7 Responses to “Sir David Jason’s first ever signing session”

  1. Griff says:

    I think it’s astonishing that OFAH.net were able to actually get hold of Sir Dave in person, and get him to sign some gear.

    Well done, OFAH…but how the hell did you manage this?

  2. melissa says:

    hi, i too am desperatly trying to get a signed photo of david jason to my dad as he absolutly loves only fools and horses he has all the other merchandise that has been made so i would be really gratefull if i could get a personal message. to keith have a lovely jubbly christmas you plonker from david jason but have no idea where to go could anyone help? thanks melissa

    • stephen gwinnett says:

      melissa, you can get signed david jason photos & other only fools actors autographs from the merchandise shop.

  3. Ian Messinger says:

    Hi , I am desparatly trying to get a Signed photo of David Jason for my boys 10th Birthday on October 30th. He is a massive fan of David Jason & it would really make his birthday if he had a photo signed ” To Jacob , have a Lovely Jubbly Birthday from David Jason” , Could you point me in the right direction if possible of how i could get this done. Many Thanks , Ian Messinger.

  4. James says:

    So have I :o)

    Bit Sickening though to see this dealer on bay trying to cash in on them…..

    Ebay Item number: 180695439862

    eBay Item number: 180695848423

    eBay Item number: 180695442055

    The society should have watermarked the photos of David signing the prints IMO.

    • Pete says:

      Yeah I just saw this – the society should contact the seller and get them to take down the offers – this is well out of order – what a plonker.

  5. Ronnie says:

    I have snapped up one of these, Have always wanted a signed photo, this is the closest I can get to him signing it in person.

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