8 Responses to “Never Seen Scene”

  1. Clark Kent says:

    What makes you think this is a deleted scene? Just looks like the actors talking during a break in filming. In the first picture there’s even what looks like a set guy with a walkie talkie.

    • Paul Blackmore says:

      Yes 100% a deleted scene. They done so many takes and were filming. I was on the other side of the road and could hear their dialogue. This scene made the all fans laugh. Shame it wasn’t aired. Imagine how much more scenes like this that may exist!

      • Paul Blackmore says:

        Oh and just to add. The guy with the walkie talkie was part of the security team. They were strolling and chatting on their way back to the bottom of the road, for yet another take of this scene.

  2. Rob M says:

    This pic is not from 1996. Del never wore a long white coat in the 96′ Christmas trilogy episodes.

    this is from 2001.

  3. Ronnie says:

    I hope they still have the footage, one day for a DVD release.

  4. Robin says:

    Apparently 20mins unseen 2001 special as John over wrote. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for all fans to have of they could see us now released again with the extra 20mins. The pics above look great!

  5. Griff says:

    That’s what I thought, Neil.

  6. Neil Hobbs says:

    Are you sure it’s 1996, it looks more like the 2001 Xmas special if they could see us now

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