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  1. Abu says:

    Hi i was wondering if anyone have any early bird tickets. Plz reply. Much appreciated.

  2. Abu says:

    Hi i was wondering if anyone have any early bird tickets. Plz reply.

  3. Dawud Bryant says:

    Whoever went to this is unbeliably lucky, so many legends in one room.

  4. Linsey says:

    I brought a signed photo of David Jason on Sunday but I didn’t get a certificate of authenticity with it. Is there anyway I can get one?

    • perry says:

      which one was it – it’s probably one with photo proof attached – we either do one or the other

      • Linsey says:

        It is a frame with a JW Collectors Agency letter which is signed by David Jason, and on the right is a photo of him leaning against his bar next to his cigar pot.

  5. catherine says:

    the picture that was given to the early bird ticket holders at the door of all the stars attending has a hand on damiens shoulder thats out of place it dont match any of the people around him just thought id mention that

  6. catherine says:

    we have been to the 1998-2003 then 2011 and 2012 so we missed few in between but loved it this year we forgot to take our photos of our son when he was a baby being held by boycie marlene mickey and mike to get signed he was with us and hes 13yrs old now. we had early bird tickets and only queued for 1 1/2 hrs and when we got to jevon he stopped talking to the interviewer so we could take picture. we also met nice people there we was talking to them but forgot to ask their names he was a bit part actor and was wearing leather jacket with american flag on back and he was really nice it was good to actually sit and talk to another fan. and there was a bloke called chris dressed as delboy with blue jumper on leather jacket and silver D necklace he was lovely too he let me have picture taken with him.All the stars were real nice and spoke to you as you got your stuff signed and damien signed 666 on bottom of my mug. also person who mentioned on ere they wanted script i got one years ago at one of the conventions also signed buster merryfield book.

  7. Em Delboy Dyer says:

    My first time at the convention. arrived at 08.10am had met all of the actors by 10am! Absolutly loved it!! Actors were fantastic, friendly and i even managed a cheeky photo with denzil and marlene, although i did get told off. oops. loved the trotters flat! lookalikes were good too. We also got interviewed by channel 5 for their documenry. Super day!! Will defo be going next year!!

    • Sleathy says:

      Does anyone have any more information about the Channel 5 filming …or that from the I Love London crew?

      • Em Delboy Dyer says:

        Back2back productions were filming for a documentry to be shown on channel 5. The documentry will be looking into alternative funerals and the way we view this subject. They were interviewing people about their thoughts on the only fools hearse.

  8. Lorraine.E from Wigan says:

    Hi all, went to the convention yesterday with my husband and three sons for the first time, and like else had to que for 4 hours, but it was well worth it. All the actors were genuinely happy to see us and gave us autographs they were really nice people. We travelled from Wigan and would definitely go again next year.

  9. lorraine e says:

    Hi all, went to the convention for the first time yesterday with my husband and three boys,we are all ofah fans and didnt know what to expect. It was superb!We like everyone else had to que for 4 hours for autographs but was well worth it because every one of those actors were really lovely and genuinley happy to see us all.Bought some great merchandice too! We are from Wigan and would definitely go again.

  10. MARK says:

    Dels Millions all signed

  11. Paul.E says:

    Went to my first convention yesterday and what a day to remember, I spent about 100 quid on quality merchandises and to meet Boycie, Marlene, Cassandra, Denzil, Alan, Damien and Jevon was unforgettable. Luvely jubbly

  12. Dave W says:

    First convention and have to say it was brilliant, arrived at 10 was in queue for about 3 and a half hours not the 6 or 7 everyone was writing on here previously . Great to meet actors can’t wait for next one . Nice one Perry and team!

  13. Lorna says:

    Had such a great time yesterday in Peterborough, glad we got the early bird tickets, only queued for 1.5 hours for autographs. Highlight of my day was to meet the lovely Paul Barber and got a cheeky photo with him.
    In terms of improving things for next year, I would like to have seen more ‘going on’ so it was more interactive. Although had a wonderful day and can’t wait for next year!

  14. Erroll says:

    Forgot to say i hope Partick Murray is ok and its nothing serious.

    The convention needs him back as he is missed. Hope to see him soon again, was a pleasure to meet and chat with him 3 years ago in Bedford.

