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  1. question i got

    Why did Grandad always watch 2 tellys?

  2. Robert Lamb says:

    Hi, I wrote on this website back in March regarding the “Yuppy Love” and “Yesterday Never Comes” scripts being on the wrong pages and I mentioned I was writing an essay about about how OFAH depicts geographies of home through its set of Nelson Mandela House. You suggested that an excerpt of my essay might make an interesting article for the website, so I’ve taken that idea on board and have trimmed down the essay to the section that specifically talks about Only Fools and the conclusion. Would it possible if I could send you the Word document somehow so that you could publish it on the website? Thanks ever so much if that’s possible! Sorry it’s taken so long to do – been very busy job seeking. I should mention that I got an A grade for the essay!

  3. gary gee says:

    hi, i have recently bougt a supervan 3 and i am going to fully trotterize it, can anyone tell me the exact colour that the van was painted, thanks

  4. Silvia says:

    I am always excited to visit this blog in the evenings.
    It is very entertaining.

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