5 Responses to “3 Questions for Fools Fans”

  1. Del Boy says:

    Does anyone have the uncut version of Yuppy Love?

  2. Pete says:

    As Del boy says “if my bruvver had been a bird, he would ‘ave been me sister”.

    If’s, but’s, maybe’s – we will never know…

  3. Griff says:

    What was meant to be, was meant to be.

    If Sir David Jason wasn’t cast for Del Boy, then this neither means the show would have been successful or unsuccessful – you just don’t know.

    This goes for the remaining two questions. I firmly believe that if dear old Lennard had lived on to a much later age, all remaining episodes from Albert’s debut to his last appearance, wouldn’t have been written. We’d have seen different storylines. I believe this because John writes his scripts based on the actors and actresses he has in front of him.

    For example, Patrick Murray (Mickey Pearce) injured his arm badly during filming of ‘Little Problems’ which meant some original material written by John had to be scrapped. Therefore, John re-wrote Mickey’s involvement into the show, thus Mickey appearing to be injured in a ‘fight’ with The Driscoll’s.

    This is what I believe, anyway! John would have altered certain sub-plots somewhat. Grandad and Albert were two different characters in terms of personality, that’s for sure.

  4. Matthew says:

    I think that if Lennard Pearce didn’t die ‘OFAH’ would have stayed the same as every sitcom of the era (better yes but formulaticly same). By replacing Pearce ‘OFAH’ broke out of the usual sturdy cast, no changes, episode of the week without any consequences. This way it changed and braved up to do bigger things.

  5. Griff says:

    Question 1:
    I think that if Jim Broadbent had played the role of Del Boy, then yes, we would have seen a different Del Boy, but he would have been as successful. Jim Broadbent is a professional actor and has proven himself in a number of genre films over the years. A very versatile actor.

    Question 2:
    Lennard Pearce was an old man. Very popular character but he wouldn’t have lasted much further than series 5, with the utmost respect. I believe that the introduction of Uncle Albert was the catalyst that Fools needed going forward. Buster Merryfield was a fair few years younger than Lennard Pearce, and had a lot more vitality about him. The sudden death of poor old Pierce couldn’t be helped. I don’t think the question in hand is relevant as he simply died. If he had been given the boot, and then replaced by Buster, then this question would be up for a longer debate and discussion.

    Question 3:
    I’m no head of comedy at the BBC, but I would say the commissioning department repeat most sitcoms after a series has been released. It’s like ‘The Office’. The show had such poor ratings, but soon picked up during the re-runs. I think the question in hand shouldn’t really be heavily analysed as most new comedies have a tough start with audience numbers.

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