  15. Erroll says:

    Another decent convention. My 3rd year now and things seemed to run a lot slicker today than the others. Though maybe in part to a lesser crowd as i’m sure attendance was way down in comparison to Portsmouth last year.

    A few suggestions for next year. Maybe hold one up north, say the Manchester or Chester areas would be a good spot. Another good area might be Gloucestershire. Gloucester itself has an excellent leisure centre that would be ideal for an event such as this.

    Anyway, had another good day out. The 320 mile round trip was worth it.

    The highlight was meeting Denis Lill for the first time. A pleasure to meet him.

    Well done to Perry & co for another good organisation of the event.

  16. adam says:

    Thanks for a fantastic day guys, today was my first time attending but will certainly not be my last. Actors were all very pleasant and polite which made the wait worth it.
    Hope to see everyone next year where ever that may be.

  17. Glen says:

    Convention was an absolute success I thought. Queues were good we got there at 8.10 and was out for 12.

    I purchased a framed item signed by David Jason nick lyndhurst and buster merryfield for £275. Which I got signed by the others on the back aswell.
    I also bought a signed beer mat prop by Roy heather (Sid)

    I did also want to buy a signed script full script but time I went back out of queue it had been sold.

    Do they have any more of these for sale

    Great day hope there’s another next year.

    We’re back on the way to Manchester now

    • CraigW says:

      I totally agree!! Having not been for 6 years, I was very impressed with the whole day!!

      Well Done & Thanks to all those involved – roll on next year!!

    • Linsey says:

      Was a brilliant day. I was also tempted to buy the scrip :-)

    • Linsey says:

      Do you know what they was recording for? They said it was for channel 5, but dont know when it will be on.

    • Chris says:

      Did Patrick Murray turn up? We went through with the early bird tickets and he wasn’t there.

      • Glen says:

        I just asked someone who was still there, waiting for a reply, he was ill they said, he also pulled out last year if I remember correct. We was told by someone at the door that there was a possibility of other actors turning up throughout the day. We was out for 12 as we was in the queue early.

        • Chris says:

          Oooo ok thanks for the reply. We went last year as well and he wasn’t there. met him the year before though, nice guy.

    • danny says:

      it was not the greatest day out to be honest. the Queues was slow and bad was waiting for 4 hours. what can u expecy for £5 wont be going next year

    • Sleathy says:

      Well – I spent four content and happy hours at the Convention – the actors were all very friendly and happy to sign pictures and the print – I had an early bird so was with the actors around 11. Quite how the actors were many hours later obviously I cannot tell. There was an extra twist with the Trotters Flat this year as they had a Rodney as well as the usual Del & Uncle Albert. The Only Fools and Hearses vehicle was definitely unique – not one for the feint hearted I guess… There was the usual merchandise stalls – bought a Steve Clark book and a calendar from them. Thank you to Perry, Keith and all the others who put on such a welcomed show. Roll on 2013!

  18. Sarah says:

    The ticket has on it free parking but just rang the venue and they said its only free for 2 hours then you need to get another ticket…….how does that work if you are in. Queue?

  19. Tom Savidge says:


    My dear cousin and huge OFAH fan Terry McDowell is attending the convention this weekend. Terry has mild Autism and will be extremely excited during the event. I wondered if it would be possible to say hello to him when introducing the stars as he would love that and it would really make his 40th birthday special.

    Thank you very much.


  20. christopher holmes says:

    can tickets be purchased on the day as i think i may have left it a bit late to get one posted out now

  21. Christopher Holmes says:

    Is it possible to purchase tickets on the door as i think i have left it a bit late to get any posted out now

    Thanks, Chris

  22. Richard R says:

    Hi. Are tickets able to purchased at the venue on the day if we just turn up?

  23. jim robinson says:

    Massively disappointed there’s no Roger Lloyd Pack announced. He has been at all the other conventions, why not this one? Is this the final line up? The convention has been promoted since the turn of the year and only 8 people are turning up if what the above says is true. Only John and Sue i’d consider regular characters to the show. If anyone wants a 4 tickets, send us a message and i’ll get them sent out by Thursday

    • CraigW says:


      Roger is tied up heaviliy in 2 plays at the theatre, so I’m putting my money on that’s why he is not going to be there this year.

