4 Responses to “Tweet or Meet Boycie”

  1. Griff says:

    I reckon Rich Hall would make a good Yank Boycie.

    Rico from Miami Twice to play Del Boy???

  2. MegaMuncheeZ says:

    Good post!
    Just tweeted John asking who he wants to play him in the American version of OFAH he replied:

    “I’d like Tom Selleck to give it a go. He’s a good comedic actor and has a fine moustache too.I met him once.”

    I can see the resemblance to be honest lol, what a legend! :P

  3. Griff says:

    Don’t get mixed up with the fake account of @BoycieBot

  4. Adam Green says:

    Thanks will follow, any other only fools stars on twitter?

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