174 Responses to “Only Fools and Horses Convention 2013 – FAQ’s”

  1. Steve says:

    Plan on going to my first one this year, but can not get there until 1.30pm due to commitments in the morning, is it still worth going?
    I know the queues will be huge to meet the actors, do I have to queue for the rest?

  2. Del says:

    Does any have the uncut version of yuppy love?

    • Mel trotter says:

      there is an uncut version? wow.. I would love to see that

      Does anyone know any details of the location of the next convention please? Have never been but would love to go and I’m desperate for memorabilia of OFAH

  3. The Rowney's says:

    Is there going to be another convention this year. If so when will it be published so we can book tickets??

  4. Zoe says:

    Could somebody let me know how to contact perry please?
    Thanks zoe

  5. Toni-anne says:

    just would like to say how sad we are at the death of Roger Lloyd Pack and can anyone tell me when the convention is this yearand where in 2014 and when the tickets will be releast thanks

  6. David Shetliffe says:

    R.I.P Roger Lloyd Pack. keep heaven’s streets clean :)

    • Sleathy says:

      I always enjoyed meeting him – and he was such a contrast to Colin Ball as he was so intelligent and such a brilliant Shakespearian actor. I remember, in particular, how wonderful he was when the Only Fools & Horses Museum opened in Bressingham Steam Museum, near Diss. We have a disabled daughter and he made a fuss of her and had lovely photos with all of us.

      Rest well Roger – you entertained us richly and deserve a good rest!

  7. I Got Engaged to Patrick James Stevens at the convention :).

    At The Only Fools & Horses Convention 2013, In The Fake Trotter’s Lounge With Fake Del, Rodney & Uncle Albert, We Were Talking About Maybe Getting Propperly Engaged Last Year At The Only Fools & Horses Convention 2012, We Forgot This Whylst Walking In To The Trotters Lounge, & The Fake Del Heard & Had Said That Next Year Being 2013 He Would Get A Pukka 24crt Engagement Ring Made Up For Us So We Could Do It Propperly Lol, We Thought Nothing Of It Really, Then This Year He Comes Out With It Lol, So Patch Proposed To Me With It Lol, & It Was Captured All On Film & Pics, Pretty Neet Eh! Then We Talked A Bit About It After & Decided Def Yes To Do It Really For real This Time, No Matter What Happens :)

    • Sleathy says:

      WOW! How amazing for you both – I bet it will feature in the next issue of Hookie street!

      • Lol I Doubt That, But Would Be Awesome :)

        I Got Engaged to Patrick James Stevens at the convention :).

        At The Only Fools & Horses Convention 2013, In The Fake Trotter’s Lounge With Fake Del, Rodney & Uncle Albert, We Were Talking About Maybe Getting Properly Engaged Last Year At The Only Fools & Horses Convention 2012, We Forgot This Whilst Walking In To The Trotters Lounge, & The Fake Del Heard & Had Said That Next Year Being 2013 He Would Get A Pukka 24crt Engagement Ring Made Up For Us So We Could Do It Properly Lol, We Thought Nothing Of It Really, Then This Year He Comes Out With It Lol, So Patch Proposed To Me With It Lol, & It Was Captured All On Film & Pics, Pretty Neet Eh! Then We Talked A Bit About It After & Decided Def Yes To Do It Really For real This Time, No Matter What Happens :)

  8. CPD says:

    Travelled from barnsley to the convention and we all loved it , the queues were big as expected but well worth it , we were one of the last to meet the actors and they were all still great and friendly even though they had been there for over 10 hours .
    The props were also nicely done , i found the prices for the event and scene pics really well priced not expensive at all , will be going next year but would be nice if it were more north, theres a lot of OFAH fans up here you know..

