5 Responses to “Sport Relief sketch with Trigger”

  1. Rob says:

    Yes great! What ashame Jim wont write anymore or at least a one off xmas special or GGG xmas special feature length where del and rodders visit Boycie (Jim clearly has great ideas for the characters & knows them well) I just wish he would bring them back.

    • Ashton says:

      Same Rob this is a show Jim wrote for most of the time anyway bringing it back once isn’t going to ruin the legacy as some would say if Jim does this he will not disappoint come on Jim do us proud

      • Rob says:

        I would keep it just del and Rodney I think, then let them have a fun xmas at Boycies farm. The situation is amusing already, so much potential this should be made, could have del struggling find the farm cos he has a dodgy satnav that only talks in’FRENCH’ how funny would this be!!!!!! He could tell Rodney ‘shut up you tart,i understand French you plonker, let me listen and I will get us to the right place’ & then they turn up at a rough looking farm (‘BLIMEY BOYCIES FALLEN ON HARD TIMES AINT HE) with a dog that chases Rodney and then they knock on door and someone starts shooting them and sys ‘get off my land’
        (there you go Jim, I have given you an idea now get writing it!)

  2. Griff says:


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