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  1. Robin says:

    I believe what Tessa says and the script for this is half or nearly done ! Therefore they should go ahead and make it. Always felt del marrying raquel be perfect happy ending and make for a great episode

  2. Alex says:

    I think it won’t happen it’s one thing to have a script but Sullivan had a genius way with the way the camera portrayed the scenes and no one else will be able to put that on camera I’m the biggest fan of the show but it should be left alone now let’s not ruin a national treasure the best sitcom there has been or ever will be

    • Rob says:

      Its happening!
      Hope del does marry Raquel this would be a great episode for a special bringing all characters together for a real fun, nice episode. I guess in the same way dels 65th birthday idea would also??? But what will the story be for our new OFAH special? im intrigied

  3. Martin fryer says:

    I wrote the UFO episode. Nice to see it get a little mention. I’ve also previously written a wedding episode that featured a poignant return of Dels father but it isn’t currently on this site.

    I’ve been meaning to write a new episode for this site for a while now, I have the storyline and opening scenes mapped out but I’ve been really busy writing an actual sitcom.

    Hopefully I’ll get it finished and posted soon.

  4. Ryan says:

    Just read article, John Challis revealed that they were definately making a 30 year anniversary special in 2011 for xmas. But had to cancel it due to John Sullivans passing.

    Makes you wonder how far in the planning stage had they got, the actors were clearly getting ready to make it , and had been in consultation with John and the bbc so it was definately going to happpen.

    Just makes me want new episode to be made even more now! arhhhhh

  5. Bill says:

    Personally i think there are people on here who are capable of writing a decent long script. You just need a good fresh idea. Every comedy I have seen on tv from the 60s to the present usually has a ‘wedding’ episode which usually turns out to be one of the weakest episodes. Even in real life, going to weddings are a bit boring or predictable. My favourite episode I read on this website was about Del seeing a UFO – simply because it was different and not done before.

    I also don’t believe a Del and Raq wedding would be the best idea for a final episode. It’s too typical for my liking.

    • Ryan says:

      I personally think the best OFAH episode ever made was Little problems – Rodneys wedding!

      As usual funny but the main quality was the emotion and quality of acting and writing which came from the situation aka the wedding and what it mean’t – rodney moving on with his life, showing the bond the two brothers have.

      I feel a del and raquel wedding could be just as poignant in different ways.

      UFO ending not for me.

      • Bill says:

        I never said a UFO ending. Yes ‘Little Problems’ was a good episode because it was full of funny subplots – but does it really need another wedding?

        • Ryan says:

          I apologize regarding UFO comment.

          But yes i think the series would benefit from Del marrying Raquel. Dels ducking and diving days are well and truly over he is now an old man who would naturally want to marry raquel the love of his life. Think it would make a wonderful ending and the prospect of characters being nostalgic and emotion of the day and the characters lives and how they are older, and the happy occasion which the wedding would bring. Thats my opinion many others feel the same. But hey we are all entitled to our opinions aren’t we. Or why not Del and rodney visit Boycie in a green green grass episode for xmas? Just a fun episode wriiten by Jim sullivan?

  6. Ryan says:

    Cant see it happening

    It should, but there is no OFAH activity no more, no more news about future xmas specials, no rock and chips no GGG it is all very sad. no release date for GGG series 4 dvd. Just nothing.

    Such ashame they not going to make the effort and bring them back one final time and for the fans to see del tie the knot and marry raquel. Would be the perfect ending, such a shame when all the cast are free now to make this.

  7. Ryan says:

    There would naturally be so much going on in an episode featuring del getting married. Think of everyone t the wedding, then the wedding party afterwards. It would be a episode that would flow, dancin , drinking, having fun an occasion a real occasion to look forward to. Think it would be fresh and refeshing episode for the sheer reason it would be the last and it would be a celebration episode a wedding.

    The more i say it the more i convince myself it should happen.As much as i liked sleepless in peckham think dels marriage to raquel would be just simply perfect in every way.
    David jason must want to reprise the role for one more time and to his character marry.

    We can do this every body we need a petition and need send it to BBC.

  8. Ryan says:

    seems very much a case of now or never to me. They need to change the midset of “we cant possibly make an episode now John sullivan iis no longer with us” and thin k lets do this for John, lets do him proud with a wonderful acting and writing and Del finally getting married. Just think it would be fantastic really do. Sick of talking about it, would rather just be looking forward to watching it xmas day with the family. And so many millions would too. Just a 60 minute xmas special, the 100 per cent final episode, this would definately be the final episode. Just for one last time a proper OFAH for John and for the fans. This is what fans want. As much as ive said GGG could return, but that isn’t a patch on OFAH.