      I think because the Convention moves around each year, you have to have the regulars like John & Sue – but there also needs to be some new faces, to mix it up for the die hard conventioners!

      Hope that helped a bit.


    • steve dodwell says:

      hi jim … how much do u want for tickets

    • Alonso says:

      Jim you are a plonker… If the same people turned up each year nobody would go..

      • Gc says:

        Looking forward to the event – first time i’ve attended.
        Any idea how many peeps will be there? Will the queues be a mile long etc? And would I be able to get a picture or two with any of the cast?

        • Sleathy says:

          Queues will be long – often many hours! I have queued for 4+ hours before ….others 7+ hours I believe! But remember how hard it is for the Actors – how long they have to find a cheery smile for even the last person after 10+ hours! Remember if there is a big queue then opportunities for photos diminish – otherwise it would take 24 hours to complete!

    • Griff says:

      Roger Lloyd-Pack certainly has not attended every year. Infact, I’m pretty sure last year was his first.

      It’s only a 5er!

  24. Faye says:

    Hi all… i have two earlybird tickets available as we can’t make it now… very unhappy about it too! anyway, would hate to see them go to waste! email: Faye-82@hotmail.co.uk

  25. Ronnie says:

    Looks like a good line up this year, Really would like to go, hope to go one day.

  26. Darren Abey says:

    Well really looking forward to this years convention, ive been trying to go to this for 10 years,
    But this year,we are there with the one and only, the worlds first Trotters Hearse, only fools and hearses .com . Perry has invited us to the show and channel 5 are filming me on our documentary the perfect Funeral.
    I cant wait for this should be fantastic and i hope you like our bespoke one and only Trotters Hearse .
    We are also bringing our leopard skin vinyl wrapped coffin a must to see for any Trotters fan .
    Visit our facebook page only fools and hearses .
    You will be impressed . Ta for now . or just Bonjour …………

    • glen richards says:

      hi all got my early bird ticket up for sale as also i cant make it this year was going to be my first one also gutted oh well lets hope theres one again next year please contact me on 07943233695 or email gleno29@live.co.uk

  27. Shaun W says:

    Amazing line up!! Extremely excited. Its gonna be a blast like it is every year :)

  28. steve says:

    hi all , what a good line up, i am sorry to say that i can’t come this year my wife is in intensive care and is not looking to good, they are taking it hour by hour at the min, any if any one is planning on saying over of the weekend and has not booked any where, then i have a duble room going cheap, it at the travel lodge in Alwalton, we are booked in from the 26 to the 29. this cost me £98.44 and if any one want they can have it for £50, all so i have 4 tickets. if any one is wanting any thing you can text me or ring me on 07890749543, pay with palpal and then i will give the booking number out.. thank’s steve…. ps, hope you all have a good time

    • glen richards says:

      hi all have a early bird ticket up for sale as cant make it this year not happy but hope next year will be just as good get in touch on 07943233695 or gleno29@live.co.uk face value iam after thanks will posted recored straight away after payment

  29. perry says:

    Confirmed so far

    Denis Lill
    Steven Woodcock

    so far

    • Alonso says:

      It’s all good..

      • Lisa says:

        Hi there, me and my friend are coming to this year’s convention it’s a 1st for us and we are really excited! Just wondering are photos of the props and memorabilia ect allowed? Looking forward to seeing u all!!!

        • michael says:

          yes i went last year to the portsmouth convention took lots of photos of the actors and the props ect it was such a great day cant wait for the peterbourgh 1 on 28th oct bring it on
          have fun see you there lol

          • Lisa says:

            Wow, thanks thats great im so excited! Also do you think it would be ok if i i take mu ofah book to get signed or will they only sign paper?

          • michael says:

            hi lisa
            yeah that should be fine pepole last year were gettin dvd signed t-shirts books ect

          • Kris says:

            We went last year and i took my dvd box and they r happy 2 sign them or anything u want. But please for your sake (GO EARLY) because we got there at 9am last year and it opened at 10am and we did not get in the place till about 11am. We stayed in line to see them and we got to them at about 6.30pm (VERY,VERY LONG DAY). Don’t get early bird not worth it still long wait as people that got one told me. Hope this will help you!!

