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  1. grant says:

    For me personally, Rock n Chips is the way forward. As had an exciting young cast with a huge amount of potential and set in a era in which is relatable to a lot of the audience and it can obviously develop into new decades too right upto the 70/80s. Although only Criticism I have of the show is that Del Boy needs to feature a little more and bring a little more comedy his way as most of show is focused on Joan and Freddie so a little more from a young Del Boy and his childhood antics would make it perfect.

    As for Only Fool and Horses I would only like to see one more episodes if any at all I will add and both are difficult and demanding episodes as I think in honour of Roger Lloyd Pack the show at least owes him a remembrance funeral episode in classic only fool and horses style.

    As let’s not forget the sports relief mini episodes that were shown ? Well don’t that show the cast or someone or even at the likes of David Jason can still perform without John Sullivan producing Scripts?

    So that’s definitely something to think about that maybe a few might of forgotten about.

  2. grant says:

    No Disrespect intended here.
    But we all know what a fantastic writer John was but I have to say that unfortunately as much as it pains me there are other young and inspirational writers out there just waiting for a chance.
    I know that it’s a very political role pressure filled role to emulate and obviously with the success John had around the World he will be very difficult to replace and even harder to live upto.
    But being a huge fan of all his works I do see a lot of potential left from what he left behind.
    So considering he didn’t die in the dark ages he left us with a huge number of scripts and other documents that could really give a new young writer the perfect opportunity to study and attempt to carry on his great work.
    So even though I don’t see how only fools and horses can return all but say one or two final curtain close episodes.
    I do however see a lot of potential in things like Rock n Chips or Green green grass.
    So I’m totally an idea of giving other people the chance to enter a competition or something to entice new and young writers to write scripts.
    Which can be judged by the bbc and David Jason or Nicholas Lyndhurst? And therefore will be able to choose the best ones or most like mind ones that best represent the great works of John.
    As it was the bbc who gave John his chance second time round I might add.
    So without the bbc us as fans wouldn’t of even known likes of Only Fools and Horses.
    So I’m totally up for promoting new talents to step forward and show what they got and see if they can Top the Pops like a Bunch Of Wallies did lol.

  3. Ryan says:

    It is simple this xmas they should release a new Green green grass special where del boy and Rodders visit Boycie to spend xmas with them at the farm. Maybe getting rid of the farm workers for this by saying they are on their xmas holidays and focus on Del and Rodders catching up with Boycie and marlene perhaps sitting down to xmas dinner together. This would most definately be a success as a one off the viewing figures would be high and i can see no reason why they shouldn’t make this as Johns son has wrote scripts before and it isn’t technically an OFAH script. Of course people would maybe be anxious thinking it could ruin OFAH legacy but i dont see how? As superb as Johns scripts were, David and Nick are simply Del boy and rodney and could easily slip into character for a one of xmas treat, leaving a whole nation happy, and John son would do a cracking script as he did with Green green grass and with input from David and Nick i cant see why it wouldn’t work, David, Nick , John challis and sue it couldnt fail to be a success.
    Sorry i repeated myself on various different posts, i keep finding the particular topic on past posts lol
    What all you other OFAH fans think? Do you think it would work?

    • Ronnie says:

      It would be nice, but I think the BBC are afraid to touch anything to do with Only Fools due to John Sullivan’s death. I think it would be well received, but I don’t think it will ever happen. It takes so much just to get a point where something can be produced, I don’t think there is another drive to get the ball rolling. Never say never. I do have a feeling there will be a big re-launch of the Only Fools merchandise in the future, no real remastering work has been done on any Only Fools episodes, and as a blu-ray release would be possible for “To Hull and Back” and “Miami Twice” (Providing the original negatives still exist) then I can see something happening around this. It might take another 10 to 20 years though.

      • Ryan says:

        Just read Article from yesterday paper John Challis confirmed they were 100 per cent planning to make a new special last year for xmas but had to cancel at last minute before filming started due to Johns sad death.

        I just hope John had wrote script and it can still be made.

      • Ryan says:

        John Sullivan must have therefore at least outlined a script or even completed a script?

