6 Responses to “10 Things To Do On The New Only Fools and Horses Site”

  1. dave latham says:

    i think the live website is really good and think john would have been proud,well done guys and keep up the good work !!!!

  2. inny says:

    This is a wonderful site- thanks so much for creating it. So many great things to see and do on this site, its just brilliant!!

  3. Roger Turner. says:

    Hi yes i would like to be a member of the ofah site.
    I live in bristol and went to the 2009 convention it took 4 hours to see and talk to the stars from only fools but was well worth it they were realy down to earth. thanks..

  4. admin says:

    Many thanks for your kind comments

    Please keep posting and dont forget to add a great Only Fools and Horses avatar

    The easiest way to add your avatar is to head over to gravatar
    Its free and enables you to upload any image and crop it to size

  5. kevin rogers says:

    its gd 2 c many fans joining 2gether i was very disapointed 2 hear they r pulling down the flats made famouse by the trotters

  6. Cherie Ludford says:

    Thank you for such a super website. I would love to become a member of the OFAH club since I have recently watched all the espisodes on youtube. The scripts and acting by the cast are second to non in my humble opinion. OFAH is the best comedy series to have been produced thanks to the skills and determination of John Sullivan.

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