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  1. gemma says:

    In Dates the hostel Raquel stays at is the same hostel Vimmal stays at in Cash and Curry.

  2. Danny P says:

    In Dates isnt the railway bridge in either Bonnington Walk Lockleaze Bristol Or Constable Road Lockleaze Bristol.

  3. Dave Fry says:

    Googling Tessa Peake-Jones singing at the end of this episode bought me here … 99% sure it was her now. And rewound to see Del Boy mouthing Albert’s line … you’re right!

  4. Jackie says:

    I noticed in heroes and villains Rodney say let go then in he ain’t heavy he mind uncle when he get mugged he say again let go

  5. Gerry says:

    who is singing the slow boat to china song when Del gets nicked?
    is it Raquel?

    • Rob M says:

      Yes, I belive it is indeed Tessa Peake-Jones singing that song. It sounds very much like her singing voice.

  6. dave saville says:

    i live in bristol: any idea where the location is where rodney picks up nerris out side of her house..

  7. Reezbow says:

    In Dates, when Albert says to Rodney about his date” where u taking her scrumping” as he says those line del boy says them…


  8. Rich says:

    This is the first episode with the Nags Head’s new interior design. The door leading to the back room seen in “to Hull and back” and “Video Nasty” has been removed, the old archway to the right of the bar which led to the entrance in all pre “Dates” episodes has been blocked in and wall seats put there (the seats Del and Rodney are sat on when Raquel begins stripping), and the back wall now has a window which looks out to the car park, the car park being where the old back room would have been. The window may have been added espesially for this episode just for the sake of the big joke at the end when Delboy sees the police car through the window. There again showing the genius of Fools and Horses. The scripts are so good and storyline twists so important that even the set design has no limits poetic licence!!

    • Griff says:

      I have to say that it’s quite bizarre that the OFAH production team mocked up quite a few different looking Nags Head pubs. They didn’t get it consistently right for a good few series.

      Out of all the ‘Nags Head’ set-ups, my favorite is definitely the one featured in To Hull and Back. A really classic looking drinking pub with real characters and a good sense of an atmosphere.

  9. Mr. Jahan says:

    In Dates, the arresting officers enter the pub from the back door where their “panda car” is parked. Yet, they arrest Del and take him out of the front entrance and walk him around to the car park in the back. Ironically when they entered the pub you can see a sign above the back door that reads “EXIT TO CAR PARK”.

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