  9. Steve says:

    I had an amazing time – already looking forward to next year :)

  10. David Shetliffe says:

    I really Enjoyed meeting all the actors and the trotter photo experience. the one thing i would of liked to see would of been a bit of the Nags Head bar set up. i hope to be going next year.
    so for now BonJoir

  11. Gale says:

    Had an amazing time!!! Got lots of cool merchandise, photos and of course autographs from the stars that attended. I also managed to get a rare signed copy of David Jason’s book…very pleased :)

  12. Toby Colton says:

    I wouldn’t normally add comments into a blog but after seeing the complaints on here I felt like I’d make an exception.

    Yes, the queues were long but we were seeing some top top top actors and actresses. I normally attend most events in the UK like Comicon and have queued so much longer for autographs and after having paid 5 times as much money – and that’s just for a single autograph whereas I queued at this convention and managed to get 14 signings (2 per star).

    An absolute brilliant day and true value for money. You won’t catch me missing out on this event each year.

    Great stuff!

    • Drew Cameron says:

      Unfortunately I missed the convention. I want to write a comment but I don’t know how to join the blog, which is why I’m replying to your post. Can you advise me on how to write my own post? thanks.

    • Fergal says:

      This was my first time to attend the convention came from Ireland for it, It was great to meet the cast really friendly people.Meeting the Actors aside I enjoyed it allthough it could be an awfull lot better, It was great to see Bobby Bragg there he’s a really nice guy, but why not have him onstage telling some stories about the show and not hidden. It seemed like the organisers were out to bleed every penny from people.. Extra charge for pics with the actors… Was a good day but could be improved!!!

  13. Jean says:

    Absolutely lived this years convention!!! Perry and team well done :) definitely coming back next year!!! The stars were great and happy to have a chat. I queued for a few hours but every minute was worth the wait. We also went into the trotter experience and it was great seeing a lot of different scenes. All in all a great day and all I can say it see you next year…cushty :)

  14. Pete says:

    This was my 7th convention and have to say I was the worse 1 I have ever been to! It’s a really disappoint as I look forward to this event every year. The q this year seemed to go rather slow and was still there at 1300 after arriving at 830. It was great to see Bobby Bragg turn up as he is a huge part of the only fools family but felt it was very disgrading leaving him at the side of the q speaking to the odd person. He had a 5 min chat on stage and that’s all I saw of him. Why not get him to do what he is so good at and warm up the audience tell a few more stories? I’m sure it would have made the q feel like it was moving quicker with this! As for the new trotter experience I saw none of it, I didn’t particularly want my photo taken but would have liked to had a look at the other props and cars but there was no way i was standing again in another q to get in a separate room! Don’t think this was the greatest idea to have another q in the door way. As for the merchandise there was a lack of bits to buy, to my notice there was no die cast trotters vans, back issues of hookie street and a few other bits that have been there the past years. As for these negative points I will still be attending next year as its great to see the show still carrying on in a different way rather than on screen and wish to support it.

  15. Grant says:

    I’m still in shock that I met the people who “have drove me bazurk” over the years. Photos and brief, yet amazing memories of a good day?

    Will see you all next year!!


  16. Signingsuk says:

    Thank-you to everyone who made the event possible!

    Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!

    • Anon says:

      This was my first convention I was so looking forward to it, when we got in I was totally dissapointed, what a shambles it was and very expensive all the items were, I will add I will not be going to another one…….total waste of money IMO ……..

  17. Peter Cables says:

    Great day! Great fun! Amazing experience! To anyone considering whether to go to next year’s convention, here’s my advice – DON’T MISS OUT. You have to expect to Q to get time with such well known British sitcom legends. And all for only £5. BARGAIN!!!!

  18. wayne says:

    fantastic day yesterday with myself and family ,this was hower 1st convention, travelled down from Manchester and waited from 4am ,and was well worth has was 1st to meet the actors ,all actors and actress was very friendly and polite , well worth it ,,also big thanks to all the staff that make these conventions possible ,,,,,,,,fantast day out

  19. wayne says:

    this was hower 1st convention for me and my family ,travelled down from Manchester day before ,we cue from 4am and was 1st inline and was well worth the wait great actors great politeness from them, was a great day and big thanks to all that make these conventions possible, looking forward to the next yrs

  20. Jim says:

    Amazing event!!!! Highly recommend to any OFAH fan. Worth every penny and every minute queuing.


