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  1. Jan Mulde says:

    Last night I met John Challis at one of his ‘Being Boycie’ events, and asked him about any scenes that were particularly memorable for him but never made it to screen.

    He first talked about the infamous Boycie/Mickey/Jevon scene which was featured on this site previously.

    However he did talk a little about another scene which never made it to air which I don’t think has been mentioned before.

    It was a scene that was recorded for an episode in series four and again featured Boycie and Marlene’s dog Duke. Boycie and Marlene attend a gypsy wedding but Marlene is upset that Duke hasn’t been invited. John said that one his lines was

    ‘Well it’s not often that great dane’s are invited to weddings’.

    I thought this might be of interest to the fans to see if anyone could work out what episode this might of come from.

    • Griff says:

      These are the sorts of questions I will be asking when I attend one of his gigs. Although, I am going to refrain from reading more about his gig’s because I want it all to be fresh!

      I tweeted John Challis some time ago and asked if he or any of the actors received unedited copies of OFAH to which he replied, no!

      Fuck you, BBC.

    • kurt says:

      sleeping dogs lie

  2. milan says:

    Order off book for Serbia is it possible her and how,thank you very much!

  3. Ryan Akerman says:

    I met John today in Sheffield and what a lovely guy! he spoke with fans at length and instead of being rushed through like a lot of book signings, he had time for everyone! wow! even gave me some inside information regarding an early episode :D cant wait to read the book and if you read this John you made my day and it was an absolute pleasure to meet you! Ryan

  4. CHRIS BENSON says:

    Hi just letting everyone know that on Saturday October 1st at 9am on http://www.bcbradio.co.uk, i’ll be hosting my weekly community radio show ‘Saturday Superstore’ on BCB Radio Bradford. I’ll be interviewing John Challis about his new book ‘Being Boycie’ – don’t miss it!

  5. stephen gwinnett says:

    just letting only fools fans in west midlands area know that john challis will be signing copies of his autobiography at waterstones in wolverhampton on friday the 14th of october between 12.30pm – 1.30pm. i shall definatly be there.

  6. roll the dice says:

    didnt any body see this ?? http://www.itv.com/itvplayer/video/?Filter=273203 nik lyndhurst interview towards the end

  7. Sleathy says:

    I have just watched it on itv player …It was John Challis, Sue Holderness and Tessa Peake-Jones …. and it was a really great 10 minutes or so!

  8. daniel says:

    On the Alan Titchmarsh show today (september 19th) it featured some of the only fools and horses cast, in a 15 minute interview to celebrate its 30th anniversary, It should be on the itv player if anyone missed it….

  9. Danboy says:

    I am looking forward to this book also, has the potential to be a great read.

    Also can anybody tell me if the recently released OFAH official inside story by Steve Clark is any good? Will probably get it anyway!

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