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  1. Fiona Langton says:

    Hi all, I’m about to put a Yellow Paged (final version) full original script on Ebay for the Christmas Special for Fatal Extraction 1993 S7 E10! It’s in great condition and was obtained on the night of filming as we went to see it in person by invitation of a friend of the crew.
    Not signed but all pages accounted for and well cared for over the years.
    Before I do, I wanted to reach out to the fans and ask if this was something of interest? Happy to discuss options before I place it on that platform. Thanks, Fi

  2. Dips says:

    Hi, re the exploding van – any photos of it? Would you be interested in selling it?

  3. luke oshea phillips says:


    If someone who is running this site
    could please contact me… That would be epic..

    Images never seen before.



  4. Gary Pentleton says:

    I may have come across a rare find indeed
    Are you familiar with the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.
    The exploding Del Boy van , then Batman and Robin jumped out of it , the van was designed to fall apart and with lights and explosions ( this can be viewed on YouTube) and can be Googled , it was to celebrate the best of British at the closing Ceremony of the games at the Olympic stadium London , with the world and Prince William and Kate looking on .
    I have the original van with all its collapsible drop down panels.
    A true one off .

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