4 Responses to “David Jason – Alberts Memorial”

  1. Pearl Hubbins says:

    I think David Jason is great in all his productions. One thing has always puzzled me -From Open all hours to Frost and all those inbetween, he always seems to be eating – is this the real David or his character – just wondering !

    • Simon lomax says:

      This a very late reply because i’m new here but not to Only Fools And Horses as i watched it growing up with my family. In fact it was probably one of the last programs we ever did watch as a family despite us all still being around. Anyway if you watch an interview with Nicholas Lyndhurst on youtube he says that David Jason was the type of dynamic performer who would always be doing something within the scene such as making and eating a sandwich or whatever it might be.

  2. Paul teutul jr says:

    Only fools and horses, love it

    Paul teutul jr

  3. kurt says:

    David jason was on this morning last week..a live interview…and still has not ruled out doing more fools and horses if the script was up to scratch!!…he spoke about his best stuff his favourite 2 of all time were…,,,the dismal batman and robin scene and the classic blow up dolls danger uxd

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