    • glen richards says:

      out off interested how much are the photos you can buy on the day to get signed cost to buy roughly thanks all

  30. Chris says:

    Really looking forward to the event, although the lack of updates is disappointing. Surely roger Lloyd pack will be there, he only lives down the road in Norfolk.

  31. Chris Turner says:


    Where exactly in Peterborough will the Convention be held, and, will it be accessible to wheelchairs?

  32. conference centre peterborough says:

    Sorry if it seems like I am spamming your blog, but if your next convention is in Peterborough can I recommend you try the conference centre peterborough Thanks J

    • steve says:

      hi, i don’t think next years do will be in the same town, last year there was about 2500 people.. thank’s steve

  33. phil hosie says:

    hi there any chance of holding the convention in the north next year as it always seems to be in the south

    • steve says:

      hi, i asked perry the same last year (as we are from Leeds) and this year it’s a bit further north as last years was in Portsmouth, hopefully next years may be in Hull *hint hint* steve… only 2 week’s to go

  34. perry says:

    full convention line up not yet confirmed as still waiting on call backs but so far for all you regulars that want to know what NEW faces will be attending…..

    Denis Lill (Alan Parry)
    Steven Woodcock (Jevon)

    plus some of the regulars of course – we hope to add another new face ot two depending on ticket sales and actor availability


    • steve says:

      hi perry, not a bad start, see you there.. me and the wife came last year from leeds, you signed my t-shirt.. any way see you there for a quick chat…. steve..

    • Glen says:

      Looking forward to it, last year was a great line up, just booked a hotel for this years convention as travelling from Manchester with my girlfriend and parents.

    • Sleathy says:

      GREAT! You always come up trumps Perry! Bonnet – see you there mate!

    • gary says:

      as a new person to the convention have i understood right that when you pay the ticket price the autographs and taking your own pics with the stars are free ?

    • gary says:

      is it correct that when you buy your ticket you get free autographs and take pics with the stars ?

      • Sleathy says:

        Hi Gary

        You are partly right. Your ticket will get you autographs ….usually 2 per actor – as for photos with the stars, as you put it – it is difficult to get photos with the stars as they are so so so so busy with the enormous queue for autographs. They are there for hours already signing – last year there were no photos as the queue meant it was impossible. So if you go expecting autographs and no photos then you never know you might get a little surprise. It is well worth the ticket price!

        • gary says:

          hi ,thanks for the info , its photo’s rather than autographs we are interested in , so probably a long trip for nothing .

    • Griff says:


      I would have thought that you guys have tried in the past, to bring in David/Nick and John along to the conventions.

      Out of interest, what has been the reason they couldn’t be signed to attend the conventions?

  35. Amanda says:

    Hi doses any one no who going to be at 2012 peterbough!

  36. Glen says:

    Does anyone actually know who if anyone has been confirmed so far apart from john challis,
    It might help sell tickets if people were given information

    • gary says:

      very well said glen , this loks badly organised .

    • gary says:

      very well said glen , this looks badly organised .

      • Griff says:

        To be honest, gents, Chairman Pel and co work their bollocks off (it seems) every year to get something together for the fans.

        I would have thought that they work hard on securing actors/actresses to attend and can’t always confirm until nearer the time.

        Perhaps they use the ‘surprise’ term as it should be a surpise and they know people will buy tickets regardless.

        • gary says:

          hi ,i understand what your saying but we have met many of the cast and only want to come if there is someone we need to meet , we live along way away , if it was closer then yes we would come no matter who was attending ,

          • steve says:

            hi, we are going buy bus from leeds, no matter who is attending and staying over for the weekend we also did the same last year buy bus long way but worth it.. see you all there,, only 1 month left…


        • acred says:

          i agree mate perry has a lot to sort out if he gets everyone there apart from dell and rodney like last year i say well done mate

        • kevin rogers says:

          well said griff perry and team do a very gd job to make sure everyone gets to see actors

    • Gleno says:

      Can any one tell me what sort off stuff you will be able to buy on the day as in photos to get signed ? Thanks

  37. Ryan says:

    Those who go tell them to stop being plonkers and make one final OFAH where del gets married to raquel!