    Jim H

  21. Kim says:

    This was our first convention and we all had a brill day. Yes we had to queue but it was well worth the 5 hours. We travelled from Norwich and it was a very long day but all of us loved it. As for parking we had an email saying there was a mistake on the tickets about free parking…. It was £1…..! Great day had by all of us. Will be going again next year.

  22. Jon Hodges says:

    Queued for over four hours to meet the actors but had to leave due to other plans made. I estimated another 30 mins to an hour wait at this point. Far too many people, you had to pay to see these displays of memorabilia (and queue yet more) and parking was not free despite what it said on the ticket. Will not be attending next year.

    One disappointed fan.

    • Don Leahy says:

      This was our 5th convention,and probably the worst.It seems that more and more every year,it is just to make money by selling the tackey merchandise you cant get rid of on the site.What about the non existant free parking.Where were the cars from the show?Total waste of time and money!!

    • Shirley Hibbins says:

      This was my 1st convention and I was not surprised at the length of queues. The fan base for Only Fools is unbelievably massive and through this society is the only way us fans can get access to meet the stars, see original memorabilia on display and have an opportunity to purchase unique products. As this is the only way to get access, there will always be a huge turn out. I had to queue for a little longer than some but tbh it was worth it – no doubts there. I will be attending next years event and hopefully every year whilst it keeps running. As a die hard Only Fools fan, nothing will stop me from missing out. I just wish I had found out about tear conventions much sooner. On the parking, I only ended up paying £1 – I’m okay with that.

      Thanks to all the staff as well. I managed to speak to some, especially at the signing tables and they were all so polite, easy to talk to, helpful and clearly are all Only Fools fans as well.

      Great day! Oh, I managed to get my photo in the trotter flat :)


  23. Denise Clark says:


    Can you please confirm if these conventions are annual? If so do you have details in next years? I missed today’s?

    • CraigW says:


      Yes they are annual. We usually hold them on the last Sunday of October, and they are getting (in my opinion) bigger and better each year.

      Next years convention will be announced around early April /may once a venue has been found and confirmed that is suitable.



      • phil hosie says:

        hi there would love to attend an ofah convention but why can it not be held up north for a change as it always seems to be in the south

  24. Timothy Jones says:

    Amazing convention 2013!!! Queuing was so so so worth it. Best experience of my life. Proper loved the new props / scenes. The chandelier one was awesome. I can’t wait till next years event!!

  25. Glen says:

    Just got home to manchester now after another top convention.
    Queuing wasn’t too bad we was first in line for the normal tickets,

    John challis and sue holderness, friendly as ever, good to see the others too,
    Managed to buy a uncle Albert signed prop book from his time at sea, signed by the man himself and David Jason, was hoping to buy a original script if anyone has any for sale, spoke to perry he only had running orders for sale today.

    All in all top day out.

    • Sleathy says:

      ANOTHER GREAT gathering of OFAH actors and Actresses. Lovely to see warm-up comedian Bobby Bragg there too. Thank you to the many helpers and Perry and Keith for organising – guess it took forever to set things in motion. I could not believe the queue for the Nelson Mandela flat – I have never ever had any problem getting to see it but had to give up today as the queue was sensational. One question – What time did the last signature get written? and a HUGE Thank you to all the actors and actresses for turning up. THANK YOU !!!!!

    • Gleno says:

      Same here not long home after my very first and real enjoyed hope to go again. Next. John and sue ever so nice had time to chat to ever one.

      Thanks perry

  26. lawrence says:

    Do people dress up for the conventions?

  27. glenn salt says:

    I used to attend these conventions several years ago and in fact went to the very first one.
    Will there be any vans parked up and the Capri Ghia??


  28. steven gwyther says:

    hey..im going to the convention and i cannot see anything about having photos with the stars?

    • CraigW says:

      Hi. There are no photo shoots as such, you just ask for a photo as the stars are signing their autograph for you.

