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  1. andrew says:

    Do you buy memrobilla I have signed DVD boxsets

  2. Darin Warren says:

    calm down boys when I spoke to Perry who has been running the site for years he Said Sir David will only agree to do the signings if some of the money made goes to charity which is why he did all autographs can be collected by the stars personally if you attend the confrances which are held yearly I went to the reading one this year and collect 7 of the stars autographs hope this helps but I can say that the autographs off the site are genuine I purchased nice and cool trig which came with a COA and 2 photos of proof

  3. Lu says:

    looking at purchasing the 10×8 signed pic of Sir David Jason, just wanted to know if all the signed pics come with a COA and a photo of Sir David Jason signing the pic.

    Many Thanks.

  4. Shane Edginton says:

    Brilliant buy… i have got loads of only fools autographs and purchased my 1st Sir David Jason signed photo a few months ago from only fools.net. . great buy at a great price!!!

    I have also been to many Autograph shops and they all say Sir david is the one they all want and is the hardest to get hold of, well
    with the fantastic collection on this website who could miss out!!!


  5. Griff says:

    Question around how OFAH.net get hold of the stars of the show and get them to autograph photos and other merchandise etc.. I presume the actors do this for free, or a very small fee?

    Who pockets the profits when OFAH.net are selling the signed goods for £££’s? Especially if it’s free.

    Just curious.

    • are says:

      are you stupid?? of course ofah.net makes a few ££ and so they should…. numpty

      • Tony says:

        Calm down kid. It was only a question and I happen to think Griff’s question was perfectly acceptable.

        Must be Easter Holidays. Go out and play at the park, son.

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