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  1. Bart Simpson says:

    This is a insult to John Sullivan and OFAH. Typical Americans. They have to ruin everything don’t they!

  2. Rudge says:


    This is a great parody of a possible American OFAH, by Matt Lucas and co.

  3. Rudge says:

    A really bad idea. If Americans can’t understand a classic comedy, because they are too stupid, then don’t bother (as some one else said, we make an effort to watch and understand their TV programmes and films and enjoy them) – they should stick to their simple, obvious and unfunny humour like Friends and Frasier. Just look at what they did to the Office – a hilarious, fresh comedy in the UK, which was sensibly kept to two series by Gervais and co, whereas in the US they have produced about a dozem “seasons” [sic] of their own version, which is mind munbingly dull and lacks the cutting eddge, pathos, blackness and irony of the original. Don’t do the same with OFAH!

  4. Shomi says:


  5. Alf Winkworth says:

    For many year we British have watched hundreds of American films and TV shows of all kinds.It may have taken us a while to get used to the American accents and slang words and the different humour..but we got there in the end and enjoyed them without any change from the original.Do I take it that the Americans are not able to understand anything not made in America,,what a sad lot.Keep Del and Rodders British.

  6. oliver morann says:

    I’ve just had a thought as to why they are doing this. Is it cheaper to “Remake” a foreign tv series rather than buy in the original?

  7. michael says:

    the few members of the first in the states you can watch them there a friend said the miami twice went down very well

  8. Jack H says:

    OFAH Should stay in the UK. No one will ever be able to remake the work of John sullivan

  9. frank says:

    Remember. They’re making for the American public. They liked the Office when it was tweaked for the Americans. If they make this for the Americans and don’t try to rewrite the original. No reason why they shouldn’t manage a success. Good luck to them. I’ll always cherish the original.

  10. Kez says:

    ‘My Name is Earl’ features two brothers with a dubious background of hucksterism and general shiftiness. Nothing like Del and Rodders, but a great show nonetheless. It’s typically American comedy, like OFAH is typically English. Leave it at that, ok?
    As has already been said, The Office USA version evolved into something to suit american audiences. This will do the same. Americans who like English humour don’t want American versions. They like the originals!
    If it must be done, call it something different. Don’t defaecate in the nest.

  11. nothappyofahfan says:

    Please god do NOT let the yanks destroy a British treasure. I seems that most good things are somehow Americanised and just ruined. This John Leguismamasmooo bloke? Are they having a laugh? This idiot dosen’t even come close to the class that David Jason has. This would be the worst thing ever done in the history of TV.

    How about a new Some Mothers Do have em? It could star Arnold Squarznegger as Frank and erm…umm…Katy Perry as Betty?


  12. David says:

    I just hope it doesn’t end up like Payne, the American remake of Fawlty Towers, which was so bad, while watching one episode I literally fell asleep with boredom.

  13. Angelo says:

    When I first heard about the American version I said: “the single worst idea I’ve ever heard in my life”. I’m sticking to that, as every single thing about the original series is completely against what the American’s do; the more I think about the trademark Only Fools things the worse the idea becomes. The Jolly Boys’ Outings for instance: how on earth will they remake a lads day out to a traditional British Sea-Side location where by way of misfortune and another “hooky” deal by Del the coach blows up?! Then there’s Miami Twice: where will the US Del and Rod travel to to be able to carry that hilarious story line forward? Uncle Albert – a so-called “war hero” who prides himself on fighting against the might of the German Luftwaffe who eventually turns out to be a “garity old git” (in Del’s own words) who had it away with women in France, found out by Del and Rod in a trip to France for a war memorial in which they accidentally bring an illegal immigrant back. But then there’s the biggest thing of all: the OFAH legacy. 20 (give-or-take) of those actors lives were dedicated to what, arguably, is the greatest comedy drama of all time. People grue up with it; people became part of the family, especially with the “Freddy-the-frog” storyline which spread years and lead to a prequel spin-off. I think the finished product will be desperately loosely based upon the original, which even though is the only way of which it could slightly work, still misses the point completely. The end!

  14. Hayley says:

    British comedy can’t be Americanised.

    I got 3 words for you;

    Red. Dwarf. USA.

