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  1. shutupyoutart says:

    Re the external gardens point, we didn’t see a coffin in Strained Relations, could it be his ashes were buried with someone else, his wife Violet maybe?

    Went down Ravenscourt Park on Saturday night, the place hasn’t changed at all, bar the 7/7 bombing memorial, however I couldn’t help but jump into the pool to see what it was like lol!

  2. Does anybody know the 2nd reggae song denzel was listening to at the very end as he goes by on his roller skates.

  3. Dominic says:

    Does anyone know why they changed the line below? Originally Linford Christie was used, then the line was cut from DVD’s now it has Seb Coe badly dubbed instead.

    He chased him he did! A mile and ‘alf through Deptford!
    Denzil was 300 yards from his front door. And he put in a kick! I tell you, Seb Coe ain’t even in the picture when he’s got a smell of money in his nostrils!

  4. Mystery Bidder says:

    Whenever Del, Rodney and Uncle Albert are heading out to the balcony, watch carefully at the curtain and you can see the microphone moving from right to left.

  5. Ollie Dann says:

    The cemetery scene was actually all filmed on location. As this scene is quite a long one, they must’ve decided to take studio cameras on location and record to video tape. Then, when the scene cuts to Del on the roof (shot on an entirely different day), they switched back to film. At the time, film was a more traditional medium for location shooting as the equipment was compact, agile and didn’t require external recording devices or mains power.

    This reminds me of a great Monty Python sketch where Graham Chapman’s character announces, ‘Gentlemen. This room is surrounded by film”. Very funny.

    • Stephen Morgan says:

      I think the most jarring use of film are the flat scenes in To Hull and Back! Even as a kid, I knew something looked very different, I just couldn’t work out what it was.

  6. George says:

    i love this quote from this episode

    Oh yeah. There’s nothing like that good ol’ fashioned cockney knees-up number, Knees-Up Mother Patel.

  7. Billy says:

    How come del had to raise 2 grand to get the “louvry” doors when they was nicking them from the warehouse. Why does del pay teddy Cummings 2 grand to assist him in stealing some doors?

  8. Cushty says:

    I was in Ravenscourt Park today where the end of the butterfly scene was filmed. Took a couple of photos and posted them on this site


  9. Cushty says:

    At this years convention I told Paul Barber how much I liked the scene with the butterfly. He responded by getting me to put my hands out to low five me whilst saying the line ‘I’ll see you down the pub later Del’ What a great guy for humouring me, he’s probably sick of it.

  10. paul w says:

    were Denzils brothers actually coming for Del, because at the time Denzil would have been at the job centre after the pursuit at the market, then he was skating through the park so he wouldn’t have found time to set his brothers on Del

  11. Andrea says:

    To me in that episode the voice of Nicholas sounded as if he had a cold or so – somewhat throaty, little bit nasal… or is it my ears?

    I also wondered if they gave Nicholas a wetsuit or something else for underwear for that water scene, as you can see that the wheather must have been cold and I think this bath was not really funny then ;-)

  12. paul c says:

    Can anybody tell us were the park scenes in ‘As one door closes’ were filmed?

  13. Rich says:

    In As one Door Closes, watch Delboy all the time during the conversation with Rodney when he thinks his hair is falling out. At one point David Jason begins speaking over Buster Merryfield’s lines and is also about to stand up to walk over to Rodney who is standing at the mirror. He realizes he is too soon and sits back down again and waits for Albert to finish his lines first!

  14. george says:

    what is the name of the song denzil is listening to at the market

  15. Philip says:

    Classic episode. Denzil’s always been one of my favourites, and the chase through the market is priceless!!!

  16. admin says:

    In As one Door Closes, Del dials Brendan’s number but his first words in the call were “Tell him I’ve got the louvre doors and he can pick them up any time he likes”. Surely he needed to tell the person who answered the phone who he was first? Or inquire as to whether Brendan was there?

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