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  1. Iain Tarr says:

    It seems that the Vauxhall Velox that featured in Cash and Curry has been forgotten about? It’s also mentioned in the Del Boy Autobiography as one of the first cars that Del bought from Boycie having passed on his Lambretta to Rodney.

  2. San says:

    I did Becuase the ccr412w Capri was first seen in mother’s nature’s son driving on the road and seen in the background of some scenes then it was fatal extraction when del turns up at the riot and then driving to alberts funereal in if they could see us now so UYD 177R was seen in 1991 in he ain’t heavy he’s my uncle

  3. Pat says:

    anyone know the paint code for that green ?

  4. James says:


    I am a massive fan of Only Fools and Horses and have written a spec feature length episode for the show if you wanted to put it online?


  5. Simon Humphries says:

    The Capri Ghia or Pratmobile as Rodney called it is I think now as iconic as the Reliant Regal.The top picture you show is of the second incarnation of the Capri.The original is not the one with CCR412W (Capri S 1980) number plate.The original was UYD177R number plate (Carpri Ghia 1976) which is the one that appeared in “He ain’t Heavy” Episode.I don’t think people realise that this is the case.

  6. Rich says:

    It was always going to be a tough act for the Capri to become part of the shows character like the good old yellow three wheeler. I for one could never take to it and just think of the Reliant Regal when I think of ‘Fools’.

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