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  1. dan says:

    Just watched Miami Twice on Netflix, I’ve seen it umpteen times before and immediately noticed the second half, ‘oh to be in England’ has been hacked to pieces, really poorly.

    The cuts don’t even make sense, entire bits of dialogue missing, the Jet Ski scene is butchered; in one scene, Mike and Sid are talking at the bar in the nags head, you can hear their conversation which has been cut, while their lips aren’t moving…

    Scenes between Rico and Del are changded, when Del tells Rico how back home he’s a yuppy, for some reason Rico just leaves the room mid converation.

    I really just don’t understand the absolutely hackery, if any ofah fan watches it on Netflix they’ll see what I mean, it isn’t music rights, it seems to be an attempt to get the fun time down.

    But God knows why when the Irishman on Netflix is about 64 hours long, at least that’s how it felt.

  2. Tim Roll-Pickering says:

    The DVD combined episode seems to be the same as the 1990s VHS release.

    The version on Britbox is again separate episodes but with the second heavily cut – it seems to be the same as the Netflix version. A lot of the scenes back in the UK are cut with Buster Merryfield’s credited co-starring role reduced to almost a cameo and I think some of the other credited actors are completely missing.

  3. Paul says:

    I am currently restoring all cuts to there original broadcast versions using a professional video editor. Does anyone have a good quality clip of the clip of Rodney in the skip from Miracle of Peckham??

    • Lee says:

      Paul, I may be able to help here mate, whats your email?

      • Billy says:

        It would be great if sombody could put run times up,
        Ie frogs legacy on Amazon run time is 59 mins 32 secs,
        Run time on dvd is 5 mins 30 secs
        To hull and back on Amazon 1hr 30 min 27 secs
        Dvd is 1 hour 30 min 26 secs

        • Billy says:

          It would be great if sombody could put run times up,
          Ie frogs legacy on Amazon run time is 59 mins 32 secs,
          Run time on dvd is 59 mins 30 secs
          To hull and back on Amazon 1hr 30 min 27 secs
          Dvd is 1 hour 30 min 26 secs

    • Clinton says:

      Hi everyone, I’m new on here but I’m a massive fan of OFAH and I’ve got the full uncut versions of the following

      Miami Twice both part 1&2
      A Royal Flush
      The Jolly Boys Outing
      Tea For Three

      These are not TV broadcasts, these I got on from another collector who gave them to me as I’m trying to do a full complete box set. If these are good to anyone, please let me know and maybe we can do a trade and help each other.

      The quality of them are top class high quality.

  4. Paul says:

    I am currently putting together an Uncut version of Miami twice in its original broadcasted state using three seperate versions of MT. I’m using a GOLD repeat, a recent BBC repeat and the DVD release as my sources. The BBC edit is surprisingly edited with 10 minutes of cuts. This is the same version on Netflix which runs to 1hr 24mins. The Gold version is almost complete with minor cuts due to PC edits. And the DVD has the edits talked about above. I’m using the BBC cut as a basic and using the gold edit to fill the caps and using the DVD edit to remove the gold logo. I’m using adobe premiere pro to restore the episodes and I’m very pleased with the end results

    • Paul says:

      The DVD copy also has the sides of the picture cut of as the special was shot in widescreen but for the DVD they have zoomed into the picture to match the then standard TV picture size of 4:3. The two repeat edits are still in widescreen so I’m also restoring the special to its original widescreen format! Also what is cut in the gold edit isn’t cut from the BBC edit so I should have when I’m done a complete version

  5. Calvin says:

    The bit in Part 1 where Rodney is in the room with Damien and talking to Damien and Del can hear everything on the baby monitor, he then talks through the baby monitor to Rodney. Baby monitors are only one way, so that’s not even possible. I know, it’s a bit picky but it really annoys me this scene.

    • Billy says:

      Don’t worry if you look del presses a transmit button so the voice goes through, some baby monitors allow you to talk back

  6. Cushty says:

    The link to the ‘Cuts weebly’ website is no longer active. Anyone able to publish that table of dvd/vhs cuts somewhere else? Ta

  7. Calvin says:


    I have just compared Miami Twice and it contains the lines which say they are cut as well as being a 2 part episode like original.

    I haven’t compared the others yet but Miami Twice Part 1 and 2 are separate and fully uncut, as for now Netflix UK has Season 1, 2 and all the specials available on demand.

    • Paul says:

      Unfortunately it’s cut in other places, if the Netflix version runs to 1hr 24m it’s got nearly 10 minutes hacked out of it.

  8. manicboy says:

    Does anyone know if the episode is uncut on the BBC Google play store?. I know people have mentioned its available uncut but isn’t on iTunes yet for some reason. I came across Miami twice, as well as other ofah eps on YouTube were pay viewable only, apparently through Google play.

    • Ronnie says:

      It will be uncut if its in two episodes, if it appears as one episode, it will be cut most likely.

      • Ronnie says:

        The versions on Youtube are in two parts, so are likely uncut.

        • manicboy says:

          Thanks for that. Shame no one has uploaded the uncut version to YouTube for free. All I’ve seen is the cut version with the silly and unnecessary laughter track, and even that has been messed with by having the the picture cropped so its unwatchable, likely by YouTube due to copyright. Even the above mentioned links to missing scenes come up with “video removed due to copyright”.