  29. Mark says:

    I have two normal tickets available. Can post first class straight away.

    Email on markbankhead@hotmail.com


  30. Mark says:

    I have 2 normal tickets for sale. I can post first class straight away.


  31. steve says:

    hi, dew to my wife having meninges last year which almost killed her, we was unable to go last year and we can’t go this year as she is still not 100%, I was just waning to know if any one could get me a cast print if poss a singed one, when we went to Portsmouth there was some for sale, if anyone can pick me one you I would really great full. I would pay with paypal. thanks hope someone can help… 07890749543

  32. Sue Smithson says:

    I have 6 Early Bird tickets for sale – £30 per ticket

    This allows you access an hour before the main event so you can beat the queues and get your free signatures from the cast

    email if interested


  33. Sue Smithson says:


    I have 6 Early Bird tickets available for the convention this weekend – this means you can get in an hour early to meet the stars – beat the queues and claim your free signatures – selling at cost price of £30/ticket

    Please let me know if you are interested and I can post out to you today or my husband is attending the convention and can meet you there – up to you

    email – dragonskeep5@btinternet.com


  34. Andy says:

    Due to illness i have 2 early bird tickets if anyone is still looking to go this weekend.

    Contact me on awmills74@gmail.com

  35. Jo says:

    Just noticed some earlybird tickets for sale on ebay.

    Not mine, but might be of use to someone.

  36. Tom says:

    2 x Early Bird tickets now available and listed on the ‘Bay as now unable to attend.


  37. Trevor says:

    Express ticket going spare not going to be able to make it now. Cost me enough good to get my money back. Please note only 1 ticket…

    Interested here’s my email trevorjsewell@btinternet.com

    I’m in Basildon area will not post out collection only

  38. Erroll says:

    No Patrick Murray this year again? Shame.

    Any other likely additions?

  39. Doddy says:

    Can someone please explain the prices for me , I’ve seen it’s £5 to get in then is it £10 per auto , if so that’s a bargain , and is there any chance of photos wiv the stars , thank you

    • Sleathy says:


      It was £5 for the basic ticket – which entitles you to TWO FREE autographs from each actor/actress. You can usually buy a limited edition print which costs £15 and then the actors/actresses will sign it for you as part of your entitlement. You can also purchase good quality photos for £5 each which they will also sign for you. It REALLY is a goo deal — though if you have not yet got a ticket they are sold out ….with a few let in on the door after 12 I think it is ….when the autograph queue may well be up to 6 hours ….you have been warned!

  40. Trevor says:

    Express ticket going spare not going to be able to make it now. Cost me enough good to get my money back. Please note only 1 ticket…

    Interested here’s my email trevorjsewell@btinternet.com

    I’m in Basildon area will not post out collection only

  41. Stephanie says:

    hey just wondering was gonna find a picture of the cast and bring it myself to get signed but cant seem to find one of them all together i hear you will be selling loads of pictures there was wondering the pictures how much will they cost? and will there be any of the cast together on one picture like all that are there together? as i dont really want to buy too many pictures thanks

    • CraigW says:

      Stephanie. I don’t recall seeing one before of all of the cast together. Usually the pictures that are taken, are of those that are appearing at the convention. There are some of those appearing, with other cast members, but I don’t recall one of the whole cast being available.
      Last time I checked, any additional autographs above your allowed 2, are £10 each.


      • CraigW says:


        The cast, as in the whole OFAH cast, or those appearing? Those appearing are on a 16×12 that is available as Sleathy says.


        • Sleathy says:

          Stephanie – it is a 16 x 12 of the cast that are gathered or expected on the day … of course work commitments can change so occasionally some cannot make it at the last minute. Patrick Murray was due to appear 2 or 3 years ago but was unable to attend…

    • Sleathy says:

      Hi there Stephanie – This is what has happened at the last few Conventions.

      There is usually a Limited edition print you can buy which includes all the cast that are there – it is free with Early Bird tickets and mirrors the free mug Early Bird tickets usually get.

