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  1. Neil Croad says:

    Yeah and leads to Rodney saying I’ll file your bloody fax

  2. Sajan says:

    In the Jolly Boys Outing episode observations, it states Raquel has no family but anyone notice when Raquel is talking to Del in the nightclub at the bar that Raquel says she has a brother in Milton Keynes! We never see him throughout the series although we did see Raquel’s parents in Time on our Hands. He must now be a perfect uncle to 30 Year Old Damien!

  3. Gemini says:

    Rosalind Knight aka Mrs Cresswell just passed away RIP x

  4. Del says:

    Jolly Boys’ Outing is now uncut on Netflix :)

  5. Carol says:

    probably already mentioned but why did they go back to the train station after they knew there was a rail strike and it was a bank holiday also if the coach was coming at 9am the next day why were they trying to get a train back how who was going to inform the coach depot that they tried to get home earlier, waste of journey for the poor coach driver all way down from London?? to Margate, but remiss of them all, micky and jevon esp knew this as they pointed this out to Uncle Albert when he complained on the coach about leaving early…..before breadkfast…..

  6. Griff says:

    I notice that Del uses the same spiel in The Frog’s Legacy when selling in the market.

    Very much like the start of this episode, he quotes “Guaranteed to cure hard core, soft core and pimples on the tongue” in The Frogs Legacy.

  7. Griff says:

    Has anyone visited Margate and stayed in any B&B there?

    If so, is there any B&B’s situated on Dalby Square/Road which is where some of the scenes were shot. I know the Villa Bella has been demolished, but I would love to stay somewhere on that same street.

    If anyone has visited a B&B in or around this particular address – let me know!


  8. Gerry says:

    the baby in the pram Tyler who Albert is talking to is Mickey Pearces kid

    • Griff says:

      Are you sure?

      Patrick Murray’s son featured in the scene where he is playing against Albert with the toy water boats during the boys having fun at the Margate fair. He is about 4 or 5 in this scene. This being confirmed by John Sullivan.

      I have never heard of the baby in the pram also being a sprog belonging to Patrick Murray….

  9. Griff says:

    One thing I’ve always noticed is that when Del, Rodney and Albert are standing outside Villa Bella, there is a bit of audio that goes really quiet. I thought it was my TV but have played it on multiple devices and other TV’s since.

    It’s when Del says ‘it’s not too bad’ followed by Rodney saying ‘not too bad?’ half way through Rodney’s sentence, the audio increases dramatically to ‘…it looks like the Munster’s weekend place!’.

  10. Griff says:

    Anyone have a clip of the missing scene in the Villa Bella where there’s an extended clip of the scatty housekeeper/maid and also Del talking to one of the horrified guests?

    I’ve seen this only once and am desperate to see it again.

  11. Griff says:

    •In the Jolly Boys Outing, in this episode albert tells cassy about his war days!!! and how he smashed into a german boat! (this turns out to be sid in the germans boat) however in “hole in one” in the court they say he spent the best part of the war on the isle of man!

    –‘best part of the war’ not the entire war..

  12. Nick Roberts says:

    In the scene outside Margate Railway Station, the Boys state the time is 7:30pm, but it’s dark outside. As they are on August Bank Holiday Weekend, 1989 it would be light until about 8:30.

    • kim gandy says:

      It is clearly Easter bank holiday as, during the coach journey down to Margate, rape seed and hawthorns can clearly be seen in full flower in the fields and hedgerows so darkness falling early evening would be correct. You can also tell by the quality of the sunlight.

  13. stu says:

    Hi all I was watching jolly boys last night and have always wondered about how they filmed exterior of villa Bella. Does anyone know if it was blue screened or some sort of matte painting ? Also the walk leading up to the villa Bella looks quite studio like. If anyone has any info it would be much appreciated. Thanks

  14. Rob M says:

    For those who like to record the missing scenes from GOLD on sky.

    a bit of advice, I personally would hurry up and record this episode on tape, because GOLD still show the missing mardi gras club scene, with the ‘just the way you are’ song.

    GOLD are getting worse with their cuts, and it could only be a matter of time, before they stop airing the ‘just the way you are’ segment.

    I watched jolly boys outing on GOLD last night, and the woman singing scene, was still apart of the episode.

  15. Wayne Neale says:

    Just to say, I have spotted that Amazon Instant Video (part of Amazon Prime) has the UNCUT Jolly Boys outing on there as part of the sub. Cheered me up no end. Classic Trigger “Motel” line back! A lot said to diss Amazon, but this is bonnet de douche, as the French say!!

  16. Adz says:

    Not that I am one for questioning every little detail but there is something puzzling me. At the beginning of the episode Marlene pushes Tyler through the market and Cassandra asks her if she had a name for the baby? Yet earlier on when she and Albert are talking about a car radio and becoming a two car family. Albert mentions that they had only been married for a year. So this is the bit (or bits) I don’t get Marlene fell pregnant in the episode before Cassandra and Rodney got married so this is a year on from their wedding(according to Albert) so how come nobody knew the babies name then? Even Del looks puzzled at the choice of name so can anybody explain to me how come nobody knew Tyler’s name?? I know its not a major angle but it was one of those things that puzzled me that’s all

  17. mel trotter says:

    Hi all,

    sorry to ask but I need to know; what episode does Del sing ‘double your money, try to get rich’

    Thanks all

  18. adam says:

    Hi Guys i have noticed another potential cut scene from this episode.
    A few days ago i purchased the “A to Z of Only Fools & Horses” book and on page 227 there is a black and white picture of Mr Creswell and Inga showing Del, Rodney and Albert into their hotel room.
    It looks very much like it was taken during filming as the actors appear to be mid scene and not posing for the camera (if you get what i mean).
    I can only assume it was filmed but did not make it to the final edit.
    Be interesting to see what other people think, assuming you have the book.

