3 Responses to “Green Green Grass lives on”

  1. Sleathy says:

    I have already told John I shall be buying mine at the Convention … it won’t be long now …

  2. Jimmy says:

    Looks good might buy it.Wish there was a Series 5 of Green Green Grass I have alot of ideas what could happen does this page also contain Green Green Grass fan fiction.

    • Rob says:

      What a shame that John has to do this as the bbc wont allow for GGG series 5 to be made. Disgusting in my opinion. Why the bbc wont continue this series when Mr Sullivan and co writers have already finished scripts baffles me it really does. And as the series was written by other writers it could continue beyond that even just a pure one off xmas special where del and rodders visit the farm. The bbc are missing out on a guaranteed ratings success! Oh yes their busy making ‘Great’ shows like the voice aren’t they lol what a shame they aren’t respecting John Sullivan and co’s excellent GGG the cast must be so upset.

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