13 Responses to “Lady Victoria on a pointless game show?”

  1. Rob M says:

    Sarah Duncan is really beautiful

  2. Dan says:

    She appeared on the Chase today as well, 15th Feb.

  3. Lee says:

    does anyone have the only fools top 40 moments that was hosted byJohn Challis and Sue Holderness on gold? I think it was last repeated mid 2011 but has not been shown since

  4. peter says:

    yes, i watched the Royal Flush episode this week on UK Gold, then saw her on friday in a repeat broadcast of Pointless and it bugged me for a couple of hours. At first I assumed she was a serial gameshow enterant, and i had seen her on some other gameshow. But i had a strange, nagging attraction to her and when she mentioned being a best selling novelist things bgan to click. still took me a while to work it out. But she looked gorgeous going to the operah in that blue backless dress on OFAH, and shes still pretty now. I wished her well

  5. Ecimovic says:

    She haven’t aged a bit since 1982

  6. ian says:

    i noticed the woman out of jolly boys outing singing in the background of the Eurythmics song sweet dreams after ashes to ashes last night on the bbc red button

  7. Sarah Duncan says:

    Hi Richard, well done for spotting me – tho you weren’t the first, I’ve had quite a few emails from OFAH fans, the first pitching up about 10 minutes after Pointless aired. I don’t know why they didn’t pick up on the OFAH connection, but I am now a novelist and have been for the past 10 years. ATB Sarah Duncan

    • Griff says:

      Bloody gorgeous in Royal Flush! Like someone else said on here, very nice still!

    • Alex says:

      Nice to see that Sarah actually wrote on this…if it is actually her. I was saying to my brother who’s living in NY that I’d spotted Lady Victoria on Pointless and he was laughing and saying cool…..I didn’t mention to him how good she is looking tho :)if you read this best of luck with the writing….oh and seriously what the hell were BBC thinking when they cut a Royal Flush? I have the VHS tape and it’s about 79 minutes long but the new UK Gold version and the dvds are all only about 46 minutes long!! Its rubbish. They leave out so many good parts. Its one of my favourite episodes but I can’t watch it anymore cos of how it was cut. I recently lost the tape of it and I’m gutted :(

      • Sarah Duncan says:

        Yes, it’s me! Couldn’t agree with you more about the cuts the BBC made, it’s such a shame as there were so many good jokes that went. My favourite was the one with Arnold Peters who played the butler (such a gentleman) treading on the peas Del was spilling at the dinner party. Just loved the expression on his face.
        Oh, and thanks for all the nice comments, guys – you’ve made my week!
        ATB Sarah

        • James Ransford says:

          It’s hard to find the full version. I think cuts were made as John Sullivan wasn’t happy with the way Del came across in this episode, but I loved the part you played, and you really feel for your character and Rodney at the end.

      • Dawud says:

        I’ve got the full episode. I have it on vhs and someone uploaded it online which I downloaded. Have u been able to track down another copy?

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