    • Del Boy says:

      interesting stuff! do you know of anyone that has the Yuppy Love cuts??

    • Del Boy says:

      interesting stuff! do you know of anyone that has the Yuppy Love cuts??

      • adam says:

        sadly not, they were on youtube a while ago but not anymore, i did have the original yuppy love episode years ago but sadly its been taped over. Would love to get my hands on them.

      • Ronnie says:

        You can try the I-tunes version. Only cost a couple of pounds.

        • Del Boy says:

          Hi, Ronnie, I downloaded it a while ago and sadly its the same as the DVD version

          Is there no way that you can re-upload the video on cuts part 4 to dailymotion as Youtube have blocked it? I would love to see these cuts

          • Ronnie says:

            Unfortantly I did not, and have never uploaded any footage to youtube/dailymotion.

            Someone has uploaded this (see below) to youtube:


            You could ask this user if they have the whole episode, which would be uncut.

            I used to have the scenes, but due to a hardware failure lost all of them. I think they still show it on UK Gold uncut.

          • Ronnie says:

            Unfortunately I did not, and have never uploaded any footage to youtube/dailymotion.

            Someone has uploaded this (see below) to youtube:


            You could ask this user if they have the whole episode, which would be uncut.

            I used to have the scenes, but due to a hardware failure lost all of them. I think they still show it on UK Gold uncut.

          • Del Boy says:

            i was actually referring to the Yuppy Love cuts. I know it was shown on GOLD a couple of years ago because i had it saved on my old sky box but i’m pretty sure its not been repeated uncut since – so frustrating

          • Del Boy says:

            Does anyone know what what channel this was broadcast on? (See link below) Its the uncut version of Yuppy love the scene with Jevon Rodney and Mickey Pearce but unfortunately it has a foreign voice over. I would love to get my hands on the full episode!


      • Rob M says:

        I used to have yuppy love fully uncut recorded from UK GOLD, but I sadly taped over it, wish I hadn’t now.

        I know the cut your talking about – your on about when Jevon and Mickey discuss, that Cassandra has given Rodney half the winnings. and Jevon says:’Mickey…………. shut up’

        • Lee says:

          Yeah thats the one, I used to have the full version on my old sky box but sadly i got rid of it.

          UK GOLD stopped showing the full version early 2011 i think, so frustrating!

          Don’t suppose you know anyone that may have an old recording?? Someone must have it

  19. CraigW says:

    Just got my hands on an Exclusive First Edition – Replica Jolly Boys Outing Coach….

    An exact replica of the Coach from the 1989 Jolly Boys Outing episode, that famously blew up — comes complete with its own Jolly Boys style box !

    • Griff says:

      Craig – I too bought this but beg to differ that it’s an exact replica.

      In Jolly Boys, Rodney, Alan, Mickey and Jevon are all sat at a table. The model coach however does not have this table. Unless my eyes are deceiving me again.

  20. Amy H says:

    Help! What is the name of the actress who plays the lady who works in the hotel in this episode?

    • boy lard says:

      Rosalind knight. She was also in carry on teacher and the landlady in gimme, gimme, gimme amongst other things.

  21. Ray Moore says:

    The reason why video and film shot is because the interior scenes are shot in a studio, whereas mostly the exterior shot on 16mm film – you’ll find this in most OFAH. Also, there was a cut made to the Villa Bella scene i believe where Del Boy discusses the terrible food with two guests.

  22. Scott Irvine says:

    Just saw first time ever the nightclub scene where duel and Rodney discuss Cassandra over scampi. In all these years of ofah seeing my all on video, DVD and tv many many times I’ve never saw this scene. Was just shown on GOLD

  23. mrs ex says:

    more new episodes please of Rodney and cassandra and their new babies called Noddy channel 5 and Postman Pat Cbeebies and many new BBC episodes of Only fools and horses of old classics into new

  24. keith says:

    what was the name of the actor who played the great raymondo

  25. Jess says:

    On the credits at the end of the episode Daniel LeCoutre is credited does anyone know which character he played?

  26. Paul Smith says:

    In the Jolly Boys outing all the exterior scenes have been shot on film including the night views around Margate rail station.
    However the night shots around the hotel exteriors – Mrs cresswell, villa bella etc – are shot on videotape. Anyone know why? Did these scenes have to be reshot at a later date.
    i have often wondered this.


    • Ronnie says:

      I have just noticed this. Outside shots do not look right on videotape. Maybe they run out of film stock?????????

      • Ollie says:

        Hmm no they would not have run out of film stock.. That would have been a grave error if that happened plus too expensive to bring in video equipment. My guess is the lightning video effect you see twice when the boys are near the Villa Bella could only be created with video technology in conjunction with video cameras and not film.

  27. Colin Garthwaite says:

    When Del is trying to flog the car radios, he states that they come with 2 quadraphonic speakers. This joke appears to go over the live audience’s heads.

  28. Fahad says:

    Hello mate
    Can u guide me where i can find subtitles for ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES season 7,8,9 and the specials and also for the lost episodes.cheerio

  29. darren cummings says:

    where is the pub in the jollys boys outing (half way house)

    • Matt says:

      It was callled the Roman Galley and is on the A299 Thanet Way just after Herne Bay. It’s still there but has now been converted to flats. Not enough Jolly Boys outings nowadays!

  30. admin says:

    Script is now working again – all the best

  31. admin says:

    The Jolly Boys Outing is mentioned again in Sleepless in Peckham implying it was a regular event from the 1960’s before Del blew the coach up.

    The new prequel should give even more insight too i beleive

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