    • Alonso says:

      Who will write it you plonker

      • Ryan says:

        Well if it is true and John sullivan had begun writing a script which there are many rumours that he did, surely they could use this, even an outline of a story which he may have done.

        Also jim sullivan his son has worked and wrote many Green green grass scripts so why not for a one off last ever episode write an OFAH episode with input from David jason and nick. We all know what we want to see del getting married to raquel. It would be a tribute to John sullivan, not disrespectful and us fans would love to see just one last episode with dels wedding.
        Simple really, im not saying make a new series written by a stranger off the street just to make one final xmas episode.

  38. brit says:

    Im wanting to buy tickets for my dads birthday and was wondering if the real actors are going to be there and not fake actors pretending to be the real ones? also will David Jason or Nicholas Lyndhurst be there and is it any good??

  39. brit says:

    Im wanting to buy some tickets for my fathers birthday but i only want to by the tickets if the real actors are really there and not fake actors pretending to be the real ones, and is it any good ??? and will David Jason be there or Nicholas Lyndhurst be there ? thanks

  40. Katie says:

    Hiya I’m getting tickets for me and my partner, would it be a suitable place to bring a 5 month old baby or will it be a bit much for him?
    Really looking forward to it :)

    • steve says:

      hi, well we will be taking are 3 month old, we ent last year and they where one or two young bady’s. it can/will be a long day

  41. Grant says:

    Any idea who’s attending? Got details afew months back and still not heard any names being mentioned.

  42. gary says:


  43. Lee lambert says:

    I got my tickets can’t wait not long to go does anyone know if David Jason will be there only 3 months to go wahaay :)

  44. david says:

    got my tickets should be great fun really looking forward to going. its a bargain for £5 a ticket you cant complain.

  45. Sarah says:

    Hi Have the Early Bird tickets sold out!? Cos I cant see them on the booking link

  46. grnt says:

    cant wait for the p’boro convention! my first ever one and proper excited XD

  47. ross says:

    cant wait for the 2012 convention itll be the first time ive gone to it got my tickets today :-) cant wait

  48. michael says:

    got my ticket thanks

    • Gleno says:

      Any idea what free gift will be an
      D who will be there ?

      • michael says:

        Sorry I don’t have any idea about the gift as I didn’t buy these ticket
        I would not like to say who will be there as I may be wrong but must be simeral to last years line up witch was great

        • Sleathy says:

          The gift is usually a special mug only available on Express….. the line-up will probably contain the same regulars with usually a couple of surprises – perhaps people who have only appeared in a couple of episodes ….like The Shadow and
          ” Garrrrrry” last year…

          • Gleno says:

            Oh thanks me being bit thick who tend to be the regularS each year ? Tell me it worth having the express tickets what extra do you get as. In waiting time ? And any one know if you be able to get any pics with The cast ??

          • Sleathy says:

            The regulars are John Challis (Boycie), Sue Holderness (Marlene) , Paul Barber (Denzil), Roy Heather (Syd), Roger Lloyd Pack (Trigger), often Patrick Murray (Mickey Pearce) then we have had Phillip Pope (Tony Angelino), The Driscoll Brothers, and last year treats as Tessa Peake Jones (Raquel) and Gwyneth Strong (CAssandra) both made their debuts along with Lennox Gilby (The Shadow) and Garrrrrrry.

            Two years ago 5 of the cast of Rock’n’Chips also came.

            IF I have forgotten anyone please accept my apologies – if you search this site I am sure you will be able to find videos from many of the Conventions.

            The crowds are usually immense so there is rightly very little opportunity to get photos with the cast who give up many hours for the day ….if you want photos you might be better off going to a Memorabilia event ora book signing in John Challis’ case.

  49. michael says:

    hi there
    i have recenty bought a signed photo of david jason but am not sure if it is a genuion copy in oct when the convenion is on would it be possable for someone to check it out for me
    many thanks

    • steve says:

      hi, where did you get it from and how much did you pay, if you bring it ask perry to have a look at it he will know.. steve…

      • michael says:

        I bought it from eBay back in February for about £30-£40 I was lucky to find it as it was made out to a Michael witch suits me
        Many thanksmichael

        • steve says:

          hi, it could be the reall thing, best thing to do is bring it with you and ask perry.. see you all there….