      If you want to but the print then it is usually £15 and you can then get all the actors to sign it. You are normally entitled to two autographs per actor so you might want something else – or other photos or a book etc for them to also sign.

      Hope that helps!

  42. dean says:

    Good to see a good line up again cant wait just over a week to go going to be a lovely jubbly day again.

    • CraigW says:

      Stephanie. I don’t recall seeing one before of all of the cast together. Usually the pictures that are taken, are of those that are appearing at the convention. There are some of those appearing, with other cast members, but I don’t recall one of the whole cast being available.
      Last time I checked, any additional autographs above your allowed 2, are £10 each.


    • CraigW says:


      Don’t forget to check out the Trotter Photo Experience while you are there!

      • Stephanie says:

        Thanks for all the reply’s what about single pictures of each cast member there do you sell them if so how much would they be.one last thing what is the Trotter Photo Experience?

        • Sleathy says:

          Hi Stephanie

          Single photos – usually 10 x 8 so good size – are usually £5 each and you can get them signed as part of your “two per actor”

          The Trotter Photo experience will be segregated areas where you can have photos taken of yourself or yourselves in the actual Trotter flat as Perry has acquired the whole thing from the BBC over the years. There will be lookalike Rodney, Uncle Albert & Delboy again available for photos. I believe there will be THE chandelier from the episode available as well as many original props in other sections. There will be a small charge per section …usually ….

          Hope that helps!

          • CraigW says:

            There will be 4 sections that you can have your photo’s done. £5 per section, or £10 for all 4. Bring your camera!

  43. Schoey says:

    Hi, I have 2x tickets for sale at £70, not including P&P. please contact, chrisschoey@hotmail.com.

  44. Schoey says:

    Hi, I have 2x early bird tickets for sale at £70, not including P&P . Please email me at chrisschoey@hotmail.com.

  45. CPD says:

    Just ordered some £5 tickets for convention , then started reading some comments on here..6-7 hours queues ,really, we are driving 400 mile round trip,is this time real as it finishes at 6 and queues stop at 3 , so would you still get to meet actors for sure.also is the queue outside or indoors(will there be things to see whilst queuing)etc..really been looking forward to it now feeling a bit apprehensive..

    • Sleathy says:

      YES There are stalls and exhibits/props from the show to view … leave one person in the queue whilst the rest of you look round……but take my advice ….GET THERE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!!

      • Rob says:

        If you have an early bid ticket what is a realistic time to get there for?

        Dont want to queue too early as travelling a distance but ideally not for hrs.

        Cheers. Rob

  46. Rachel says:

    Does anyone know what time people start queuing with the early bird tickets?
    Many thanks Rachel.

  47. Karl says:

    Please contact me on 07507327916-I have some interesting items for sale

  48. Andy says:

    Desperately after one early bird ticket. Anybody help me?

  49. john says:

    anybody got 2 early bird tickets for this years convention please. willing to pay extra for these and depending on where your based I will collect or pay for the postage. please help thanks.
    email address johnboysmagic@gmail.com

  50. Glenn Salt says:

    Will the Rivermead Leisure Centre Bar be open during the convention?
    Or are there other food and drinks facilities available.

  51. Kirsty says:

    Hi we’re looking to the convention this will be our first!! :)
    Just wondering is this a ‘family’ event? Could we bring the kids and make a day of it?
    Also will they need a ticket? Thanks.,

    • CraigW says:

      Hi Kirsty.

      You will love it, this year especially.

      How old are the kids? Under 10 years will not need a ticket – they are free entry, however you will need a ticket.

      You can make a day of it, however be prepared to queue for autographs, it does get busy!! Always lots to do there, enough to keep you going for the day!

      You will enjoy your first and want to come back for more!