        If so then they gota make it. I dont think we have seen the last of the Trotters just yet. Watch this space is all im going to say………..

        • Griff says:

          I cannot imagine the BBC making fools now.

          If they did, it would be based on 3 things:

          -John Sullivan’s family authorising the project.

          -The cast of Only Fools being 100% behing a special/series.

          -A full, unedited script produced in advance by the great man himself.

          The latter would be the most important aspect. Naturally.

  4. Sami says:

    I think if they could write just a couple more Rock and Chips, just because it feels incomplete if it is half way through. They dont have to cover all the back stories, just bring it to the point where Joan passes away, Freddy sits on the detonator, and Del is left alone with Rodney and Grandad. This would complete the circle and set it back to where it was in season 1. I think thats what it is about. Maybe say another 3 or 4 episodes at most, unless a longer season is wanted. But it is supposed to be a mini series so that should be fine.

    I agree then leave the main OFAH where it is, as it brings up Freddy in the photo then ends in a sweet way.

    • Griff says:

      Good points made. I 100% agree with you on this.

      The more I think about it, the more I am comfortable/happy with the revelation that Del and Rodney have seperate fathers – as originally, I wasn’t too keen on John Sullivan making this official. Makes perfect sense when you look at previous episode clues, the height and look difference and different morales and taste the brothers had.

      But they had one thing in common – they were fools! (and shared a Mum) :-D

      • Griff says:

        Forgot to add – future episodes of Rock & Chips would only work if:

        – Full scripts had been produced and written in advance by the man himself.

        if not:

        – Ideas drawn up by JS

        if not:

        – Ideas/Scripts written by his son.

        Otherwise, this wouldn’t work.

  5. Joe Smith says:

    Did anyone ever see “Life beyond the box” with “Norman Stanley Fletcher”? It was like a mockumentary about the life of a ‘local man’ which of course was Fletch from Porridge, but i think something like this about Del Boy would be amazing!

  6. peter standing says:

    they should make the 5th series of green green grass with Del Boy and Rodney in it that would be great

    • liam says:

      I agree with you, because I loved Only Fools and Horses and I also loved The Green Green Grass

      • Griff says:

        I actually think the GGG was pretty weak overall with no disrespect and fault to John Challis and Sue Holderness.

        I am as bigger OFAH fan as the next person, but you have to be realistic and say this show wasn’t a huge success. I did enjoy most of the first series, but it’s no coincidence that John wrote that series and left most of the rest to his son.

        I believe the fact that the show was commisioned for more than 1 series was based on trust and faith.

  7. Nicki Garrett says:

    There could always be a few more episodes of Rock n Chips to continue up to the day that Freddie sat on the detonator and left the gold to Joan… etc. That would parallel very nicely with ‘The Frog’s Legacy’.

    • Nicki Garrett says:

      All in tribute to the great John Sullivan of course.

      • Rich says:

        Absolutely agree,think there are so many tales that can still be told in Rock n Chips,Alby Littlewood crossing the traintracks,del and marlenes relationship and think everyone would love to see Freddie sitting on the detonator.!There was a whisper that JS’s son would do some writing,not sure how that’s progresses

  8. Daniel SD says:

    Like most I think leave it as it is. Perhaps this will finally spur on an uncut release so we can all look back on it in its entirety but I don’t think there is any other way to improve on the show, so it shouldn’t even be attempted. Let John Sullivans legacy rest with him. And I most definitely do not wish to know what Joan said on her death bed. That’s the beauty of the joke in my opinion.

    • chris melbourne says:

      It would be very funny if Joan Trotter did actualy say one of the more unbelievable lines on her death bed like “Delboy, when Rodney is older, you can send him to get the fish”…ha ha ha or “if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true”

  9. Griff says:

    I enjoyed the enthusiasm of the article, but it was border-line desperate when talking about bring the series back.

    There is no way on this Earth that the likes of an Only Fools animation would be commissioned, let alone be accepted. Even worse – allow young budding writers to take over. That would be apauling and the biggest insult to the show possible.

    Only John’s son could just about attempt writing, along with long standing producers of the show. But, even then that would be clutching at straws. Why on Earth Sullivan’s son wasn’t mentioned in the article as a possible option is pretty mental.

