4 Responses to “Philip McGough”

  1. Rob M says:

    ‘I’m not running a corner shop Del…. I’m a dealer, I buy and sell jewellrey in bulk’

  2. Jim says:

    Oh this guy is a legend!!! As Dr Nicholson on bad girls he had me in stitches the scene with Tanya Turner on the hospital bed?! Haha fantastic!!!! Truly magnificent actor. The cast of bad girls were exceptional, everyone on that show was perfection. Loved fender,the doc, shell, grayling, di and my beloved body bag!!! Amanda Barrie is timeless utterly gorgeous. Fantastic actor.

  3. Cushty says:

    Looking forward to seeing him at this years convention.

    • Jim says:

      He’s marvellous isn’t he? As the doc in bad girls had me in fits, sleeping on the job, Lairy attitude. Brilliance.

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