9 Responses to “My Greatest Only Fools Episode”

  1. Colin Garthwaite says:

    2 of my 3 votes are in your top 5. If I’d had a bit more thought,might have picked Tea For Three too.

  2. Martin C says:

    The Longest Night.
    Great one liners, great ensemble acting.
    My favourite bit (of many) is when the phone rings…

  3. Calvin says:

    My Fav. Special Is The Jolly Boys Outing Classic !
    And My Fav Episode All Tho Only Fools And Horses Is A Classic And I Love All The Series But If I Had To Choose A Fav Id Say Friday the 14th the one where there is a escape sycapath on loose and the gang is in the woods in the cabin where he is meant to be

  4. Wayne Barrett says:

    The 85 and 86 series contain the best episodes overall, and the 85 Christmas special “To hull and back” is by far and away the greatest only fools episode ever in my book. Why? It epitomises everything that makes the show beyond great. Del’s determination to make “easy” dosh,Boycie’s dark side, Rodney’s gullable yet sensible character,all wrapped up in a sublime tale about going to Amsterdam. The episode contains at least a dozen all time classic moments,the funniest being Denzil seeing Del on the high seas! I think the interchange between Rodney and the bloke at the bridge crossing is among the funniest dialogue ever written – full stop! “That’s a pound.” “What?” “I said that’s a pound!”…”I’ve got 75p…” “That’s not a pound is it?” “Oh no.. but this has only got three wheels…!” “That’s only got two.. but it’s still a pound..!” Priceless. So simple, but so effective. All series had classic episodes/moments but I think this period has to be the best.

  5. Den says:

    My fav is TEA FOR THREE.

    The way Rodney set’s up Del is fantastic
    This time Rodney got his payback on him..and that makes a change..

    The story was brilliant
    and Albert in the shorts and Vest is such a laugh!

    I remember being at school when this 1st Aired,I recorded it on my black VHS tape and watched it over and over again.
    I even complained of a stomach ache the next day just to stay home and watch the ep over and over..

    I still can’t get enough of that ep.

    I actually want to Visit the location where the handglider scene was filmed,on the hills….
    Anyone know where that was??


  6. tom rolls says:

    personally my favourite episode is danger uxd the comedy in it is great!

  7. Emiliolargo says:

    My top 5 in no particular order are
    1) Yuppie Love – love the way that the gas conversion kits subplot was weaved into the script.
    2) Dates – Del and Rodney both meeting women.. John Sullivan clearly felt that he had to develop the characters further and it was this point that OFAH goes from a funny sitcom to a great TV series.
    3) Tea For Thee – easily the best 30 minute episode
    4) Go West Young Man – it was only after watching this episode about 15 times I finally heard the Concorde pliots line. Before this I was always laughing so much at “never smoked astroturf”
    5) Jolly Boys Outing – high standard of comedy throughout, you can tell the cast enjoyed filming it.

    Least favourites are
    A Rayal Flush where Del becomes a bit nasty at the end.
    Oh to be in England which was the first time for me that the series became too silly. The absence of a laughter track is also noticable.

  8. Watcha Dave says:

    Oh Yes
    One of the best
    Rodney is so mean to Del
    It was the only time I think I ever remember Rodney getting the upper hand
    I Just love this episode, though I do hate the fact it has a few minutes cut out by the BBC

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