m ready to take notes C# and D flat

  143. admin says:

    @Daniel and @Harry
    I know how you feel, though it may be this enables a lot more series potential. I do think the quality of the production itself suggest this may work – it doesn’t feel “cheap” in any way

  144. danny says:

    wow looking forward to this :) should be interesting to see how it all began…

  145. admin says:

    @danny – yes i think it may well fill in some interesting gaps for only fools fans

  146. A.M. Esmonde says:

    Rock and chips, BBC’s creme de la menthe!
    The writer was wise to go back to 60’s, Rock and Chips captures the real Peckham – London era, less swing and gloss,  giving it a nice edge.
    It smartly expands past story-lines without an inch force on the old followers/fans.  
    The one liners are genuinely funny. The few ‘new’ characters are welcome. All the ‘old’ gang is there, even Denzil, Slater and grandad in his hat.
     A quailty production far from the set like feel of Only Fools’. 
    BBC dared and maybe win. 

  147. Colin Peppiatt says:

    I thought it was excellent. Beautifully written and a great performance by Kellie Bright & Nick Lyndhurst.

  148. geoff crozier says:

    Being a fan of “only fools and horses” and normally watch at least one episode everyday I prayed this would deliver and answer so many questions.
    And John Sullivan crafted and wrote this well. You have to remember this is not only fools and horses.
    The connections with the younger Del, Trigger, Boycie, Denzil and even Slater was excellent. I`m sure as myself a lot of avid fans of fools were looking for mistakes with dates and details and other than the obvious one regarding Del boys age when Rodney was born, it all seemed to slot into place well.
    I also vary much liked the way Rodney as a new born baby was taken out on to the balcony under the stars and talked to by his mother. This was vary much similar to when Del Boy first held his new born baby “Damien” at the end of “Three Men, a Woman and a Baby”.
    Don`t expect loads of laughs but do expect to be entertained, and the comedy moments that were in this episode did have me chuckling along – and i had a smile on my face throughout watching this and found it 100% enjoyable.
    My only word of advice to Mr Sullivan is do not make it into to series. The one off was excellent – a series may not!?! .

  149. sunny says:

    it was more like flop and chips!! wot was good about this nothing. it was crap sorry john but i was not happy with this spin off the acting was all wrong wasnt fast or whitty like O.F.A.H del was rubbish should watch slum dog on the side.

  150. Graham says:

    wat a brilliant programme would love to see more would like to see charchters like marline introduced into the seies like every1 says all the lads remember marline lol all jokes aside 10/10 hope to see more in near future !!!!!

  151. Daniel says:

    in my opinion i think this looks really bad, i love only fools but i think they should have just left it where it finished. anything they try to do will be a failure, you cant have only fools without sir david jason, roger lloyd pack and all the original cast, they should have made a carry on special from where they left off instead, showing damian grown up and rodneys daughter joan, that would have been better

  152. Jon young says:

    I thought trigger and boyce were a bit poor. I thought del boy was good, denzil good, jumbo brilliant and great detail, as was albie little wood and rennee. Phil daniles was good as grandad, and reg was ok and the drama about him. Paul putner was good as the sidekick too. Overall though most of that was background. The story of Joan and Freddy was brilliant drama and had the best comedy bits. Nick was amazingly good and different in this role, and the actress playing joan really pulled it all off amazingly. It was gripping and moving. A fitting end full circle if this is the last connected show John Sullivan ever writes. And good idea not to make it a full comedy, as it would have failed in the current modern comedy world, but this hard a couple of laughs, some great emotional drama and loads of character referenced fun. The best titbit for fans in my eyes was the Slater character stuff. It’s pointless really in the show as a stand only but in the context of the series it’s just more great fun.

  153. Craigous says:

    I thought Rock and Chips was brilliant. Tied up a few loose ends, and didn’t at all “mock” only fool and horses. Its gives us a more clearer background of what happened. Hope they do another episode.

  154. Dannii says:

    Hope to see more of rock n chip!!! watched it with the fam and we all loved it…. i sooo didnt want it to end!!!

  155. Ashley Lucas says:

    Thought the show was great bit confused bout the age thing though as i thought Del was meant to be only 13 Years older than Rodders, but overall great show and hope there will be a series.

  156. Darren Wilkes says:

    rock and chips was great i was so excited when i first hurd about it on sunday i was glued to the tv didnt miss abit of it i was woundering hw many episodes are there and will there be any more with david jason in it is the best i always watch only fools and horses now that youhave changed the name to rock & chips its still a great show

  157. Harry Clarke says:

    I enjoyed it very much, brings back the only fools memories for me! Cant wait till next saturdays!

  158. ollie says:

    thought it was top notch hope they make a few more episodes

  159. Perry says:

    The Positive response has been staggereing – so much that it crashed the site – roll on a series – dont forget to call the BBC NOW!!!!

  160. admin says:

    @Mikeybaby – the snippet is cool – If you enjoyed Rock & Chips then why not phone the BBC and let them know On 0208 743 8000 they may commission a series


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