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  1. Michael says:

    Also states that Hero’s and Villians was part is series 7 in 1991 but it was 1996

  2. Mike says:

    I’m enjoying the book, but David Jason has made a couple of mistakes so far. Firstly he refers to the Rockford Files as the series where the tape self destructs, when in fact the series was Mission Impossible. He also refers to the present owner of the farm used as the Larkin residence in the Darling Buds of May as a ‘she’, when in fact the owner is a gentleman by the name of Simon Coulson – which I find strange as he recently went back to the farm to film a piece for inclusion in a series about his life on film, and had a photograph taken with the owner. In fact, it was this visit which David Jason refers to in the book. I think it’s such a shame that such glaring errors are made, for who knows how many more there are that we’re not aware of?

    • Dean says:

      Well spotted. If this is the case then it sounds to me as though it has been written by a ghost writer who didn’t know all the facts and didn’t care whether it was correct information or not.

      I was put off purchasing this due to the large print which would mean a couple of days reading at the most and these glaring errors dissuade me even further. It feels like people are trying to monopolise on David’s name before, dare I say it, it is too late.

    • Ian wright says:

      A few more mistakes in David Jason’s book , the bullion boys about gold bullion moved to Liverpool for safe keeping during world war 2 , David says he played a gordie docker and struggled to stay in accent when he infact plays a scouser
      Something that surprises me David wouldn’t remember , also he talks about only fools and horses the last time he saw lennard pierce who played grandad before he died was at Kingston crown court in the episode when uncle Albert fallls down a pub celler , David recalls it was Lenard when infact it was buster merryfield who falls threw the open hatch and then goes to court to sue the brewery , Lenard pierce who played grandad would have sadly passed by the time they filmed this episode , iam very surprised David has made these mistakes , getting confused about gordie accent as apossed scouse one is acceptable with old age But mistaking when someone has passed makes me wonder if a ghost writer was used

      • David says:

        Now I might be mistaken myself but another mistake is the reference to ‘Minder’ starring Dennis Waterman and John Thaw? Now they both did star in the Sweeny but John Thaw was not in Minder.

  3. i like it very much

    good luck with next book

  4. Bryan neale says:

    The book is from the heart of David Jason . Its a book that you won’t want to put down . Simple this is the real David . He is actor who no one will match . Please david will you please
    bring out a signed limited edition of this wonderful book . As I would love a signed copy from Bryan neale 50 midland road stonehouse Gloucestershire GL10 2dh . God bless you David and you family

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