20 Responses to “Oval Fools and Horses”

  1. kevin rogers says:

    brilliant convention thankyou perry craig keith and all ofah team hd a great time mingling with all stars and answering questions on quiz looking forward to nxt year hopefull at oval again

  2. Adrian says:

    That was a bloody fantastic day at the oval today. Well organised and a belting lunch too.Hats off to perry Craig and all team. cant wait for next year. #GetItSorted Aidy Winters. Manchester

  3. Critch and bagel says:

    We’re coming from Blackpool to the Saturday convention! We’re disapointed that the line up looks so much better on sunday were going to miss out on seeing denzil and Micky Pearce and Steven. We booked before they announced the actors (we thought it would sell out quick)

    There’s 6 main characters on Sunday and possibly the best none main actor too

  4. Rob M says:

    I see Rosalind Knight is part of the line-up.

    Not only was she Mrs.Creswell in the jolly boys outing, but she also appeared in a couple of the early black and white carry on films.

    so whoever meets her – will be meeting a carry on star! extra bang for your buck there!

  5. Nicola Laker says:

    I ordered two tickets but I never revived confirmation by email. I have my bank details which says the money has gone to you Perry.
    Please can you send me some form of confirmation as I would like to put this in my husband’s birthday card as he had no idea I have booked tickets and would like to suprise him this way. Many thanks
    Nicola Laker

  6. Paul says:

    Any ideas what time it finishes on Sunday so I can book a train back up north? Cheers

  7. Gary says:

    Just seen the ticket prices. I see that Perry is profiteering like never before. I remember meeting Perry at Biggin hill air fair many years ago and him telling me how he only done these things for the good of the fans, pull the other one. Just look at the prices and what you actually get, shocking. Unless you want to spend over £500 notes that is.

  8. Mark says:

    Any news on the tickets?
    Looks great

  9. Richard says:

    I am overseas and want to know how to get tickets. It’s for my Dad’s 70th. We are massive fans. Thanks.

  10. Mr G F Briggs says:

    How and where can you buy the tickets thanks

  11. Mustafa says:

    Hope the tickets are affordable and great guest list

  12. Sleathy says:

    It would be good if info was shared up to say 2 p.M. and live tickets after that ?…..Please

  13. anita says:

    this sounds great how do we get tickets and can you ask Nicholas Lyndhurst and David Jason to attend to make it extra special!

    I think there would have to be more tickets issued tho to avoid disappointment

  14. Hi Perry, sounds exciting. With so few tickets on sale compared to the last few years, will there be advanced warning of when the tickets will go on sale?

    James :)

  15. Gary Porter says:

    Hi Perry when are the tickets due to go on sale?



  16. Simon Finch says:

    Woo-Hoo – can’t wait !

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