  15. Guido says:

    They did a DSutch version ofd OFAH some 15 years ago.
    It ran 1 season with well known Dutch actors..

    Butit simply didn’t have the British touch or chemistry and ran for only 1 season.
    I think the U.S. will be the same.

    There is only one Del and Rodney.


  16. Mark R says:

    Oh dear which 24 carat plonker thought OFAH would translate to USA in 2012? As we all know the whole series is tied up with London and the 80s/90s – it was a one off that worked brilliantly in its environment at a point in time.
    Sticking a dodgy american bloke in a van isn’t going to cut the mustard!!! The first mistake is describing Delboy as a ‘lowlife scamster’. We all know this is not really the case, he has a heart of gold.

  17. terry says:

    i just can not get my head around this i can’t see it working an american remake of the office is ok and can work because its centered in and around the office but for 2 american brothers and there grandad or uncle going out and doing different scams and earners around where ever its based in america i just cant see it working only fools and horses like someone said was solely based on 2 london brothers pulling off dodgy earners even john sullivan himself said every charectoristic thing del boy done was from people he met or knew from chain smoking cigars to drinking dodgy cocktails even the bad french he knew someone that thought he could speak french but spoke it completely wrong,short of it is i cant see it working they should leave this one be maybe they should try open all hours theres plenty of shops in america they can use for that

  18. FTM29 says:

    I’m a yank who is a fan of Ofah too. I think it could work fine IF they don’t try to recreate the slang, jokes and such. I don’t see them trying to make it a Cockney in America situation. I think it would be a totally American cast with writing directed that way. Sanford and Son was a US black version of Steptoe and Son and was hugely popular and funny as heck. The US Version of The Office never tried to bring in a British cast. They made it a wholly Amercian locale and used an American cast.

    The underlying premise could work in almost any big city like NYC or LA. I have seen these types of “day traders” while living in both cities and the huge pile of inner city humor that could come from this could be endless. As a prior commenter stated, “Take it and devlop it into something different.”

  19. djr says:

    its just not right
    look at what happend with US red dwarf and US fawlty towers
    you cannot simply rewrite all the gags for american context
    and as only fools is in my opinion englands best loved comedy ever i am really against this

  20. Sam J says:

    I can imagine it working if American Del was a back-street New Yorker kinda guy

  21. ThomasGriffith says:

    I have a feeling that the show may just be successful – because it’s America. It’ll live up to the hype.

    Look at the Amercian version of The Office. This was deemed a success. They even developed it with the original intention of being exactly like the British show, to evolving it to something different. As it went on, it became more and more popular.

    There’s always a chance. I’ll give it half a chance.

  22. Jonathan says:

    Although I only have a years experience in the acting industry I believe I could ensure some JS depth if I was to be involved with this project in any capacity. I fully understand every single concern about the prospect of a US version. Of course, there is no way it could ever come remotely close to the brilliance of even series 1. Ofah was remarkable because every moment was so befitting for it’s time within the context of the UK culture, way of thinking, interacting & the country’s outlook. Sadly these “good ol’ days” are long gone forever.
    Speaking for myself, I grew up avidly (my peers often described as “obsessed”) on “Only Fools” from a very young age, I even had a replica van at the age of 16. It’s in my blood & has without doubt shaped my character for life.
    I think if it was extremely carefully written & made respectfully, with a British undertone it could be delivered in a way that all of us could fondly enjoy without ever feeling the need for (pointless) comparison.
    In my opinion it would have to be conveyed to the viewers as a tasteful evolution of Johns work, with acknowledgement of some of his finest moments as a writer/gag man.
    I would also think it would be good if a few characters from the Britsh versions made cameo/regular appearances. Eg Boycie & Marlene living it up in the States(?).
    Perhaps the UK/USA differences in humour could bounce off eachother well.

    With all that being said, it’d still one hell of a bloody task to pull off a US version well no matter what the approach!

    I guess I’m clutching at straws, I got into acting too late. I enquired about Rock & Chips but sadly was after the filming of the last episode. John died approximately a week after my email.

    PLEASE don’t get me wrong anyone!! I’m no longer an ambitious actor (for me acting is currently on hold) I just feel that in my time I would like to do something ofah related if the opportunity ever arises.

    He who dares, wins!


