2 Responses to “Only Fools and Horses Trailers”

  1. Rodders says:

    Cool. Any chance the uploader of those trailers has the full recording of the episode that was about to be shown?. I’m not expecting it to be uploaded to youtube or any other site as the BBC youtue etc will just throw a wobbler over copyright, but seeing as they’re the original xmas airings they will be uncut. Fans are demanding the uncut episodes to be released (wasting their time I think), yet people will have those broadcast recordings that will be uncut, so I’m surprised noone is doing copies of those episodes and sending them to fans who want them, unless they are just being tight arsed buggers and keeping em all for themselves. If I had any early episodes like that that are uncut I would be more than be happy to convert them. But sadly I don’t have any. I’m surprised no uncut eps of made it to torrent sites, not something I do but I’m sure any of those that will be on there will just be the DVD versions that are cut to pieces.

  2. Cushty says:

    Thanks for posting guys. Much prefer looking at the articles on the website here than all the drivel that get’s posted by people on the social media pages.

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