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  1. Simon Fletcher says:

    I’m more interested in who *played* the theme tune, because that bass line sounds *exactly* like the bloke from Chas and Dave…

  2. Nemo says:

    In a early episode grandad mentions del giving money to the church for a new roof as it was him who nicked the old one before the miracle of Peckham episode

  3. Shell Reilly says:

    It’s true that it wasn’t Robbie Williams in MNS. An extra who was in the episode commented under a video on YT giving the actual name of the actor.


    • Rob M says:

      Agreed. John Sullivan even confirmed himself that it wasn’t Robbie.

      But I completley understand why people think it would be him, the actor does indeed look like Robbie Williams

  4. Richard says:

    Nicholas lyndhurst sang the theme tune.
    I should know, I was there

    • Gerry says:

      I spent half my working life listening to people speak, correcting the phrasing, accent etc. I certainly didnt need to be told, for example, that Plastic Bertram didnt sing ‘Ca plan Pour Moi!”
      I dont know if you were there but it certainly is Nicholas Lyndhurst. In my opinion!

    • Surjit Rai says:


    • Rob M says:

      Nope. John Sullivan sung the opening and closing theme credits to only fools.

      the original plan was, Sullivan wanted Chas and Dave to sing the theme for only fools, but the duo were busy with other commitments, so John Sullivan stepped in himself to sing it.

  5. John says:

    I always think the living room in the Trotter’s flat appears to be a slightly larger size in later episodes when Raquel lived in the flat, than in earlier episodes when Grandad lived there. Anyone else noticed that?

  6. John says:

    I never thought that Nicholas Lyndhurst ever sang the theme tune, and every time I hear it, I still can’t see why people think that.

    • Kitty says:

      It says in the credits ronnie hazel wood or what ever his name is sung the song. It doesnt sound like john Sullivan at all

  7. Stuart says:

    Why is the scene at the Mardis Gras cut short on the DVD but not when it is shown on TV?
    Is there anywhere the full version of Jolly boys can be bought?
    Many thanks

    • Kitty says:

      Ive got the full version on video :)

    • Rob M says:

      The scene is cut on all DVD releases due to the female singer performing the song: ‘just the way you are’

      I’m under the impression the reason it was cut, is due to cost cutting reasons, the BBC would have had to pay the person who originally sung the track, to put it on DVD releases.

  8. Rachel Moulder says:

    Either way, it’s a great show

  9. richard says:

    I never knew there was any myths.

  10. Steve says:

    And another thing !!!! I would have bet my house that nicholas lyndhurst sanf the theme tune…and it seems i was wrong !!!!

    • shaun gartshore says:

      albout throw saxphone in the bin he wont it and someone thaw some mukey of food on him

    • paul macallister says:

      That’s because it was Nicholas Lyndhurst who sung it.take no notice of what’s written on here. That is definitely Rodney trotter’s singing voice!

      • Rick says:

        It really was not his singing voice (encase you’re being serious for a minute)

      • Peter says:

        No it isnt john sullivan wanted chas n dave but there careers had just taken off so they were unavailable and thus sullivan sang the tune himself

  11. Martyn Barber says:

    I am a massive fan of the show, watch it all the time. One thing I can’t understand is why they used so many different exterior buildings as the Nags Head pub. I appreciate pubs go bust but it would have been far better if they’d have tried to stick to one building.

  12. linda says:

    i think raquel should of had an affair with rodney would anyone agree the reason i think that is because in some episodes she doesnt like him some she talks to him what a good affair

  13. linda says:

    Once when i was looking on the internet at only fools and horses scripts i came accross newton heath tealeaf script where rodney and cass have a row in pictures over a actor trig dresses up as santa for damien and them dystol brothers are back in it but i cant find that one on dvd how come

    • Griff says:


      Sorry, I cannot understand the grammar in your statement.

      This sounds like a dream you may have had?

  14. linda says:

    Is it true.
    One of the actors who played diamien also played one of the micheals in Goodnight sweetheart that other programme rodney did with that not all there michelle holmes

  15. Garfield :) says:

    Is Boycie’s real name Alfred?

    Or is it a myth?

  16. Dan says:


    second picture when you scroll down, is it Robbie Williams

    • Rob M says:

      No, John Sullivan confirmed Robbie Williams was never on set, and was never asked to appear in the episode.

      it’s just an actor that looks like a bit like Robbie

  17. I Have heard a myth that Raquel was in the very first episode ‘BIG BROTHER She was the first person to speak in the first scene in the ‘Nags Head’, she said “All right DEl ?”

    • admin says:

      Definitely sounds like her – but it is a myth and isn’t her.
      It would of been a brilliant twist from Sullivan, but not so

      see – https://www.ofah.net/blog/big-brother/

      We recently asked John Sullivan if it was true, that Raquel (Tessa Peake-Jones) had appeared in the very first episode Big Brother. The scene is pictured here, where Del walks in and a bird in the background says Hello to Del, it does sound like Tessa but is now confirmed as an Urban Myth with no substance.

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