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  1. shutupyoutart says:

    Re the Crossroadspoint, don’t many people watch TV in the dark, I certainly do, feels great!

  2. Mike says:

    This is the only episode in which Trigger refers to Rodney as Rodney after Rodney asks Trigger why he calls him Dave.

  3. Deepthroat Ghoul says:

    In response to when Del and Grandad came up with their plan to get the bungalow, I believe that it was cooked up before Rodney went to the meeting, and they planned to trick the current chairman into giving up his position to Rodders.

  4. Mr. Jahan says:

    In Homesick, when Rodney finds out Del had the lifts broken down and Del runs away to answer the doorbell, when Del shuts the inner door Rodney awkwardly hits the shutting door & the door then shuts on Rodney’s tie.

    In response to the comment about Margaret exiting the flat to the left to go to the lifts BUT in a Royal Flush the lifts are close to the flat on the right hand side, well, if you remember the lifts dont work in this episode, cuz Del broke it. So she was walking to the stairs :-) so we assume.

    In response to the comment about Delboy about to laugh while talking about Lords/Lourdes well if you notice when Del puts the slice of orange to Grandads mouth earlier Grandad was holding back a laugh and when Delboy says Grandad’s “brains went years ago” Grandad lifts his shoulders as if he was holding a laugh, it seems during that scene Grandad had the giggles and it rubbed off on Del.

    In response to Grandad wearing his hat when the hat was on his chair earlier, well, the scene is later on when he is wearing the hat because Rodney went out & came back after buying oranges. One might think Rodney got them with the shopping he and Del came back with, but when Rodney came in the room he commented that he didnt know Del was in there, also Del asked what Rodney got (if he got grandad some grapes) & also it was in its own paper bag. All three facts point to the fact Rodney didnt buy it when they went shopping together. Easy for Grandad to get his hat or Del to have gotten it for him while Rodney was out buying oranges.

  5. Alex Thompson says:

    One of the observations says about grandad’s allotment, but this could easily of been their other grandads allotment (on their mothers side). In The Russians Are Coming, Del and Rodney talk about the allotment with grandad right next to them as if they are talking about their other grandad.


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