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  1. Griff says:

    So who won?

  2. Mark says:

    You see, Lord Sugar’s cousins girlfiend’s brother’s mates’s mate, right, he’s a yuppie type down one of them private offices, and Monkey harris’s sister’s husband’s first wife’s stepfather, right, works for a company in London, so put the two together, what you got? A nice little earner.

  3. Mandi Martin says:

    Well Lord Sugar…or can I call you Alan?

    I am a 42 carat businessman, I can ice to the Eskimo’s in winter and my business plan in pukka and GUARANTEED to make you an even bigger millionaire! Subject to percentage negotiations of course…60/40…
    And unlike the rest of these plonkers I have been an established tycoon of industry since I was an egg…

  4. lisa freestone says:

    because he will be good at it and he is good at the job.

  5. Sarah L says:

    Because Alan Sugar and Del Boy would get a long like a house on fire! Both of them have that cockney charisma. Del boy could sell just about anything to just about anyone!

  6. Tony Purcell says:

    Alan Sugar should hire Del Trotter, because a pukka business with Del boy is like a salad without watercress! And that is bonnet de douche!

  7. Ali Darr says:

    No way pedro! Your taking the mick Al, be your apprentice, I was out wheeling and dealing when you were still on the farleys rusks! You should be working for me, this time next year I’d be sitting on your chair, bonjour!

  8. Jim says:

    For Lord Alan Sugar, the 11th of April 1984 was a glorious day. After months of hard work, he took his place in the sumptuous surroundings of Westminster School and, with dozens of journalists sitting before him, lifted the lid on what would, perhaps, be his most famous product: the Amstrad Colour Personal Computer 464.
    For Derek Edward Trotter, sometime in December about three years later it too was a ‘glorious’ day. After hours of hard work, he took his place in the Nags Head, Peckham and, with Mike the barman standing before him, lifted the lid on what would, maybe, be his most famous product: the Rajah Portable Home Computer. With joystick.
    For only one of the two men did these respective ‘glorious days’ lead to unbridled success and honour. The other drove down to Hampshire to pick up £120 for the one he’d sold to the vicar.
    But this is just one of the many examples of how these two great minds think alike. Knowing the gaps in the market and warehouse doors. Fingers firmly on the pulse of the time.
    The question shouldn’t be why should Sir Alan Sugar hire Del Boy?, the question should be why hasn’t he already?

  9. Griff says:

    People seem to be entering this competition by quoting a Derek style comment and speaking as Del Boy, rather than actually stating…. ‘Why Should Sir Alan Sugar hire Del Boy of Only Fools and Horses?’

    Lord Sugar might have £800 million in assets and various businesses to boast, but he hasn’t got a shroud, ducking and diving, wheeler-dealing market salesman at his disposal to attract the many punters who have less dough-mairee at their disposal, has he? Re-couping money making opportunities away from the rich would be Del’s raison d’être.

    Del Boy would add much needed charm and charisma to Lord Sugar’s robotic client base. You wouldn’t trust Del with any administrative duties which is a good thing – he could ‘dispose’ of any unwanted dodgy dealings on behalf of Lord Sugar – another excellent reason!

    And finally, Derek Trotter is the creme-de-le-menthe of salesman. He could smell a fiver in a force nine gale – You know it makes sense Shuggsy!

  10. steve palmer says:

    Del should be hired by sir alan sugar because,
    Quite simply “you know it makes sense “

  11. steve palmer says:

    Alan should hire del quite simply because,
    He knows it makes sense.

  12. Sam Cooper says:

    Listen, Sir Alan, in this business we’re in, it’s all about characters and image. People don’t want bland people that are forgettable, they want people with drive and determination to lead them to great success and keep their spirits high. And I can guarantee you if you hire me, none of your clients will forget the first time they met Derek Trotter.

    P.S. I’ve got some very cheap anit-ageing cream you might be interested in for your old thick and thin, as you’re looking a bit cream crackered from your work load.

  13. Joanne mobey says:

    Well hello Mr suger may I introduce myself I am Derek Trotter and did you know that Alan I’d my most favourite name, you need to employ me I can knock out a suitcase of toy cats that sing how much is that doggy in the window and make a profit, so come on Alan you know it makes sense!

  14. Joanne mobey says:

    Well Mr suger, may I introduce myself I’m Derek Trotter and do you know Alan is my most favourite name, you should employ me into the business, I can knock out a suitcase of toy cats that sing how much is that doggy in the window and make a profit, so come on Alan you know it makes sense my son.

  15. Lee says:

    Unlike my dopey younger brother rodney, who if had a flower stall would close on st valentines day.. I’m a 24 hour modern man, sleeping is for whimps. I live in the fast lane, filofax in one hand, pot noodle in the other. If you hire me Sir Alan, this time next year we would be trillionaires. Bonjour.

  16. Ian Hardiman says:

    If it’s a choice between me and my dipstick brother, then I’m ya man John!! I mean Sir Alan.
    Cuz he couldn’t sell a black cat to a witch!!!

  17. Rhys Bottriell says:

    He can smell a fiver from a mile away! He can sell sand to the Arabs. And well need I say more- HE’S A YUPPIE!!

  18. Sam Taber says:

    Because Del Boy is a wheeler dealer, always looking for great bargains, and that’s something that Sir Alan sugar would want he would want someone who could make money for him, Del boy is also confident and that’s a good thing needed in the business industry. Del Boy would be a credit to Alan sugar.

  19. Jake perry says:

    Well,,, sir Alan sugar, all I have to say is chatto neurf da pap!!! I’ve sold tea Cosys to the West Indians as soppy hats, I’ve given the prince of Wales a little dog that he adored, the spud!!! I’m the best man for the job,, he who dares wins is my motto Alan me old mukka!!

  20. Steve Crean says:

    …Cos he who dares wins. I’m Del Trotter the only white man you should ever trust!

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