    Petition needs to start ASAP we going to have to make it happen. The actors must consider doing it, must be on their minds.
    Would make a cracking episode, think of Little problems when rodney got married wouldn’t it be fitting if Jim wrote the new episode and did his father proud with a funny, witty script combined with emotion of it being the final episode ever!

  9. Griff says:

    To the person who wrote this script.

    Unfortunately, despite the nice storyline, the storyline that for some reason, John Sullivan never wrote, I felt this script lacked funny lines and was too short for the type of episode that was written.

    Toothpaste was a great little script, but this one was a bit plain. With all due respect – I know how hard it is to write any form of script, and I am currently around 30 odd pages in to writing my own OFAH one. I am sure I’ll get many critisms etc. I have experienced ‘writers block’ for a few months now. I am almost tempted to grab some ideas on here from fellow fans. Shame I can’t PM you privately.

    Anyway, keep the scripts coming.

    • ComedyRemixed says:

      I have to agree with you, It is hard to write a script, especially a Longer one, Because their is a fine Balance between keeping the Audience engaged and Providing enough of a storyline and Funny Dialogue etc.

      It is much easier to write a short script, such as toothpaste, and fill it with little gags and jokes, but when writing a longer script, like this one, i had to focus more on the story, of course, if this was a real episode on TV, it would be even longer than this.

      I think most people can knock out a short 3-5 minute script, and it can be pretty funny, but Nobody (on this website at least) has come anywhere near the standard of John Sullivan in writing a 60 minute + script, and i doubt anyone ever will.

      Anyway, i did enjoy writing this script, Thanks for reading it, and i look forward to reading yours :)

  10. Ryan says:

    This just wets the appetite for a real new episode to be made!

    Come on one last time, the series has to end with del getting married. Would be perfect ending, as perfect as it could be in my opinion.

    How can we get the trotters back for one last time everybody? Any ideas? Because i want it to happen so much , but i cant see it happening, and thats so sad as Del boy needs one last outing and to get married.

    • Griff says:

      But isn’t part of the brilliance of Fools, that we encounter many unanswered questions which adds to the mysticality (if that is a word) to many elements to the show – i.e Del Boy never actually marrying. Or, why we never really encountered many other Trotter members? Or why we never saw some of Del’s dodgy trading mates such as Paddy the Greek?

      I cannot mock your desperate plea’s for a new show. I too would love to see one final show.

      It is so unlikely. You would have to get a petition together or something. I wonder if Zane and co could create an online petition on here? Get thousands of auto-signatures, and get everyone at this years convention to sign and send off to the BBC?

      The BBC’s comedy department and chiefs need to physically hear requests to bring this back.

      It will be fresh in their minds that the last trilogy flopped. And, it did flop – no matter what we think.

      • Griff says:

        Feel I should justify my harsh words regarding the trilogy of 2001/2002/2003.

        By ‘Flop’, I mean by OFAH standards. Sure, the viewing figures were great, but every bit of feedback I heard was negative. Even the hardcore fans recognise that it just didn’t work.

        This isn’t John’s fault, neither the actors’. It’s case of times change..people’s taste in comedy changes and people like to see new comedy and new ideas.

        We, the hardcore base of fans are very much in the miniority.

      • Ryan says:

        Fantastic idea about petition sounds like a plan to me. The last 3 episodes weren’t up to the standards of the 1996 trilogy but part of the problem was that 1996 trilogy was ridiculously Classic from start to finish they were fantastically actored and written shows in 1996 it was always going to be difficult to maintain that high standard of comedy mixed in with emotion.

        However they 2001, 02 and 03 episodes left us with mememorable moments, although not a patch on the 1996 trilogy still in their own way good.

        The 1996 trilogy was extra special.

        But that doesn’t mean to say a new episode del getting married to raquel couldn’t be a return to a classic OFAH, the scope for making this episode is huge, like i said us OFAH fans can visualise the episode, it would definately work as the story is their to be told with this one, think del getting married would definately have massive potential for humour, emotion and a fitting ending for OFAH.
        Anyway lets start this petition. Surley the actors would comeback for dels wedding, i know John sadly cant write it but del getting married would be a fitting tribute and a wonderful ending to the series

      • Ryan says:

        Any news on this petition?

        They need to be starting filming soon if its for this xmas looking unlikely isn’t it! lol

        Those going to convention please encourage the cast members who attend to comeback with one final OFAH you never know the more of you that suggest it could have an impact

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