  9. del boy fan says:

    I think I have the complete uncut collection. They say Paki and chink a lot in it are these uncut I’m not sure. Please reply

  10. Rob M says:

    I agree with manicboy – miami twice gets a lot of heat from people for possibly being the worst only fools episode made.

    but I like it – I love how we get to see Miami, those beautiful palm trees outside the nightclub, and the night-sky, absolutley gorgeous.

    also David Jason playing 2 completley different characters in the same episode – just shows you what a fine actor sir David is.

    I do feel a lot of only fools viewers are far too harsh on this episode, their approach is: ‘Del playing 2 parts is dumb’ – I’m like, just lighten up, it’s a joke, it’s tongue in cheek, just enjoy it’

  11. Manicboy says:

    I have searched for the Miami Twice episode via itunes store, but the comes up with nothing. The only series itunes has available are from series 1-7, with additional single eps and the christmas specials and feature episodes, incl Jolly Boys Outing, Frogs Legacy, Fatal Extraction, etc, pretty much every single special is available, but not Oh to be in England/Miami Twice for some reason. I did definately read somewhere that this ep is available on itunes – and uncut. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.

    • Lee says:

      I have the uncut version, it is always broadcast in full on GOLD

      • Manicboy says:

        Nice to hear that Lee, but are you sure it’s been completely uncut on Gold? and not just the known cuts that are on the DVD version?. I’m saying this as I notice the odd tiny cut here and there on GOLD and BBC showings, and as I’ve mentioned previously I did notice a really ridiculous cut last Christmas time (2013) when they showed A Frog’s Legacy, cutting half way through a scene where Del and Mr Jamil are chatting about Rodney’s job, this thus no doubt leaving the viewer dumbfounded as to what happened next. Whether it was cut the same way on a later repeated showing I don’t know. I don’t like recording off of GOLD because there is likely bits missing during the ad breaks, even if ever so small, and those indents/logos on the screen (the BBC and pretty much every other channerl now do the same), which for me spoils the viewing especially if you’re recording them.

    • Griff says:

      I think it’s mental for ANY ofah fan to suggest this episode is anything short of brilliant.

      I loved it. It’s an exciting and hilarious double-episode.

      How on earth people find this one as one of the worst, I’ll never know.

  12. Manicboy says:

    Also, does anyone know if Miami Twice is uncut on the BBC youtube Store?. Apparently it can be purchased for £1.89. The running time is 1:24:12. The DVD cut version that I’ve seen on youtube (which has both Oh to be in England and Miami Twice together, but is missing the begining titles and a minute or so off the ending) runs at around 1 hr 28 mins, which makes the BBC store version of Miami Twice seem overly long, even if it is the uncut version.

  13. Manicboy says:

    Yes, this is a rare find indeed, I’ve never seen that piece of dialogee before; it’s obviously an outtake or cut take which seemed to have made it onto the promo – maybe used as a teaser?.

    Miami Twice always seems to get the flak for some reason for not being very good, even though it’s not all that bad imo, but just a shame it’s absurdly and unecessarily cut on DVD. I haven’t seen it uncut on TV for a good while, but even if those cut scenes and opening music, etc are intact on the TV showing, there is always other small bits that are cut instead, and UK Gold is no exception either. Gold is atrocious for OFAH cuts, I remember last Xmas watching Frog’s Legacy, and they cut all the remaining (and relevant) dialogue out where Rodney is having a conversion about his new job, it just cut part way through it, likely leaving the viewing confused. I’ve never seen the full, complete version of Miami Twice on BBC1 or Gold for years, even if those DVD cut scenes and music alternations are shown, they always, somewhere, cut small bits out, the most frequent cut I’ve seen in is when Rodders and Del are on the river cruise boat and Del sees who he thinks is when of the Bee Gees outside in his garden; after Barry Gibb turns to the camera and says “I need all this”, they cut the rest of the shot and dialogue of the boat crusing past with Del saying “yeah, it probably was the gardener” to Rodney. That cut always annoys me because I’ve seen it so many times that it’s hard to imagine it not being there. I’m sure somewhere it has been shown uncut on TV, but I’m surprised noone has uploaded it to youtube, because there is the full length DVD version on there, so I doubt it would’ve been removed. I have the second airing of this episide (I think it was the second showing) on VHS taped around 1993, but the recording is of poor quality.

    I’ve heard people say that they’ve seen this episode fully uncut on itunes..is this true?. If it was then I would happily pay for it, but only if I could keep it permanentely, I aint paying for something which expires after I watch it once.

  14. Boomerang Trotter says:

    Has anyone actually contacted the BBC regarding the release of an uncut set?

    All I see is people saying on deal sites that they will not buy until an uncut set is released, but this might be wishful thinking?

  15. Lee says:

    I have found another small cut from cut from Miami Twice Part one. The clip is a BBC1 promo of the original showing in 1991..I’m pretty sure all TV repeats do not have these lines and they are definitely cut from all DVD releases. See link below:


    Del – “I crashed the old money down on the counter and I said, I said Alex I said, you give me your special for Rodney, your special Miami Twice!”

    • Rich says:

      Wow, never seen this before. Great find!

    • Tim Roll-Pickering says:

      I don’t think that particular shot was used in the transmitted version – it looks like a special alternate take with different dialogue in order to say the special title.

  16. Cushty says:

    Miami Twice part 2 tomorrow morning 24/12/13 on BBC1 at 11.45am with no cuts. Result!!!

  17. Arthur Boy says:

    Noticed how Del and Rodders looked tanned before they flew out to Miami?

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