  50. Paddy says:

    What free gifts do you get with the early bird tickets? And does it make much difference to te queuing time buying the early bird tickets? Thanks

    • Sleathy says:

      Hmmmm! In Portsmouth last year I had an Express Ticket,arrived an hour before it opened… and then got in at 10…and queued for about 2 hours before meeting the stars…..in the past I have heard of people queuing for upto9 hours ….YES 9 hours ….and don’t forget how hard it is for the guests too ….it’s a long long day for them too…

      • Gleno says:

        What sort off free gifts do you get and do you get a chance take photos with early bird tickets with the cast

  51. terry says:

    when to the convention last year great fun for anyone who wants to go. i would recommend it.

  52. Lee Lambert says:

    When do the 2012 tickets arrive as i have ordered some

  53. Thanks Loads For Adding My Video, Sooo Awesome :D

  54. George says:

    Don’t go!!!!!!!! It is hell on Earth!! BEESH!!!!

  55. Alex says:

    I went to the convention in 2010 and I absolutely HATED it. The only good part was five minutes when we met the actors and when I was eating chips. It is horrible. Lots of sweaty people shouting and swearing and I was waiting in the queue for not 2, not three but 4 whole boring hours. Everyone barges into you and knocks you over and because of the absolutely enormous crowd you have already got a head ache but there is also some random man shouting down a microphone. They also play the same clip of Only Fools and Horses about a million times and they do the same with the theme tune. Also if you have got tickets get there the minute they open or you will be stuck in a queue. Also bring some stuff of your own for them to sign because the posters are about £15 and they are just rubbish bits of paper.

    I advise you dont go!

    • steve says:

      hi, we went last year from leeds by coach to portsmouth, it took us about 8 hours to get there, then we que’d for about 7.5 hours, we stayed over in a hotel and then it took us about 9 hours to get back home. it cost us about £600 in all inc spend on 3 or 4 small OFAH gifts. We had no problems in the que, the atmosphere was fantastic, the clips they played were spot on and the guy selling things via the mike was a god send as we were que’ing and unable to visit the stalls. As fans we’re looking forward to doing all again this year, roll on october!

      Thanks Perry (the organiser) for all you do.

    • james says:

      hello alex did anyone ever tell you if you dont have any thing nice to say dont say it.

  56. Dave W says:

    With a normal ticket whats the best time to get there ?

  57. james says:

    hi dose anyone know when Iam likely to receive my tickets.

  58. james says:

    just brought my tickets looking forward to going. dose anyone know who is going this year. maybe David Jason himself might put in an appearance.

  59. james says:

    can i trust this website. can someone tell me.

  60. Carl says:

    So pleased im only an hour up the road in Kings Lynn, see you all there!! :)

  61. amanda says:

    hi please can you tell me who will be attending 2012 covetion in peterbough thank you yours hopfuly amanda

  62. michael pye says:

    hi there doese anyone no what guest stars will be therethis year and if theres anywhere you can by your ticket in cash in Peterborough thanks michael

    • onlyfools fan says:

      you can buy the tickets at Bushfield Leisure centre (where the convention will take place) and the guest stars are still to be announced.

  63. Tom says:

    im a massive only fools fan and was really excited to find that the convention is being held this year in my hometown of Peterborough. hope to see you all there!

    • Sleathy says:

      Hi guys! I have ordered my Express ticket already – it is well worth it given that the autographs are all free! It is well worth buying the express ticket as your time in the autograph queue is much MUCH shorter … up to 2 hours instead of up to 7+hours … last year all the tickets sold out and I would fully expect the same this year …..SO BOOK EARLY!!!!!

  64. Amanda says:

    Not good at spelling

  65. Amanda says:

    Thank you for letting me no 2012 contention I hope I can atend a contention closer to dartford please let me no of one closer yours hopefully

  66. steve says:

    Hi all, we went last year and it was a good do, at least this one is not as far from us as we are from leeds, see you there..

  67. Daniel says:

    There are spelling mistakes on your 2012 convention advert

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