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  1. Sharon Plume says:

    There’s no such cheese as double gossiper, you plonker. Rodney says it’s Double GLOUCESTER. 🤦‍♂️

  2. Paul says:

    In miracle of Peckham there is a audio edit, the original music when the priest and del see the statue crying has been replaced on the dvd.

  3. Paul Hawkins says:

    Just checked the american DVD region 1 and these edits plus a couple not mentioned here (in the nags head scene at the start – 2 further cuts are in the UK DVD) are all intact in the US DVD

  4. Calvin says:

    TEA FOR THREE FULLY UNCUT!! Full episode on Vimeo


  5. Koolio says:

    There is a cut in ep2, The Miracle of Peckham which I have never understood. I watched it when first broadcast, and recorded the re-run in 1987 which I still have on VHS. The lines cut are when Del announces he is going to church:
    Del: I’m going to church
    Rodney: No, come on where you going?
    Del: I’m going to church
    Rodney: Why?

    Was cut to:
    Del: I’m going to church
    Rodney: Why?

    Not massively key to the plot but it has confused me for years, but if as others suggest it was to trim it down from 35 to 30 minutes that would explain it

    • Lee says:

      Do you still have the uncut version of The Miracle of Peckham?

    • Rob M says:

      There is also another cut in ‘a miracle of Peckham’ – when Rodney has all that slop fall on him, he’s picks up Albert’s kipper and sniffs it and yells: ‘ALBERT!’

      the kipper sniffing scene is cut.

    • Calvin says:

      Just been watching Tea for Three on Gold On Demand on My Sky box and I’m so happy to say that it is completely uncut and I think all the OFAH episodes are on there and I think they are all uncut, I am checking them right now but if you have Sky TV with Internet on the box, search only fools and horses and they should all show up, but they are running out around New Years unfortunately.

    • TheUndertaker says:

      Can you send me a copy of Miracle Of Peckham, Koolio.
      Is the quality excellent?

  6. makkers1 says:

    I am personally a bit disappointed that P–i was considered appropriate, same with all the other derogatory irish references. Ofah, although a cracking series was flagging somewhat after miami twice. It has since watching this gone down a notch or two in my estimation.

  7. Laurence Reed says:

    Tonight (10/09/2011) GOLD showed “Tea For Three” with all the shown sequences in tact.

  8. markross says:

    can anyone confirm if there is an american box set with no cuts as i have heard this

    • Ronnie says:

      The american set is the same as the UK one, apart from the lines removed for offense, these lines are not deleted on the american one. I tunes one is uncut.

  9. Phil says:

    I think the cheese Rodney mentioned was Lymeswold


    It was a brand new cheese released around the time.

  10. Elvis Tribute Darren Rivers says:

    Thanks for the article! I sold all my VHS and was dissapointed that some scenes are cut from Royal Flush, where Del is in the opera!

  11. Ronnie says:

    As far as I know episodes were not broadcast once lasting 35 minutes and then cut for rebroadcast. But I never saw the originals. There are a lot of episodes which were cut before broadcast, no one except the BBC has these copy’s. Its possible John Sullivan might have them but I doubt it. Some say the unused scenes were destroyed.

  12. Den says:

    I found this on Youtube..
    It contains the Missing/cuts

    It’s great..check it out!


  13. Den says:

    Yep it’s such a shame to cut the eps
    TEA FOR THREE is my fav and a fantastic ep.
    I remember the original where Albert sings..I need to get hold of a copy of that again…

  14. Dave Cigs says:

    Not forgetting that all the episodes of S5 ran to 35 minutes each and have never been shown in their original versions since 1985! So the cuts you refer to are the cuts of already cut episodes! I’m so glad I recorded S5 on it’s original broadcast and have the 35 minute versions to watch!!

  15. Ronnie says:

    Someone has set up a facebook group about DVD cuts. Not sure how to link to it, should come up in a search.

  16. Trig says:

    love it mate – brilliant article


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