    I am gutted that we won’t ever see anymore episodes of the show, but we have to accept that Fools had to come to an end. I would cheer on a new series/special if John was alive, but we all know that it wouldn’t have been anywhere near the standard of 20 years ago.

    One final thing – would anybody at the BBC or anybody close to John I.E his family and friends have any idea if John had been writing a 30th year special? I read somewhere that he had a special in mind. If a script was written or part written, with a synopsis detailed – then that is the only possible way a further episode could be written. BUT..only with John’s son and someone like Tony Dow for example.

    • Scott valentine says:

      Thanks for you thoughts,
      The proposals to extend the series were written purely to evoke a reaction from the fans and also to hear there feelings on the matter, I did in fact consider writing in that john’s son could be a viable possibility but soon decided against this as it proved to be too lazy and obvious, i instead preferred to explore more dynamic and controversial options, needless to say if i was in the position of Johns son, James, i would in fact steer well clear of the ofah franchise and build a legacy of my own, given his considerable talent.

  10. J.Lawrence says:

    Yes please, we all want more Rock and Chip’s surely John’s son would no the background and could continue to write a series.

  11. Leigh.a says:

    With such a huge following and such a huge only fools universe although John has passed on there are young writers out there that could maybe honour Johns legacy with good results .
    Star Trek carried on with success way after Roddenburys death.
    Why not do a next gen series, Lets see what the kids from the show are up too like Joan and Damien ,They could include Tyler moving back to Peckham and going into partnership in business with Damien.

  12. Philip Coffey says:

    My opinion is simple on this issue, no more episodes of Only Fools. It has run its course and without Albert or Grandad or Mike it would have been tough, but without John Sullivan, IMPOSSIBLE. However, I for one would like to see more Rock and Chips, and despite the huge loss of John, the show is young enough and the cast brilliant enough for it to survive. In terms of backstory any real fan on here could tell you about the Trotters based on repeat viewings of the original series. I propose that the Beeb sit down with their most promising comedy writers from other shows, and draw up efforts at continuing the Rock and Chips story. Take the very best efforts and let us fans have a peek, then if the are mustard make it happen.. Come on Beeb head honchos, you know it makes sense!!

  13. Oliver Moran says:

    big mistake making more only fools. Let it end now. lets face it, it will never be forgotten and there will always be the thousands of fans that still adore and appreciate what john sullivan created for us. They should of ended it in 1996 (Time on our hands) that would of been a very fitting ending. The other 3 episodes after that were good but not great. I felt that the show had run its course then.

    Rock and chips could of gone for a series but without the late john sullivan, i feel no one else would know the history and get it correct other than him.

  14. kevin rogers says:

    i agree with joe u cant carry on such a gr8 show without the brilliant writer of our john sullivan besides david jason wouldnt do it cos no one else can replace him

  15. Joe says:

    My favourite idea would be to make it an audio show, either with original cast or voice artists. I’m not sure that all the jokes would work, but you could still create some funny material. But, to be honest, I think it should be all left alone, or it would fall the same way as “The Last of the Summer Wine”, and “My Family”; too long and too old.

  16. James says:

    I think I’m happy to leave the OFAH series as it is, they’ve told all the story that needs to tell and there’s not really anywhere to go without retreading old ground. I think it would have been find to end on the original ‘final’ episode in 1996 when they became millionaires, but the further three episodes were an added bonus.

    Rock and Chips however, I really want them to make some more episodes of that, just to tie up the lose ends and cover some of the events I was looking forward to, presumably ending with Joan dying and leaving Del to care for Rodney on his own, and finding out what she really did tell Del on her death bed…

    • Scott Valentine says:

      Thanks everyone for your views, i think the idea of finishing rock and chips is a much more plausible task, also the idea of finding out what exactly, Joan did reveal on her death bed is altogether intriguing although if Del-boys words of wisdom are anything to go by, a whole series could be commissioned on this scene alone.

      I actually enjoy the final scene of OFAH, more every time i view it. It leaves the family complete and as content as they are probably ever going to be.

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