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  1. Shane Eldin says:

    Well I have loved Only Fools and Horses for years even since I was a kid, I think that people setting up parody accounts of the famous iconic characters of the best loved comedies of all time is a great idea. The fact that they are keeping the show alive with pictures and quotes from the program to this day and keeping us all happy, also when the program is still being shown 31years after its first airing is amazing and it is still funny no matter how many times you see it, so all I can say is good on them!!

  2. Shane Eldin says:

    Well I love Only Fools and Horses and have done for years. Im on twitter sll the time and I think it is great that people have set up parody accounts of the famous characters from the iconic funniest comedy of all time. Keeping the show alive after all these years, I love the fact that I can still see pictures and quotes from the show and it always makes me laugh. So all I can say is good on them!!

  3. Chris says:

    Hi John,

    I don’t quite understand where you are coming from when you say ‘them’ – are you referring to multiple accounts or was it a spelling error? I follow pretty much all the OFAH Twitter accounts & I think they are all very creative, clever & imaginative. You tarnishing them all with the same brush (unintentionally or not) is a bit of a bad move on your behalf as i’m sure a lot of hard work goes into those accounts & I applaud those who have the passion to run them & keep OFAH alive. Keep up the good work guy’s! :D

    Also that comment about John Sullivan – not cool …

    • john says:

      I mean the disgusting “hardcore sex” comments of which are to be linked to OFAH characters is abhorrent and despicable and trust me John im sure WOULD feel the same

      • Chris says:

        Hi again John,

        It seems to me like there is one account in particular which is upsetting you? If that is the case – don’t read or follow them. It’s that simple.

        You have absolutely no right to speak for John Sullivan. I’m sure if John was still with us today, he would of sat back & admired what he has created.

  4. Griff says:

    John, it’s unfair and untrue to generalise your comment against individual parade accounts. This may be the case for one parody but the fans who, for fun tweet parody accounts are just as big a Fools fan as any.

  5. Mike says:

    HaHA! brilliant! I follow these parody’s! there’s also some others such as @3wheelvan @independenttraders.

    Im not sure I agree with the above comments about any vile comments?? Some risky jokes are sometimes tweeted mind

  6. john says:

    I must admit I do like these parody accounts and they do tweet some very funny delboy things but what lets them down they tweet some disgusting, vile things aswell which lets them down so much and im sure would have disgusted John Sullivan

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