    • Gaaaaarrrryyyyy says:

      I’ve been to 3 so far. It’s a long long day. You have to be very patient it can take 6 or 7 hours before you even get anywhere near the front of the queue to meet the stars unless you have an early bird ticket. At Portsmouth I turned up without a ticket. I waited 2 hours in the queue and was told to leave the queue until further announcements were made. As I was leaving the queue the couple behind me also turned up with out tickets and were allowed to buy them there and then and went in right away?? I tried to question perrys son and he rudely blanked me and security man handled me out. I then went to the back of the queue, waited another hour to again be refused entry. Again security grabbed me and tried to force me out, until a female pleaded on my behalf and I was eventually allowed in. Luckily I am good friends with John challis aka Boycie otherwise I wouldn’t bother going to anymore.

  52. Laura-Marie says:

    I have 2 Early Bird Convention 2013 tickets for sale! My email is address lmwakefield@btinternet.com if interested in the tickets.
    Thank you x

  53. Anthony says:

    I was wondering if anyone can help me. Big Only Fools and Horses fan, I have just purchased a china cookie jar, replica of Del Boys cigar jar. Can anyone tell me, if many of these were made or even better where the original one is now?

  54. Chris says:

    Are guests likely to be announced before the week before the convention?

    • Sleathy says:

      Hi Chris

      There are some fine actors and actresses who come regularly – you may get to hear about them beforehand … but it also says “Surprise guests” …. so I guess you don’t find out about them otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise …

  55. Chris says:

    Few questions:
    Are the autographs included in the £5 tickets?
    Do autographs cost, if so how much?
    Are there any £5 tickets left, and will there likely to be any left by early September?

  56. Chris says:

    Few questions:
    Does the £5 tickets include autographs?
    Do autographs cost?
    How many £5 entry tickets are left, will there likely to be tickets left by early September?

  57. CHARLOTTE says:

    really desperate if anyone knows anyone who is selling early bird tickets i need at least two but four would be even better!!

    thanks :)

  58. Claire says:

    I have 4 early bird tickets for sale, I am unable to. Serious reply’s only.

  59. charlotte says:

    need two early bird tickets please if anyone haqs them will pay more than face value need 4 and i have 2 so far please could some help me :)

  60. Michael says:

    hi there looking for 2 early bird tickets if any can help that would be great many thanks Michael

  61. Jason Croy says:

    hi, if anybody or u know anybody who has 1 early bird ticket for sale im am interested please get in touch, thank you

  62. Alonso says:

    I’ve 2 early bird tickets for sale if anybody needs any needs

  63. Glen says:


    Just wondering of anyone knows of any actors/actresses who will be attending this year.
    In the previous years there have always been nnoined prior to the event.

    Any help??


    • CraigW says:

      They can be announced right up to the day of the event…

      I would suggest we may see the first announcements mid Sept?


      • Glen says:

        Iv spoken to John challis (boycie) and he said so far there is him Marlene and nervous nerris (Andree Bernard)

  64. Cameron says:

    hi would just like to ask about this years convention (my first of many!) could someone tell me when is the earliest time we will here which stars of the show is deffinetly going to be at the convention this year? and also i imagine depending on the ammount of the cast that comes can you get all of there autographs on the day or is it very likely you run out of time? many thanks cameron.

    • CraigW says:

      Hi. I would suggest about September time we may see the first announcements..

      The Convention goes ’til 6pm, however the queue closes at 3pm leaving you enough time to get your bits signed – it’s 2 items signed per ticket, plus the convention pic if you decide to get one on the day.

      Enjoy your first one, I’m sure you will and this won’t be your last!


      • scott says:

        Hi mate,

        it is my second convention, and my first was 2011, the 30th ann one in Portsmouth, that was fantastic. I have 2 early bird tickets, so its 2 items, plus the large only fools print we get of the day?

        the conventions are just SOOOOO worth it…

        • CraigW says:

          Hi mate. Yes if you have the early bird ticket, it’s the limited edition print, plus 2 additional items to be signed!

