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  1. George hunt says:

    As far as I know the Jolly boys football team did exist. My grandfather saif he played for them through his pub in Peckham. My father confirmed this and said there were outings to Margate. Does anyone have any named members from that team? My grandfather was s six footer centre forward😊

  2. Mick says:

    Why can’t whoever wrote the whole details of only fools, as above bits, get things right as ur supposed to tell us facts, Rodney was chased by a American car, not a cortina!!!!, I’m into my old cars big time, also fools and horses lover, correct details must be said, especially by the article writer, sorry to be a bit politically correct people

  3. M says:

    Is a reall pub, but has now closed. Was not featured in only fools and horses as used to be called the morning star

  4. Lindsay m brown says:

    is nag head in only fools a real pub

  5. Big Al says:

    Hi all,

    has anyone got the address to this nags head pub,


  6. Frank says:

    By the time Rodney got married, OFAH was running on the fumes of nostalgia. The show had long since stopped being funny.

  7. Jas Burns says:

    Reading through this article indeed does make the memories come flooding back! Memories like:
    The Dockside Secondary Modern scene – Triggers classic Mind your head moment.

    The Elsie Partridge and her trial Medium session – Baycie’s “I am here” brilliant.

    The Trotters return to the Pub in all their finery, having spent some of the money – “On the slate Mike?” “No. On the house Del!” Unforgettable.

  8. Matthew says:

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  9. ComedyRemixed says:

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  10. Jonathan says:

    Great article about the most memorable moments of Nags Head pub. You should definatelty write more articles about Only Fools and Horses as i thoroughly enjoyed reading this article

  11. Griff says:

    Nice little article.


    “Did you know; at the time of filming, the audience weren’t laughing and Tony Dow (the director at the time) said to John Sullivan; “the audience aren’t laughing?”

    I believe it was the other way round. John was pacing up and down behind the scenes wondering where the laughs were, and it was Tony Dow who advised that the audience were in tears. This was shown on the Story of Only Fools.

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