  23. Donna says:

    Who’s blomin idea was this? Was someone avin a day off? Americans?? They dont do our humor, the whole point of show was about two brothers living in bleeding LONDON!!
    How on earth can they adapt that?
    Someone is avin a larff….because if they think they can pull it off they are mistaken. It dont take Bamber Gascoigne to work that one out.

  24. Martin S says:

    HA HA HA, What a bunch of dipsticks, IT WONT WORK IN THE USA, can’t beleive they are even thinking it will, why can’t people leave classics alone, JS was one of the greats and i think he would turn in his grave God rest his sole, as Oliver Moran said earlier in the blog “it fully belongs to John” and should remain that way and NOT become some American CR*P which they will try and take credit for, makes me so angry, Bonjour

  25. Abdul Azim says:

    …….Exactly, (agreeing with most comments on here) how in the hell can you have an east end based ‘classic’ airing in America???? Its like saying the BBC trying to create an english version of Dallas or something, it just wouldnt work! Besides it wouldnt have the East London feel to it. And who can you get to play trigger???? the legendary plonker!

  26. raymondo says:

    ofh is our’s all our’s it wont work in usa.
    they dont have our fantastic original cast member’s
    trigger’del,boycie.marlene,in fact everybody..
    it’s a british tradition that you will never get tired of
    especially in my house.ttfn no1 fan….

  27. shane says:

    No Way Pedro!! I sincerely hope that this ridiculous idea of ofah in america does NOT materialise in anyway shape or form, you cannot ruin the best comedy programme ever created and written by the late genius John Sullivan, it would be a disgrace to his memory. If anything was going to be done then there should be a one off christmas special maybe to tie up the loose ends and to see how the remaining characters lives have unfolded and what they are up to now but it should stay in Britian where it belongs as this was its birthplace.

  28. Scott Guest says:

    the only thing left for only fools and horses in my mind would be a new episode in tribute to John. A single, one off episode where any loose ties and wrapped up and where we ultimately face the death of Del. One of the best things John did with only fools was to wrap together a masterpiece of comedy with some brilliant drama, making us all connect and care for the characters in question. IF a writer/writing team exists that would be capable of such an episode, then I believe it should be done. Of course, the script would have to be approved by all involved and perhaps a rough take of the episode could be recorded in order to test how well it would come across on TV. I simply believe that saying goodbye to Del would be seen as being connected to saying goodbye to John, just imagine the roller coaster ride of emotion involved in that. My only reservation about THAT situation would be that I honestly don’t believe a writer/writing team exists that could pull it off.

    Of course this american remake should not go ahead. from what I have read elsewhere about it, the show sounds like it should fall under an entirely different brand. Perhaps they should make it, but certainly not call it only fools and horses and much of what is being proposed should be scrapped.

  29. admin says:

    Newspapers are claiming Robin Williams, would make a fitting Uncle Albert in a U.S. version of the show

  30. Kyle James says:

    They shouldnt ruin this very good british sitcom and not put it to the US cause it would just ruin this fantastic sitcom that John sulivan made Only fools and horses should be laid to rest in peace with John its a classic british sitcom and i love it the US will just ruin it and to be honest i dont think it would work 3 americans puttin on cockney accents.

  31. Ljubomir Vučinić says:

    They should leave John Sullivan’s heritage to rest in peace together with him. Knowing how minds of corporate heads work these days, they probably will do the opposite for the sake of profit, and rape the art, the beauty and everything that OFAH were thanks to John Sullivan.

    It would be shameful even if someone from BBC would mess with new episodes made without John Sullivan’s scripts, and those few who are left from original cast.

    It should have ended with that walk into sunset in the final scene of “Time on our hands”. That was a perfect, masterpiece ending.

    Please let OFAH rest where they belong – in our memories.

    • oliver Moran says:

      I agree Ljubomir Vučinić. This is bad. I cant see ever how this could work in the US. The characters would be all out of place and it would look stupid. They are making a cockney series in the US. and how could anyone expect to match up to the brilliant creation and writing of John Sullivan? There is only one person that that classic FULLY belongs to and that is John himself. No one should let the US do this. Its our beautiful series written by a loving kind humble person and its ours forever. It may have finished now but will be in our hearts and memories forever.

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