          Can’t wait for this years, enjoyed last years, I’m sure this years will be another great success :)

          • scott says:

            thats fantastic!!! i had the normal tickets in 2011, the early bird are so much worth the extra i think, as the pic is included in them…

            i wanted to me jevon last year, i spoke to perry in london, i asked him for christopher ryan, but i guess it is all down to schduleing…

            it is just such a fantastic day out…never met Mickey Pearce either, that would be cool

  65. Lawrence Lonsdale says:

    Tickets have arrived for october i cant wait to see all the stars and memorabilia be like christmas has come early im a big ofah fan

  66. Laura says:

    Hi there,
    Are there any early bird tickets left?
    Thanks :)

  67. pauline penman says:

    Is there gonna be a convention held in Scotland or near in the future

  68. Dan Taylor says:

    Hi There I’m holding a charity auction for Macmillan cancer
    And was wondering if you would consider donating a signed
    Item from the only fools and horses cast
    I can provide you will all the relevant paperwork from
    Macmillan to prove I’m a fundraiser
    Many thanks
    Dan Taylor

  69. Char says:

    So excited about the convention. It will be my first one. Just waiting for tickets in post! Ordered and paid for them the end of April. When do they get posted? Wonder which guest stars will be there…

  70. Michael shackleton says:

    hi I would love to go to this but it doesn’t say what actors are going
    so what actors are going ?

    • Stephanie says:

      well John Challis said he was going spoke to him on twitter and he said so but dont know who else really excited myself first one so even more excited :)

  71. Stephanie says:

    wanna know i herd someone say that for one convention they sold food inside. Do they sell food inside each year and what kind of food do they sell anyone please??

    • CraigW says:

      Last year if I remember rightly, it was snacks – tea, coffee, cold drinks , crisps , chocolate etc….

      Depends on the venue if they have the facilities and if that’s factored in to the cost of the venue hire etc….

  72. Paul williams says:

    I have tried ordering normal ofah convention tickets but received a message from Perry Aghajanoff (elpel@sky.com) saying my order had been declined? Never happened before?

  73. Fergal walsh says:

    Hi Guys! When are the Early bird Tickets posted out Bought mine over a month ago

  74. Shawn Strait says:

    Will David Jason be at the convention?

  75. Grant Fuller says:

    I have not been to a convention before. A few questions. Can you bring items for the cast to sign? Also do you get the chance to have pics with the cast? Also do you have to pay additional fees on top of the entry fee for an autograph? Deciding whether to go so would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

    • CraigW says:

      Grant :

      Yes you can bring your own items to sign, however it is a maximum of 2 free autographs per person, per actor.

      Not normally an additional fee as far as I am aware for an additional one, however there are staff that monitor the amount of autographs you get, otherwise people would be queuing for days if everyone got 10 things signed. The only additional cost usually is if you want one of the convention prints (free with early bird ticket), or a 10×8 pic of the actors there to sign.

      Yes, you get the chance to have a photo taken with the actors (separately) as they are signing, they do not do a group photo session.

      Hope that helps you?


      PS – I would highly recommend the Conventions :)

      • Glynnie says:


        Does David Jason turn up in the convention? I’ve heard that most times only the others have gone but not the actual stars i.e. Del Boy and Rodney…



    • Alonso says:

      When are the tickets being sent out??

  76. Stewart says:

    What’s the early ticket like they worth getting? I’ve never been to one convention yet what is there on the day if someone could tell me please

    • CraigW says:

      In my opinion, the Early Bird tickets, are well worth the extra money.
      I went to Peterborough last year, and bought an early bird ticket – managed to get right to the front, so was queueing for no more than 10 minutes! (but I guess if you don’t get to the front, you are still an hour in front)

      My last convention was 2006, where I hadn’t paid the extra, and queued for 6 hours!

      With the early bird – it’s £30, however you get in an hour before the £5 tickets, and also get a free gift (usually a convention mug/cup) and a free 16×12 of the actors signing – with are usually £10/£15 – so in my opinion, well worth it!

      I have bought my Early Bird tickets already!!

      Hope that helps.

  77. CraigW says:

    Got my Early Bird tickets! :-) Can’t wait now!!

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