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  1. Stephen Morgan says:

    As this episode was originally written for Grandad, would we have found out his real name? You could hardly have the barrister saying “Are you the same Grandad Trotter who fell down a hole in 1944?”

  2. Gary MacMillan says:

    How did the barrister know about all of Albert’s previous, when they were all settled out of court?

  3. alan francis says:

    del boy is pushing albert in the wheelchair in st james road kingston upon themes kt1 . in hole in one

  4. Sam says:

    When Del, Rodney and Albert park near the pub, what does the ‘CD’ on the sticker Rodney places on the van’s windscreen mean? I wasn’t around in the 1980s and I presume it was topical.

  5. Angela Welch says:

    It was the Prince Arthur pub in Golborne Road that was used in the Hole in One not 267 Kensal Road – 267 was never a pub only a café and there was never a basement there. On the corner of 267 Kensal Road and Middle Row there was always a belisha beacon and a zebra crossing. The surrounding area on Hole in One is the Golborne Road not Kensal Road

  6. Angela Welch says:

    267 Kensal Road was not the pub used in the Hole in One it was the Prince Arthur in Golborne Road. If you look at the picture above and compare it with the Nags Head on the film you can see it is different always there was always a Belisha Beacon on the corner of 267 Kensal Road and Middle Row and a Zebra crossing and 267 was never a pub only ever a café – there was no basement. Also the scene around the Nags Head is the Golborne Road area

  7. Rich says:

    The replacement in the storyline of the character of Grandad with that of Uncle Albert creates plot ambiguities; the exact reasons why a Royal Navy ships engineer would be learning parachute jumping in the war was never explained adequately.

  8. mike says:

    Isn’t this the episode that was initially written for Grandad and where Lennard Pearce partially filmed his scenes before being taken ill and sadly passing away? You can piece it together really. I’m assuming the original storyline was Grandad falling down the hole for compensation to get Del and Rodney’s mum a new headstone. Although she wasn’t a blood relative, Grandad always spoke of her fondly in previous episodes.

    • Sam says:

      Yeah, it is. That’s why you have the plot ambiguity of Albert, a ship’s engineer, taking parachute lessons.

  9. admin says:

    In Hole in One, the exterior of “The Nags head” is very different to that of the pub later seen in a much later special either Miami Twice or Fatal extraction where the Van pulls up outside a very spick modern Pub.

    • Rich says:

      I know and in Dates it was totally different too. The grotty little car park where the police car was parked when spotted by Rodney became a very spick and much larger beer garden.

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